Financial professional Flossbach: monetary policy remains infinite loosely - and savers are expropriated

The Corona-crisis is costing States billions. Alone, the Federal government adopted a supplementary budget of 122.5 billion euros. At the end of the bill is lik

Financial professional Flossbach: monetary policy remains infinite loosely - and savers are expropriated

The Corona-crisis is costing States billions. Alone, the Federal government adopted a supplementary budget of 122.5 billion euros. At the end of the bill is likely to be even larger, suspected Bert Flossbach. "I would assume that the costs are more likely in the 300 to 400 billion euros; given the scale of the crisis, there is probably no Alternative," said co-founder and Board of Directors of the asset Manager Flossbach von Storch in an Interview.

in order for the state to Finance households at all, it will continue the loose monetary policy of the Central banks according to the flossbach "infinite". So the new decade would develop "faster and more pronounced" to a "decade of financial repression," says brook Flowed.

The investment expert expected, that the rising state debt must be permanently of the Central banks financed. Two of the most important Central banks, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) and the European Central Bank (ECB) had already "gone all in".

interest rates remain permanently low,

, goes At the same time, Bach from a Raft of Inflation – since the years of buoyancy below the current target of two per cent per year – due to shrinking capacity and higher procurement prices will attract. For savers, it was again a shock: "zero interest rate minus a couple of percent for Inflation results in negative real interest rates, holders of government bonds and savings deposits are likely to be faster to be expropriated, as it was at the beginning of the year in sight," says Flossbach.

in addition, financial repression would be "a" according to the Flossbach but also higher taxes and a greater influence of the state. This will make the professional, especially property owners. Also, the asset class of shares would be affected. You could control from the point of view of flossbach at higher companies and the state regulation of the companies suffer

Bach Fins: "the shares of which are important for the immunisation of assets"

in Order to remain as a business location, however attractive, not be over-revving the countries but"". For savers this means, according to the Flossbach: "although the turmoil in the markets may not yet be over, equities are the main asset class for immunization of a assets against financial repression, followed by Gold."

For Flossbach should look for investors in your Portfolio the following things, in order to immunize the assets: "The Portfolio should be wise to be diversified, each title must have an attractive ratio of quality and value and are liquid enough to provide sufficient room for manoeuvre. Under quality we understand the currents, the height and security of future payment and the substance (solvency) of the system. The value is a measure of how much of it is not yet included in the price. Quality of assets in the long term, the average – especially if they were acquired at an attractive price." Free "share check 2020" by Finanzen100

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The right stocks

see Also the stock selection is to look at the quality of the balance sheet of a company. "She is in a deep recession is of particular importance. Even supposedly safe business models and to be challenged by the Corona-Lockdown and its consequences; many dividends, but also rents, have been removed,“ says Flossbach.

The investment professional noted that investors should not just the risk look: "anyone Who looks only at the risks, you can get a fortune, let alone multiply. Certainly not, if taxes and Inflation come on top of it.“ With the Alternative savers float risking Bach, according to even more: "to invest Who has fear, no courage, embarks in a dangerous cul-de-SAC, at the end of an even greater loss can be. Millions of people had to watch in times of high Inflation, as their savings melted away.“

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