George Floyd, USA: Patrol arrested him because of a harmless act - New Details shocking | world

The violent death of George Floyd shocked people around the world. Why was he stopped by the Patrol? And what the police expect? The death of George Floyd pr

George Floyd, USA: Patrol arrested him because of a harmless act - New Details shocking | world

The violent death of George Floyd shocked people around the world. Why was he stopped by the Patrol? And what the police expect?

The death of George Floyd provides a Outcry in the US . the Multiple Videos show, a COP on the throat of the African-American kneels .

What had rays George Floyd verb? And what is impeachment expected to already previously offending officials ?

Minneapolis, USA - The images of the death of the African-American George Floyd go around the world and ensure a massive Outcry. A the US policeman knelt over eight minutes on the back of its throat and smothered the pleading man on the open road. In the United States, protests* play after the supposedly racist-fact. The shocking incident has become a political issue. The Detail-questions regarding the consequences of heavy use of the police patrol will not go, but still. Unfortunately, it is not the first racism scandal, the US police have caused.

USA: death of George Floyd - What is the crime he committed, and what led to the arrest?

What was George Floyd actually done , in order not to fall into the ultimately fatal focus of the officials? What must a man do that to him, three COP fix such violence on the floor? Apparently a criminal, but enough is basically about to commit a Crime .

U.S. media reports, according to the police report , Floyd've tried in a food business with a counterfeit to pay for a 20 Dollar bill . The business owner recognized the counterfeit money, and alerted the police, the report says.

+ George Floyd was the victim of police brutality. A Video showing the beginning of arrest.©Screenshot of the Washington Post

on-site officials were George Floyd in his parked car and came second to him. A surveillance video , which was leaked to the Washington Post, shows from this point on, everything. In the black SUV, another man and a woman located in addition to Floyd . They leave, apparently at the request of the police, the vehicle and disappear shortly afterwards from the image.

Until now George Floyd is see the first Time. A COP pulls him out of the car , and leads him over to the Sidewalk to the wall of the building. There, Floyd put on the floor. In the same Moment, a appears to be a second patrol car in the image.

George Floyd: Video shows scenes from the deadly arrest and raises questions

What is going to happen now, raises a number of questions. There is a heated conversation between Floyd and the police, the police had apparently taken his identity develops. During the later Sheriff climbs back in his car, lead his two colleagues, George Floyd at a leisurely pace .

bring it on the other side of the intersection , and thus from the focus of the camera. There is Parking your car, use that is seen on the left edge of the picture yet. Hardly arrived, bring your prisoner to the ground, press it between the curb and the police car . Seconds you are no longer to be seen. Not because the camera failed. the The second Patrol turns in the middle of the main road , Parking awkward on a pedestrian crossing, and hidden, the complete view on the action .

The Public view of the incident was yet known. Two Videos are circulating in the network, the document the death of George Floyd . The lesser known of the two recordings shows that three police officers on the African-American knees, one on his neck.

Dead of George Floyd: charged with "Third Degree Murder" - Rest of the three officials on the loose

This man, Derek Chauvin , remained so long on the throat of his pleading detained until it choked to death. Against him has now been raised charge . Against his three colleagues, however, was not initiated proceedings. The legal response to the murder of a dark-skinned Jogger had shaken the USA just a few weeks ago.

Chauvin must answer for itself because of the " Murder of the third Degree ". This " murder in the third degree " does not exist legally only in a few U.S. States. It corresponds to the German " homicide " and will be punished in Minnesota with a maximum of 25 years in prison . Many questions were raised why no lawsuit for reckless murder (Depraved Heart Murder) .

Minneapolis: the Suspected murderer of George Floyd not unknown - Shocking Details to a COP

Now more Details about the event as a Police officer Derek Chauvin to the Public, NBC, the summarized numerous complaints about him . In 2006, he was involved in the kill a man , to have passers-by with a knife attacked. the Chauvin and the other cops opened fire , as he threatened them with a shotgun to kill the officials, then to the log. Was able to check this statement, in retrospect, no one more, the alleged attacker died .

2008 made Chauvin re-use of his service weapon. With two shots , he injured one man badly. He had tried to grab the gun of the police officer.

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section list image:©Screenshot Washington Post

Date Of Update: 30 May 2020, 16:33

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