Lena is ten years after the ESC victory: I have much participated, of which I had no idea

It is almost a miracle: The 29. May 2010 wins Germany a complete surprise to the Eurovision Song Contest. The then 19-year-old Lena Meyer-Landrut enchanted with

Lena is ten years after the ESC victory: I have much participated, of which I had no idea

It is almost a miracle: The 29. May 2010 wins Germany a complete surprise to the Eurovision Song Contest. The then 19-year-old Lena Meyer-Landrut enchanted with her pop song "Satellite" and her carefree Laugh the whole of Europe. In an Interview with the German press Agency, the singer tells why some stamping today as a bitch, and the media pounce on her private life.

Ten years of victory is now. Is gone by the time you fast or slow?

Meyer-Landrut: kind of both. Sometimes I have the feeling that it is insanely fast. A blink of an Eye and over ten years. When I say this, is completely nuts. On the other hand, it feels like in a previous life. Because simply so much happened. It's been a wild ride up to now.

you Can remember the day of the final and the awarding of points is still?

Meyer-Landrut: So the exact procedure is not more. Ten years ago, social media were not an issue. There is no Instagram, no big live scores. As a result, the ESC was also not as large and omnipresent as it is today. The awarding of points, I know that at some point I was led behind the stage and all were happy. The announcement ran. But I was able to be mathematically probably not caught up with, what I didn't dig at all. I couldn't believe it. It is unreal felt so.

Then it went on and on with Interviews, receptions, weddings, video shoots and recordings. When did you realized this?

Meyer-Landrut: Relatively late. Very, very many years afterwards. imago image/photo press Müller Meyer-Landrut in February 2020

And in the meantime? You have been through it all with a certain degree of passivity?

Meyer-Landrut: passivity, I wouldn't say at all. I've always said that what feels good for me or bad. But I was still ignorant. I've done a lot of things, of which I had no idea. I had previously made never music. I was too busy and had no capacity and time, things and to learn. That's why it took so long, until I was able to flip the switch.

when was that?

Meyer-Landrut: it was only in 2017, when I cancelled my Album and my Tour got cancelled. For me this was an absolute turning point. Since I took so much time to reflect.

you say today that you would have changed after the ESC victory, a wall of protection raised no more right to you left. How aware of them at the time, or thought: I'm the same as always?

Meyer-Landrut: I thought I would be, as always. I have not noticed this, it was also my Plan. That was just a reaction to things that happened to me and I couldn't think. I only respond react, respond.

public opinion has changed a but. They were partially described as bitchy and arrogant. How much she has hurt?

Meyer-Landrut: I already hurt, I didn't understand it at all. This happened, as I later understood what happened with me. Only then I could arrange it.

Clearly, I had a Phase in which I was in a funny mood. But the feeling I haven't for some years.


Meyer-Landrut: Exactly.

But this Image some have of them, or?

Meyer-Landrut: Yes, this is definitely so. I also think it's crass. Clearly, I is a Phase in which I was in a funny mood had. But the feeling I haven't for some years. I'm definitely more myself. But I realize that it takes very much longer, things to make amends, to make things broken. Once said something Stupid and it takes a long time, the re-turn. Because the negative things are usually louder than the positive.

you have protected your private life. How happy you are about it and that was a conscious decision at the time?

Meyer-Landrut: I am very glad that I have done from the beginning. I have decided consciously so, even if the idea of Stefan (Raab) came. The power of the Yes also very successful. But I have a different approach. I use the social media to show me in private, as now, Stefan and Herbert Grönemeyer. I'm a different Generation. Basically, I'm glad that I internalized to protect my Private, especially in times of social media. As the threshold decreases, Yes, more and more people show private. dpa Meyer-Landrut in may 2010 with her Mentor Stefan Raab

Some of the media still are interested in for your private life. Where does the interest in your opinion?

Meyer-Landrut: I can imagine that it is just because I give in to social media, private insights and felt am available. The press can maybe develop a feeling for where it exceeds a limit. Some media, however, it is also easy matter. So you just have to come clear. It comes with the job, and also in how I behave in social media.

I might have the opportunity, if I would have to say goodbye completely from social media. That would be a clearer Signal that I protect my private life. But I fight more for my privacy is my privacy and I should decide what is public and what is not. The Person

Lena Meyer-Landrut (29) was born in Hanover, and in 2010, Stefan Raab, ESC-casting show "Our Song for Oslo" as the winner. A few months later, she won the singing competition with the Song "Satellite". Today, she is one of the most successful female singer in Germany, has 3.4 million Followers on Instagram and is in TV Shows like "The Voice Kids".

How do you find it hard to trust people?

Meyer-Landrut: I trust actually, people, and I'm relatively clear in what I say and what is not. I can assess people well, I think. I am also a Fan of, to expect the Good in people. That they can decide for themselves what is morally okay. I'm probably going to be disappointed more often than others, and must restrict myself in certain things also. But that's part of the job and completely okay.

Was the early ESC-victory in retrospect, more a blessing or a curse?

Meyer-Landrut: An absolute blessing. I'm grateful for this privileged and free life because of the ESC, and I am every day, and humble.

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