Corona and the consequences: expert expected Revolution - kill a Symbol of capitalism? | Economy

"changed There will never be a return to normalcy“ - the Coronavirus is the economy. Also a Symbol of capitalism par excellence, one may have to believe in it.

Corona and the consequences: expert expected Revolution - kill a Symbol of capitalism? | Economy

"changed There will never be a return to normalcy“ - the Coronavirus is the economy. Also a Symbol of capitalism par excellence, one may have to believe in it.

The Coronavirus changed the economy in Germany and around the world. Companies are faced with budgetary constraints and have to test in the Lockdown of new forms of working. Now experts expect a "Revolution". Possibly with significant consequences for our cities.

London/Munich , they were also regarded as symbols for the world's triumph of capitalism and globalization : the giant office towers in the business districts of metropolises all over the world. However, because the Corona-pandemic companies have sent their employees to the home office. It was still in the high-rise buildings, and perhaps in the long term. Because many bosses expect their employees to work after the crisis, further from home. A pleasant side effect for the companies: you could save on expensive office rents in the City.

One who thinks so, is Jes Staley, head of the British Bank Barclays. Their luxurious offices are located in London's Bank district Canary Wharf . To pens of 7,000 people in a building could be a "thing of the past," says Staley. "We will find ways to work for a much longer time with more distance."

Large attention was paid recently to a Statement from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg . He expects that in ten years, every other Facebook employees from home to work. It was, however, an estimate, not a target, he said in an interview with website The Verge.

Coronavirus: the "Revolution" for work in large companies?

Many heads of international corporations , the see similar. The French car manufacturer PSA is considering, to explain the tele-work for employees who are not engaged in production, the new "reference". Would be affected, tens of thousands of employees. The service is Twitter wants to give some employees even permanently green light for the home office.

in view of this development, Cydney Roach from the US consulting firm Edelman of a "Revolution speak", triggered by a "changed mindset" in the upper floors of the office towers. There has been for the last ten years of Reflection, of how the future of work might look like. However, only the Corona pandemic had abruptly made it clear that working from home works.

Although it is not currently possible to predict where this development leads, said Roach. But "flexibility" would in the future still greater. It is important, however, that to the top of Companies to involve employees in the process.

Coronavirus: financial expert predicts big change "will never be a return to normality"

Alex Ham, Co-head of the stockbroker Numis Securities, says: "There will never be a return to normalcy." To come from Monday to Friday automatically to the office that belong to "simple past," he explained to British newspaper the Telegraph.

This is evidenced by a survey conducted by the real estate giant Cushman & Wakefield, for the were surveyed in April 300 companies around the world. The result: 89 percent believe that the Trend to the home office even after the end of the Corona pandemic will continue.

This is a Trend that could be contrary to the view of the scientists, Clare Lyonette, Beate Baldauf of the British University of Warwick both employers and employees. Due mainly to the exorbitant Rent in the City of London, but also a higher productivity or reductions in absenteeism of the employees were.

Corona-crisis and the consequences for the high-rise office building? Expert warns of Overtime fiasco

According to consultant Roach real estate are among the largest cost factors in enterprise . This must save in the Corona-crisis, and could therefore take the expenditure prior to the Rent and building in the views. But Roach limited: The office-high-rise buildings would not disappear, and it was only to show to continue in centres such as Manhattan presence.

The researchers point inside Lyonette and Baldauf, nor other dangers of long-term tele-working. These have a negative effect on the sense of community of the company. They also warn that "decreasing well-being" of employees, and less commitment to the company. The possible consequence of productivity losses, the savings in office rent could eat.

Moreover, it is unclear whether the employees belong to one of the big losers, if home office after the crisis in the great style. According to the technology company that NordVPN for telephoto work necessary VPN access offers made to employees during the Corona-crisis home massive Overtime: In France, they were sitting thus, with an average of two hours, in the USA, even three hours longer on the computer per day.


Date Of Update: 22 May 2020, 19:34

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