Markus Söders place in the crisis: Closer to Angela Merkel than with Sebastian Kurz

for A while could be brittle suspect smooth, his advisers would have advised Söder: "Something, your speech today, Markus. Maybe you can and keep your Star-tre

Markus Söders place in the crisis: Closer to Angela Merkel than with Sebastian Kurz

for A while could be brittle suspect smooth, his advisers would have advised Söder: "Something, your speech today, Markus. Maybe you can and keep your Star-trek-Cup into the picture.“ Because the CSU Chairman, the first digital Congress of the Christian social first of all, a whopping half-hour of the state of man, the account of the state of things, spoke. Zero attack, not a joke, (almost) no ridicule. The message fits the situation of the country in the pandemic: at the end of may is the "worst" of the Corona - crisis for the time being "weathered," says Söder. Only: as long As there is no vaccine and no effective drug to give, stay, Corona is a "existential threat".

And such a serious situation calls for the militant party chief, who resuscitates his people with lederhosen spells, but the reliable, solid crisis Manager. Wherein Heating by means of a Video Switch anyway, an art would. The corresponding adjectives for his style Söder itself provides: "prudent" and "cautious". So he sees himself. So he wants to be seen. Praise for fellow Ministers, for the coalition, for the Federal government, for the Opposition.

Markus Sösder, the integration of figure,

It speaks to the switched-delegate: Markus Söder, the integration of character, who is currently polling in second place behind the Chancellor. If he wants to join your following, and to the Unions in the race for the Chancellor candidacy, is open. That he wants to have a say in this freestyle more than just a word – it Franke for months, leaves no room for doubt.

Very close to Angela Merkel, the no 1 Christian social, in the meantime, even in the most sensitive European issues is presented. In principle, Söder carries the of her and the President of France Emmanuel Macron's proposed 500-billion-Corona-with utility. It is indeed a paradigm shift, and "not the pure doctrine" for Germany, too, long I stood.

The Fund was in the volume a very "bulky", but in the end justifiable. The speaker makes it clear what it is from his point of view: "Europe can fall apart at this point fundamental." But then Europe is going to "play ball of other powers." Conclusion Söder, therefore, in the current Mega-crisis: Europe should be a high use value. Specifically, it's about 27 percent of these 500 billion, which would tax Germany's best. The Federal Republic of Germany would be liable in the case of the cases only for their part, not for the other States. Söder, therefore, supports the course of the Chancellor.


reminiscent of old times, So it is a part of outside of Austria, Chancellor Sebastian standing Short, reminiscent of his greeting message that Söder and the rest of the top people of his party in the family constellation, the members of the European people's parties, were not too long ago somewhere else: Bavaria and Austria would be dragged in to the refugee crisis, "together", called on Austria's head of government to the memorial. It was the time when Merkel is on the same strand moved as the two men, but in the other direction. Mid hamlet Merkel and Söder, however, the new double. Söder praises you, whenever the opportunity offers.

The time has changed just Söder itself. In style and content.

Still have the internalized, not all of the party friends. Thus, a well-known CSU politicians scolded a few days ago, how could that compare only the Corona of a crisis with the climate crisis. Exactly the had done before the CSU-chief and even the dangers for the climate, higher prized.

the Highest appreciation for decision-makers

The no. 1 of the CSU has been there for months in our own ranks, completely unchallenged, and has even won moreover, enormous popularity. Just a survey of the "business week" took that he also enjoys, is on decision makers from all of the (male) Union sizes the highest esteem. To keep the support even in his own party, is for Söder is a permanent balancing act. In the construction of a fresher, wife, friend Basis, of not scaring away some of the too much "green food" smells, more and more colorful CSU he wants to the CSU.

With what kind of Verve, especially in Munich and Berlin and soon in Brussels, auxiliary billions are distributed, some see party friend Söders skeptical. From the young Union, the economic wing and the parliamentary group is the first Rumble of people, which is the constantly rising debt level makes concern came in the last days. Söder warns a upper limit: 90 per cent in relation to economic performance. Economists expect that the German debt-to-GDP ratio a year ago, still at 60 percent, it could be the end of 2020, at around 80 percent. Söders message was no brake considered for manoeuvres, but the silent Signal: There is, if necessary, still what. A bit.

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citizens and businesses

to relieve For the next few months, the CSU Chairman, was a particular relief for citizens and entrepreneurs. The party decided today a reduction in the corporate tax, enhanced depreciation opportunities for investments and greater possibilities for loss offsetting. The CSU wants to save a lot of jobs or create new ones. A vehicle for the revival of the labour market: the Case of mini-jobs, the earnings limit should be raised to 600 euros per month. In his speech, Söder emphasized once more, that he wants the full Soli-abolition. Once and for all.

The CSU wants to keep the social security contributions permanently below 40 percent. The hard could be, already shows a view of the health sector: There are still a couple of cheques which are in circulation.

as a Bavarian Tradition

The CSU Chairman is in these weeks, once more master of that game, which is kept at school children under the title of "first everything". He wants to be in front, be early, faster than others. This is good old Bavarian Tradition.

Söder she has mastered in three variants. Variant one: He is really the first one that comes up with an idea forward. For example, it is with the one he now proposed holiday vouchers for holiday in Germany, so it was also with the advance of a VAT reduction for the gastro. Secondly, He knows what plan the others and dashes before. So there is evidence to suggest that the current CSU push for a halving of energy prices "from home" was not social in the party headquarters of the Christian, but born in Berlin. Thirdly, In the case of ideas, which represented so many that no one knows any more who has been born to them originally time, claimed Söder flight the Copyright. The audience the impression that Söder has to be the intellectual property compacted at some point.

The Green, the Red and the "Cute"

The ultimate label for Markus Söder delivered at this Congress of a different kind by the way: Markus Söder. In order to support the automotive industry – and thus also of the supplier, he wants to promote cars, which stand for "better air" and "lower Co2 emissions",. Because he was with colleagues from Baden-Württemberg and lower Saxony, Winfried Kretschmann, and Stephan Because of an opinion. If a green, a red "and a nice" Prime Minister wanted the same thing, then this could be a real pulse, quips a relaxed Söder in the final phase of his speech. He is the most humble, has Söder claims, incidentally, never.

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