Beware of the tax Declaration: these 3 information, the IRS looks very carefully

The financial administration in North Rhine-Westphalia is also in this year, look what are the ingredients of Tax returns by examining particularly intense. In

Beware of the tax Declaration: these 3 information, the IRS looks very carefully

The financial administration in North Rhine-Westphalia is also in this year, look what are the ingredients of Tax returns by examining particularly intense. In the year 2020 - so, for tax returns for the year 2019 - is the operation of the "audit of the revenues of intent (hobby) in the case of a commercial and self-employed work" (§15 and §18 EstG) be. The "Handelsblatt" reported. In addition, each tax authority sets its own test facilities. The current Top Three are, according to the report:

  • sale of shares in capital companies (§17 EstG)
  • income from letting and leasing (§21 EstG)
  • income from capital assets (§20 EstG)
tax offices, the work

the aim of the "Declaration of intent" of the tax authorities' make it easier is to simplify the processing of want. If citizens and tax advisors to know what the tax authorities pay particular attention, you can show the relevant information in a comprehensive way. This facilitates the processing. Taxpayers may therefore expects no gifts, but the reimbursement on the part of the Offices is carried out faster. And, as a rule, private taxpayers to the Treasury to get money back. Exclusive Gold-Webinar: get the special price for your Ticket!

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that's what the so-called audit points
  • "income intention to achieve (hobby) in the case of a trade or business and self-employed work"

This is the crucial question of whether a taxpayer operating his commercial or self-employed are actually gains to achieve. This aspect is for the tax authorities every year Central. "Who makes over the years, only losses tax deductible, you must prove that he is earnestly trying to make a profit," says Isabel Klocke by the taxpayers ' Federation (BdSt) in the report. No intention of making a profit is assessed by the tax authorities of the activity as a "hobby". A result, expenditure or losses are not recognize for tax purposes.

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is Particularly intensive, the Treasury of persons who operate as a business only as a sideline checks. What you will notice the officers particularly uncomfortable: someone regular cost of a company car, and to raise revenue. Then there will be critical questions.

  • sale of shares in capital companies (§17 EstG )

This test involves a small group of people. Nevertheless, the Minister of Finance can get a lot of money. The Background: he Who keeps private more than one percent in a Corporation, and that this proportion is sold, you must pay tax on the profit with his personal tax rate. This is mostly about the tax rate for income from capital assets in the amount of 25 percent withholding tax plus Soli and Church tax. Content check: The gross-to-net calculator 2020, much net is left for them by the gross

  • income from letting and leasing (§21 EstG)

Also, landlords have to make it credible that you want to achieve with your property really income. This is for example the case when you rent your condominium is very convenient to family members.

Some landlords take advantage of the opportunity that you can make expenditures for the purchase and renovation of your property for tax purposes. In order to reduce their tax burden. The financial officer approves, but only if the expenditure, eventually, income.

Who can prove that he is committed to a rental, right mild the Treasury. This is, for example, with newspaper advertisements possible. Expert Klocke makes it clear in the report the context: "Otherwise, it could accept the tax office, an apartment for private purposes was prepared and a lease was never intended to be."

  • income from capital assets (§20 EstG)

The Declaration of capital income tax officers are interested in again and again. Currently, particularly because, since 2019, the plant is CHAP-INV new. In it, taxpayers enter their income from investment funds in a Bank abroad. This is the case for current income. Here, the Treasury is not particularly attentive, because foreign banks have to deduct the withholding tax automatically to Germany.

Who's Declaration by submitting his income tax, should proceed in the cases referred to particularly meticulous.

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Date Of Update: 22 May 2020, 20:26

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