Buffett lurks on opportunities: Star-Investor is faced with the biggest bet of his career

the money makes you happy - in spite of Warren Buffet buy shares Buffet shares sold even with high losses He warns that the consequences of The pandemic a

Buffett lurks on opportunities: Star-Investor is faced with the biggest bet of his career
  • money makes you happy - in spite of Warren Buffet buy shares
  • Buffet shares sold even with high losses
  • He warns that the consequences of The pandemic are simply incalculable, and has an important Council

Warren Buffett's cash reserves, now at a fabulous $ 137 billion. This is taken so much as the gross national product of the 50 poorest countries in the world – and cash is just like “” in the account of his investment company Berkshire Hathaway .

While Buffett is one of the largest and most influential stock investors in the world and famous for his saying “Cash never makes happy”. Only in Corona-times, he wants to buy shares. On the contrary, he always sold more, although around the Globe increasingly stock investors to access again in the case of shares, and a relaxation recovery after the pandemic setting.

Warren Buffett's no-confidence vote against the financial industry

Since Buffett is a global iconic figure of the stock exchange in the world, will be the behavior of millions of investors carefully observed. If he expects a second slump in the world markets, and now is not accessed, then the is regarded as a warning signal. Because Buffett was in the past decades, regularly right, with its strategic investment decisions. So he bought, even at that time, against the Mainstream – in the midst of the panic financial crisis of 2008, large blocks of shares of banks – for a 5-billion-Dollar stake in Goldman Sachs . It was a huge business. Goldman Sachs 165,06 EUR +0.04 in (+0,02%) Tradegate

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But now the star investor to the contrary. Instead of exploiting the seemingly cheap opportunity of the Corona crash, he wants to just get out of the market. In addition to Goldman Sachs, he has in the first quarter of its shares in all flight lines to zero – just as it has reduced its stake in the US Bank JPMorgan , Wells Fargo and the world's largest Online retailer Amazon. From insurer Travelers and the third-largest U.S. oil producer ConocoPhillips, he has separated himself completely. That Buffett pulls so heavily from banks, is considered to be a vote of no confidence to the financial sector and the entire stock market. It was the multi-billionaire, had to be rescued in the 2008 financial crisis, the investment Bank from collapse. You will experience Beate Sander live!

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The recovery in the market – the case of a Bull?

The extremely defensive investment behaviour of Buffett's can be a Wait for the clever – but it can also mean missing a great opportunity. In any case, Buffett expects a severe recession with unpredictable upheavals. Some analysts agree with him: The current recovery in the stock markets was a premature comeback attempt, a classic bull trap. Buffett knew, with his decades of experience, that you'll get a lot of shares in the coming months is more favourable than currently. Perhaps he also fears a second wave of Infection of the pandemic in the autumn, and a double crash. In short, Buffett is now the top bear in the world stock exchanges.

in fact, the stock market legend has held already before the outbreak of the pandemic an unusually high Cash position – he expected after the long years of recovery without a setback. And he now holds after only eight weeks, apparently, for over. His warning is: “Only when the tide pulls back, You'll see who's swimming naked.” Berkshire Hathaway B 160,50 EUR 0,64 (+0,40%) trade gate To the rate of data

but It could also be – as the stock market, say optimists – that Buffett is for the first time right wrong. He had grown up with his 89 years, (his legendary business partner, Charlie Munger, is even 96) simply too old-fashioned and make apparently error. In fact, Berkshire Hathaway is reporting for the first quarter, a stunning record loss of 50 billion dollars. Berkshire Hathaway is involved in around 90 companies. Shares of classic companies like Coca-Cola and the Ketchup producer, Kraft, Heinz belong . In contrast, Buffett had slept through the Tech Boom of the past two decade, almost. Instead of Google and Facebook, he bought dear Airlines, and now has become in the corona of a crisis to be a Disaster.

Buffett sold with high losses

airlines such as Delta Air Lines , United Airlines , Southwest Airlines and American Airlines were a large part of Buffett's Portfolio. Delta and Southwest were the beginning of the year to its ten largest investments. But of this nothing remains. The shares were also sold complete with high losses of an estimated two billion dollars. Delta Air Lines, Inc. Reg. Shs DL -,0001 20,80 EUR -0.41 of (-1,96%) Tradegate

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And so Buffett is currently more and more every day, rising stock prices, such as the great old man, the time seems to be over, and no longer understand the stock market world. “We don't see anything particularly Attractive,” he said defiantly at the annual General meeting. Almost all the stocks six weeks ago would have been – from today's point of view – very attractive. Bernecker exchange - compass orientation for your Depot. Clear. Compact. Competent. (Partner offer) Now for 30 days completely free trial!

Warren Buffett's advice: "bet you never against America,"

But Buffett has a strategically informed opinion, and warns that the consequences of The pandemic are simply incalculable. There will be Disruptions. He compares the crisis with the other, terrible disasters such as the Great Depression, Wars, the September 11 attacks. September 2001 – America have ultimately mastered everything, this will also happen this time. Nothing can stop America. “Bet you never against America,” calls the old stock exchange and the Fox defiantly. However, the lucrative bet for America and its stock needs from his point of view a little. So he lies in wait so with its 137 billion and will strike as soon as the second slide is there. Everything about the development of the Corona-crisis

Corona pandemic in the Live-Ticker

Corona outbreak after visit to a restaurant in lower Saxony - 50 people in quarantine

So the Users of FOCUS Online comment on the article
  • "Warren Buffett is known to invest for the long term, therefore, it is unnecessary now. His company is only him and his Partner. He has already missed many good opportunities in his life. But others perceived."
  • "Maybe he knows something what others do not know. He is extremely well connected...... The financial crisis went so properly with the collapse of Lehman Brothers. No hasty evaluation...."
  • "are The Problem with this world, people like Buffett. They are hoarding billions, because they make financial bets and speculation, and exploitation your money. Expropriate it should be."

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