Biontech vaccine: The next day, the turning point in the Corona could bring crisis

The Mainz-based Biopharma company Biontech included in the first days of July, with the first clinical data to clinical Tests of a possible vaccine against the

Biontech vaccine: The next day, the turning point in the Corona could bring crisis

The Mainz-based Biopharma company Biontech included in the first days of July, with the first clinical data to clinical Tests of a possible vaccine against the Coronavirus. The Mainz positive results, get this could finally be the decisive step in the fight against the pandemic.

Actually, created in 2008, the company focuses on therapies against cancer. In contrast to traditional methods of treatment in Mainz with their immune therapies, however, in a novel approach: the aim is that affect the immune system of the patients so that they can combat the specific Tumor of his own.

Biontech with innovative procedures

The focus is on the so-called mRNA-technology. This genetic information by using a "Messenger RNA" (mRNA) called a messenger substance to be delivered to cells to form proteins. Thus, an immune response in the fight against the Tumor is to be triggered. But genbasierte vaccines not only for cancer treatment. Also in other diseases such as influenza and HIV, you open up new possibilities.

Therefore, it was not entirely surprising that the company has entered the race for a Corona vaccine. Remarkably, the pace of the submit, Biontech, however, is. Hardly the vaccine was announced-development with the Chinese partners, Fosun Pharma in mid-March, took the Mainzer with the US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer a powerful Partner for the important US market and the rest of the world on Board. Already at the end of April, the Paul approved-Ehrlich-Institut (PEI) Tests of the vaccine candidate to volunteers in Germany.

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In Europe is tested with a total of four vaccine candidates in around 200 healthy volunteers in the age from 18 to 55 years of age. In order to find the optimal dose for further studies, would doses of 1 to 100 micro-administered gram, explains Biontech-CEO Ugur Sahin. For the second part of the study, subjects were provided with a higher risk for a severe course of a Covid-19-disease.

In the United States are tested up to 360 healthy subjects in two age groups - from 18 to 55, and from 65 to 85 years.

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Biontech will says by the end of the year millions of doses of the Vaccine

produce Together with the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer, would also set up production capacities, "to ensure a possible global vaccine supply," Sahin. Thus, it was expected that by the end of this year, millions of doses of the Vaccine provided may be, provided that the regulatory authorities have granted approval.

the majority of The development costs for the Covid-19-vaccine-programme will be financed according to the Biontech interests of Pfizer and the Chinese partner Fosun Pharma, capital investments and advance payments.

Singapore has invested 250 million US dollars in Biontech

And the success of development promise at the Mainz-based biopharmaceutical company attracts more money. On Monday Biontech was able to announce the entry of the Singaporean state Fund Temasek. Overall, a private placement of shares for Temasek and the other investors bring $ 250 million (222 million euros), declared to be the Mainz. The sum of the parts on in about 139 million dollars, of ordinary shares and 112 million euros of four-year convertible bonds. The completion of the investment is scheduled for early to mid-August.

"We are pleased to welcome Temasek as a new shareholder on Board," says Sahin. Temasek is characterized by a long-term investment approach, global presence and experience in the biotechnology and fit therefore well with the Vision of Biontech, a leading global biopharmaceutical company to build.

Use of the vaccine greater than the risks of side-effects

But there is also criticism of the shortened test phase for the vaccine. Those where the pace of vaccine development is too high, the competent Paul-Ehrlich-Institut: The Federal authority have wide experience in the evaluation of vaccines. President Klaus Cichutek explains, the Institute leave with the same care as usual. Also must be kept in mind that the Use of vaccines was far higher than the risks of side-effects.

For pharmaceutical manufacturers give it to financial risks. Soon, the vaccine would be manufactured products, in larger quantities, even though they were not yet approved at all. The timely production is necessary to cover the probably the world's great need, said Cichutek. On the other hand, the risk that in the case of a non-admission, the funds would have to go unused will be destroyed increases but.

Cichutek renewed its forecast, according to which individual developers "could, perhaps, submit towards the end of the year" applications for admission to a vaccine candidate. The first products are likely to be probably approved at the beginning of next year, in the individual case.

Worldwide, there are currently around 150 Covid-19 vaccine projects. In Germany, the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut is allowed in addition to Biontech also the tübingen-based Biotech company CureVac clinical Tests.

analysts say the Biontech share

analysts are generally voted confident, even if most of the experts see in the light of the recent gains in the Biontech share no air up more. Four of the Bloomberg recognized experts, however, recommend buying the share, five a Hold, and Morningstar advises as a single house for sale.

Shanshan Xu and Patrick Trucchio of the Berenberg Bank showed in a study, impressed with how quickly it had succeeded, with a large Chinese pharmaceutical company to enter into a co-operation in the fight against the novel Corona-Virus. With its technology and production capacities Biontech is excellently positioned in the race for a vaccine. The decision of the Chinese for the Mainz values of the analysts as a seal of quality.

the cancer-hope BNT122 has met with a positive response. Results of a study of the drug as mono-therapy failed in the opinion of Olga Smolentseva from Bryan Garnier amazingly well.

Typically, cancer vaccines showed no clinical activity, if you would be applied as the sole means. In the study, for the treatment of solid tumors this was the case, which underlines the view of the analyst the importance of the approach of Biontech.

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