The choice culture of the Dot : the treasures of Pompeii to america on the big screen - The Point

At the Grand Palais, immersion in Pompeii last February, in the reserves, and the laboratory of Pompeii, the teams were active before the objects found in th

The choice culture of the  Dot  : the treasures of Pompeii to america on the big screen - The Point

At the Grand Palais, immersion in Pompeii

last February, in the reserves, and the laboratory of Pompeii, the teams were active before the objects found in the new excavations conducted by Massimo Osanna, the director of the incredible archaeological site. Many, indeed, were going to go to Paris for the great exhibition organised by the Grand Palais. Including this beauty : a pitcher in bronze of which the cove is a small wildlife gazing in the water contained in the container... Las, this exhibition has long been blocked by the coronavirus, and it is only today that it finally opens. Designed by the NMR, the archaeological park of Pompei (Massimo Osanna, is the commissioner) and the documentary producer Gedeon Programmes, it presents not only some of the treasures of the town hit by the Vesuvius in the year 79 of our era (frescoes, statues, jewelry), exposed for the first time to the public, but it delves also the visitors, thanks to reconstructions and 3D special effects enabled by the outstanding images filmed on the ground, in the heart of the ancient city, before the eruption, during the eruption and after the eruption, to which you will be able to attend every fifteen minutes, in front of a screen become almost alive...

" Pompeii. Promenade immersive. Archaeological treasures. New discoveries ", Grand Palais, salon d'honneur Square Jean Perrin, until September 27, 2020

Biolay : mise à nu

Three years after his elegant getaway argentina Palermo Hollywood (2016) – crowned by a Victory of the music – and the disappointing Volver (2017), the crooner French returns with a ninth album, Grand Prix, in reference to the fatal accident of Jules Bianchi at the Grand Prix of Suzuka in 2014, which has, like many, really shocked. Fascinated by the life of the pilot, Benjamin Biolay, is engaged in soul-searching honesty brutal. The result is subtle, far from the fighting, bashs and statements to the hard which it is engaged on the social networks. At 47 years old, he is not exactly a senior, but his new album is the fruit of a look of melancholy on his youth and his heart, " an old engine if you raised the hood ". A strip search superb on the time which passes and escapes him. "Where did the tenderness ? "We imagine it in the middle of a dance floor surrounded by pretty young girls waving their thin ankles on electronic beats, dancing carefree in the heat, and he who opens his eyes to realize he was 20 years older than they, and that he is... old. Soundtrack to the passions of summer, desires, scorching, hearts broken on the beach. "How is your pain ?" is already a tube bitter-sweet, who has 1.5 million streams video.

Grand Prix (Polydor-Universal)

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When Hollywood is sent up in the air...

Nudity, blasphemy, adultery... Four years before the adoption of the Hays code being, the american cinema is experiencing a few years of freedom crazy. It is at this cinema, "said" précode ", jewel of daring, irreverent and feminism, that the Warner pays tribute this summer out in room ten movies. In 1922, Hollywood begins to reflect on the development of a code of good conduct, but it was not until 1930 that the studios are going to put at the head of the MPPDA (Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America) a certain William Hays, a presbyterian and republican who does not smoke and does not drink, in order to sell a "film clean" to the american public. The code Hays will be applied only in 1934, and during this interval will emerge a cinema no scrimping, nor on binges of violence and sex to attract in the halls of a population impoverished by the Great Depression. The figures of the gangster (Scarface, Little Caesar, JewellRobbery) or the woman fallen that rises socially by using its charms (great Baby Face) get the favors of an audience that identifies with these forsaken, pure products of the economic crisis. In Baby Face Alfred E. Green (1933), Barbara Stanwyck exemplifies a Lily Powers's provocative desire, who fled from a father who prostitutes in order to climb the rungs of a bank in new york using the men as a step...

" Forbidden Hollywood "- The Luxor, MK2 Bastille, Gaumont Warblers, The Vincennes, The Christine Cinema Club or The 3 Luxembourg...

Cabaret deliciously horrific !

Cabaret Horror of Valérie Lesort at the Opéra comique © Stephan Brion

Skeleton, ghosts, channels... to your posts, the very mischievous director Valérie Lesort is calling you together on the stage of the Opéra-Comique for one hour and fifteen delusions sung by the soprano Judith Fa, baritone Lionel Peintre, and pianist Marine Thoreau La Salle. The mistress of ceremonies for the horrors, Valérie Lesort itself, officiates at their sides, a severed hand laid gently on his hair. The faces are hâves, crazy eyes, clothes stained with blood, we stab him without missing a beat, they slay with delight, it holds up the torn-out hearts and all this singing Handel, Ravel, Purcell, Rameau, Lully but also Marie Debas (ah, the tango of drugs !), the phantom of the Opera or Marie-Paule Belle. Michael Jackson is even risen. It is delicious and extravagant and health standards are respected, as the artists have incorporated the mask and the hydroalcoholic gel in their game wacky. Decidedly, Valérie Lesort has succeeded all that it touches, even for the fun of it : she's the creator with his companion Christian Hecq of The Fly, David Cronenberg, who has won three molière awards at the last ceremony.

Until July 4. Comic opera (19: 30), 25 euros.

The other story of America at the Max Linder Panorama

"Detroit" of Kathryn Bigelow (2017). © Anapurna/StudioCanal

Since its reopening on June 22, one of the rooms a favorite of film buffs, the parisian has chosen to mark this recovery by a cycle in connection with the tragedy of racism in the United States, but also with some celebrities black emblematic of the struggle for civil rights. Thrillers, westerns, horror films, comedies, biopics... there's something for all tastes until 13 July and, after having started this retrospective by the superb Mississippi Burning Alan Parker, is the splendid curved screen of the sumptuous dining room chairs blue velvet goes on with many classics or lesser-known works to (re)discover this week : Fruitvale Station, Ryan Coogler, Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained, Ray, Taylor Hackford, Detroit Kathryn Bigelow, If Beale Street could talk Barry Jenkins, BlacKkKlansman – I infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan, Spike Lee (as well as its wonderful Do The right thing), Get Out of Jordan Peele, Bird by Clint Eastwood, Ali Michael Mann, Sorry to Bother You, Boots Riley, 12 Years a Slave Steve McQueen, or The Intruder by Roger Corman, the amazing drama of racial with William Shatner.

The other history of America, the Max Linder Panorama

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