Soon a score in carbon products of consumption - The Point

Will there be soon a score of carbon displayed on the consumer products and services ? This is one of the 149 proposals of the 'Convention' for the climate, t

Soon a score in carbon products of consumption - The Point

Will there be soon a score of carbon displayed on the consumer products and services ? This is one of the 149 proposals of the 'Convention' for the climate, that Macron is committed to resume Monday, June 29 – with the exception of three " wild cards ". On the format of the Nutriscore, which gives a rating to food based on their nutritional review, this new indicator would help consumers identify products that emit less CO2.

The organic grocer online The Fork has already taken the initiative to show the carbon impact of its products since 2019, indicating the amount of CO2 emitted per 100 grams of product. In this carbon impact is a rating of A + to E, "which helps to better realize because, without a scale, difficult to interpret the raw data," explains Lucas Lefebvre, co-founder of The Fork.

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The calculation of the carbon impact of the product takes into account the production, but also transportation, storage and packaging, using the data calculated by the environment Agency and energy management (Ademe). "For example, rice from the Camargue, there is the carbon impact through the production of rice, 500 km transport by truck, that it will do, on average, the impact of the plastic bag packaging... ", list Lucas Lefebvre.

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The method of calculation, however, some limitations, particularly for processed products. "It is necessary to determine the origin and quantity of all the ingredients, it is complex, recognizes the co-founder of the grocery store. When you don't know the exact provenance, it takes conditions of transport medium. "As to the data of Ademe, used to measure the impact of the production of a product, it is also an average calculated over several farms. Impossible to tell the difference between an exploitation classic and a more virtuous making efforts to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

"there is a margin of error, but the goal is to give keys of understanding and awareness to consumers," says Lucas Lefebvre. More than a score of carbon specific for each product, the goal is to realize that the butter cookies have more carbon impact of the biscuits without the butter, just as a glass packaging for olive oil has more carbon impact than a packaging in metal.

A "écoscore" rather than a score carbon ?

" in The end, what makes the difference, it is to know the orders of magnitude between the products. "The plant's gross corner are A-rated, while a meat, even very local, gets a very bad score carbon. "This can lead to change his habits by eating less meat, by privileging such or such packaging, or in preferring products that come less far, he says. This does not mean that customers have stopped ordering the block on our site ! "

With his score carbon, developed with Etiquettable – an application collecting information on food products, online grocery shopping has mainly wanted to "show" that it was " doable ". "If we could do this alone, it is widely feasible for the large-scale distribution. "

But The Fork would like to go further by counting only the carbon impact, but also the loss of biodiversity, deforestation, environmental impact... "The carbon impact of packaging (plastic, for example, is less than the glass, but its impact on the environment as waste is much more strong," points out Lucas Lefebvre. The teams of the platform work with the Ademe and the government to develop a " écoscore ", that manufacturers could display on their products in the future.

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