Sports in Erding: it is allowed, it is still banned | Landkreis Erding

BLSV answers the most important questions – coach training course is in Erding Erding – sports is currently on the back burner. The BLSV-Kreis-in-chief is, th

Sports in Erding: it is allowed, it is still banned | Landkreis Erding

BLSV answers the most important questions – coach training course is in Erding

Erding – sports is currently on the back burner. The BLSV-Kreis-in-chief is, therefore, to be unemployed or he depends on, as a crisis Manager, currently only on the phone? Martin "Charlie" Weber is very relaxed. "There are a few calls – two-three in the week to come," says the Erding circular, the Chairman of the Bavarian state sports Association. Some floor protect the departments have reported in and told them to open the facility. "Which is sensitive to," he says. "Since many Elderly are Yes but." On the other hand, would leave many clubs of the time, before you start with the youth training.

"But actually, most of the officials inform themselves directly at our service centre". Since the BLSV is well positioned, says Weber, who, however, had to cancel an event of your own: the decentralized training course for Trainers, to take place from Easter weekend in the school at the simmet anger would have been postponed for the time being. The district sports festival, which traditionally increases in September, will probably not also take place. To refers General questions about the Sport Weber on the BLSV-Service page, which is constantly updated. Here are some of the most important questions and excerpts from responses. The most important message is always: when such Training on compliance with the Minimum distance of 1.5 meters.

we are Allowed to train in the club one at a time to basketball baskets?

The operation of sports halls, sports fields, sports facilities and sports facilities and their use are prohibited. The Training in the individual sports in the Broad - and leisure area, therefore, in Basketball, is possible. You organize a non-contact workout on the basketball baskets in the Outdoors and with groups of a maximum of five people.

we May in the club with the crew to play football (or other team sports)?

team-related sports, a body contact do not exclude, such as football, Volleyball, Basketball, Football, etc. can currently not be executed. Possible a contact-free Training in the Form of, for example, tactics, technique or fitness training, or similar, but if this takes place Outdoors and with a maximum of 5 people. This also applies to private football schools.

are Allowed to train on a several small groups (of five persons) in compliance with the Abstandsre -?

If the corresponding distance rules not only among the players within the small group, but also between the individual small groups are observed, it is possible that several small groups to train on a place. Explicitly says the game is operating.

we can offer as a fitness Studio, Outdoor Training?

fitness studios are closed. Possible a contact-free Training in the Form of power, Ergometer, or fitness training, Etc, but., if this takes place Outdoors and with a total of not more than five persons.

are we Allowed on public recreation grounds, on Basketball hoops, skateboards and equipment to train?

Yes. This is allowed, the Training has to contactless be done Outdoors with a maximum of five persons.

How long to apply these rules in Bavaria?

you apply to for the time being, and including, 29. May. In this period, the Bavarian state government will pay, as is the case with other measures, the Infection carefully observe, and then possibly new steps, or adjustments to the existing rules make. The BLSV is no information available currently, as in this case, the decisions can look.

Is to be equated with the resumption of the Sport, the Opening of the sports complex?

In General, the sports facilities are in the hands of the competent municipality. Therefore, it should be held in advance of a return to sport course sure to consult with the local government, whether the facility can be enabled again.

May not be spaces in the club for a Board meeting or meetings of other Association bodies utilized?

Currently, Committee meetings and meetings are not possible. Therefore, this should be, if possible, moved, or video conferences. It is also conceivable to make decisions in the way of the circulation procedure.“ Only exceptionally it is allowed to take place, with one exception, approval by the competent district administration authority (volunteer) Committees, if this is urgently required and can not be moved.

Are voluntary measures for the repair and maintenance of the sports facilities possible?

This is possible. In any case, it must be ensured that it comes to the group formation and the minimum distance, as well as the hygiene rules to be complied with.

Applies to the gradual Opening of the restaurants from the age of 18. May also for club restaurants?

Yes, for existing club guest ratings step-by-step Openings are to be observed. That is, existing outdoor areas of the gastronomy in 18. May be opened in compliance with the applicable hygiene and safety measures. From the 25. May also be allowed to the interior areas of the gastronomy open. You are based here, please contact the applicable hygiene protection measures for restaurateurs.

Allowed to be opened club rooms for professional activities (e.g. physiotherapy)?

club rooms, meeting and event facilities, bathhouses, Saunas, youth centres, fitness studios, and similar recreational facilities are closed. Under the tourist bus trips are also. Sentence 1 shall not apply to the conduct of examinations and of education and training, if between all participants, a minimum distance of 1.5 m is maintained. The exception permits may be granted at the request of the competent district administration authority, to the extent that this is in the case of infection protection a legal point of view is acceptable.

is Like the operation of professional athletes, as well as Federal and state cadres at the Olympic and Paralympic sports governed?

The operation of sports facilities for training purposes of these groups is permitted. The resumption of training is consequently limited in athletes from Federal and state cadres to the Olympic and Paralympic sports, but not professional athletes.

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Date Of Update: 22 May 2020, 20:33

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