Wright: why not?

One would be led to believe that this is arrogance.

Wright: why not?

One would be led to believe that this is arrogance. But Shane Wright believes that he has, in recent seasons, demonstrated that he is the best player on the planet, obviously among junior players, and that he deserves to be the first player selected at the auction of 2022.

The young man does not hide his feelings. He expresses them with a beautiful assurance, brings arguments to all those leaving doubts about his talent.

Recruiters like his maturity. His coach talks about his leadership. He is a player that can be used to complete several missions. He endorses comparisons with Patrice Bergeron. "He's a role model for me, he's not only a brilliant attacking player, but look at what he's doing in his territory. Yes, I want to be like him. »

Wright is not a concession player. It's not another Connor McDavid or another Nathan MacKinnon, and another Connor Bedard. But what many scouts say is that he will make an impact in his training, there is no doubt.

Now, will he be the choice of recruiters for the Canadian, Kent Hughes, Jeff Gorton?

There will be many discussions.

There is always a little doubt that persists. In the case of Wright, it has always been claimed that he had all the qualities for a brilliant career. He was said to be a phenomenon when he was 15 years old. A year later, the same analysis was presented.

But, over time, as often happens, we have forgotten what he does well to dwell on some deficiencies in his game.

Suddenly, several recruiters changed their assessment so that from a gifted player, it is now claimed that he will not be an exceptional player in the National League. Ryan O'Reilly is a name that also comes up in the comparison game. Whether it's O'Reilly or Bergeron, he remains a top player for any formation. If the comparisons prove to be on point, because let's not forget that the draft is not an exact science, the team that will claim Wright will add a top skater to its roster.

The great thing about the approach of the selection session for the best hopes, vintage 2022, is that the Canadian will have the opportunity to choose the best of the group, according to the evaluation of the decision-makers of the organization.

No margin of error

But beware, recruiters have no right to be wrong.

Not at a time when the organization is launching a new business model based on the development of young players, on a group of veterans wishing to make a difference and on the recruitment of new skaters, whether through the unrestricted free agent market. or through transactions.

We constantly insist on the fact that we want to rediscover the true culture of the Canadiens, that we want passionate players, players who will respect the tradition of the organization, a tradition that has been put on hold for too long.

Obviously, since Shane Wright raises some questions, will we hold the same discussions next year, when Connor Bedard, who has already been awarded the title of concession player, will be the coveted player? The answer is no.

So one wonders if Gordon and Hughes shouldn't trade their first-round pick for a top veteran?

Exactly why?

An impact player would further complicate the salary cap issue.

The decision makers of the Canadian still have a few weeks before confirming their choice.

Wright, Juraj Slafkovsky, Logan Cooley, David Jiricek, Simon Nemec and Conor Geekie, these are names that fuel the discussion.

In the QMJHL

And since the Canadian has two first-round picks, two second-round picks, three third-round picks, three fourth-round picks and one fifth-round pick, one sixth-round pick and two seventh-round picks, he is at hope that we will take advantage of the opportunity to focus on the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League market.

Nathan Gaucher, a 6'3" center from the Quebec Remparts, and Maveric Lamoureux, from the Drummondville Voltigeurs, a 6'6" defenseman, will get attention in the first round.

It is often said that recruiters have no room for error.

Certainly not in the case of the first choice.

And, can they escape a promising player from the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, if they have the possibility of welcoming him into the organization?

The answer is no.

Quebec players and tradition is a must.

You have probably noticed that there are more and more companies specializing in betting on sporting events.

At each hockey game, you are invited to bet a few dollars.

The professional leagues now accept that we can bet on the different matches. However, eventually, they will have to show more transparency.

Especially the National Hockey League. Upper body injury. Lower body injury. The condition of the player? A question of "day after day." Or even “week after week”.

Inevitably, companies managing bets and paying large sums to the professional circuits will require that we be more precise when a player must be absent.

A good decision