Wireless headphones: JBL headphones at a bargain price at Darty


Wireless headphones: JBL headphones at a bargain price at Darty

WIRELESS EARPHONES. Recognized brand in the field, the JBL Tune 225TWS wireless headphones are currently on sale. Darty and Fnac sacrifice the price of this product with -43% compared to its base price.

There are many brands of wireless headphones. The JBL Tune 225 TWS are a reference among the products of the JBL firm. The latter, specializing in audio listening devices, is sometimes affected by great promotions. This is particularly the case at the moment on its JBL Tune 225 TWS, offered with an immediate reduction of 43% on their introductory price.

The JBL Tune 225 TWS have all the brand's know-how in terms of audio, including JBL Pure Bass sound. With their included charging box, these headphones have nearly 25 hours of battery life to fully enjoy your music, even over several days.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds are wireless headphones that are serious competitors to Apple AirPods. They are currently available at discounted prices at several retailers such as Boulanger or Amazon.

These wireless headphones are easy to use and connect via Bluetooth. They feature a slim and sleek design that allows them to be used anywhere. Samsung Galaxy Buds are compatible with noise-canceling technology, so you can fully enjoy your music without being disturbed by ambient noise. Able to accompany you for 5 hours in a row, these small wireless headphones are also equipped with a microphone so that you can make your calls without having to remove them.

Well known to fans of the brand, the Xiaomi Mi True are a small alternative to Apple's famous AirPods and compatible with any Android or iOS device (Bluetooth compatible). They have very good audio quality and a battery life of 5 hours to accompany you on your day. Their included charging case is capable of holding up for 20 hours to get your headphones back on track!

These headphones automatically cancel ambient noise so you can enjoy your music and calls to the fullest. The Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Headphones are also equipped with a built-in microphone so you can easily answer your interlocutors.

If you have a slightly higher budget, you might fall for the Mi True Wireless Earphones 2S from Xiaomi. Usually offered at 99 euros, these headphones are regularly available for around forty euros at several retailers such as Fnac.

Very easy to use and transport with their very light weight and design, the Xiaomi Mi True wireless headphones connect directly via Bluetooth to your smartphone. Their high quality sound lets you enjoy your music and calls for 5 hours with their built-in battery life, and up to 24 hours with the included charging case. These earbuds are also quick charge compatible so they can be fully charged in just one hour!

While Razer is primarily known for its very good PC Gaming peripherals (mice, keyboards, headsets, etc.), the brand also offers other more atypical products that can meet specific needs. This is the case for the Razer Hammerhead, which allows gamers of mobile titles to enjoy very good audio quality, wherever they are. With their ultra-low latency, the Razer Hammerheads guarantee perfect synchronization between your mobile display and your listening. Their waterproof design also makes them water resistant making them perfect to enjoy even outdoors. Usually offered at a price of 119.99 euros, the Razer Hammerheads are currently down in price at several resellers and partner sellers.

The Razer Hammerheads have a battery life of up to 15 hours of listening time with their included charging case. They also have a touch interface that allows you to easily control your music at your fingertips. Note that these prices may change rapidly depending on current events or available stocks.