"The Original": Surprises for love life: what is the erotic Amorelie advent calendar good for?

Anyone who thinks of advent calendars no longer only thinks of the classic variants with chocolate in them.

"The Original": Surprises for love life: what is the erotic Amorelie advent calendar good for?

Anyone who thinks of advent calendars no longer only thinks of the classic variants with chocolate in them. The calendars are now available with completely different content: beer, exit games, dog treats or sex toys, for example. The latter models are intended to stimulate love life and ensure fun - whether alone or with a partner. The pioneer is certainly the Amorelie Advent calendar. The classic should be an ideal entry-level model. The star took a closer look at the content in 2022: Is the price of just under 100 euros worth it?

First the hard facts: The "Original" version of the Amorelie Advent calendar costs 99.90 euros and is said to contain 24 surprises with a total value of 410 euros. There is also an "Adventure" version for 199.90 euros, which is said to have sex toys, games and accessories with a goods value of 610 euros.

Both versions should be suitable for couples as well as male and female singles and make a good, high-quality impression. The cheaper version that the star tested has an attractive, elegant design, but the turquoise color makes it look younger and more playful than the more expensive version, which comes in purple. The 24 erotic surprises are individually packed in small, numbered boxes.

When you open the first surprises, you will notice: The content 2022 is varied and has something ready from different areas. A total of nine sex toys are included, including one with a remote control and eight with and without vibration, such as an anal plug or a bath sponge with vibration. The toys that require batteries or a charging cable come with the necessary accessories - a definite plus. The content is packed separately in plastic foil and comes with a small description. This is very practical for newcomers and beginners when it comes to sex toys and ensures that you can try it out immediately if necessary.

In addition to sex toys, there are also two surprises from the (soft) BDSM area, such as a small whip, in the Amorelie advent calendar. There are also six gadgets for stimulation and care, such as an oil or a masturbation egg. There are also three surprises from the inspiration area: a card game with "tasks" to stimulate love life. Finally, the calendar contains four accessories to seduce: A mask is hidden in one of the packages, among other things. There is also a decorative pouch for storage.

Note: If you are interested in testing the Amorelie Advent calendar yourself, but do not want the package to clearly show where you ordered, you can choose "discreet packaging" when ordering.

The Amorelie advent calendar definitely fulfills its purpose: it stimulates your love life and inspires you to reinvent yourself and get to know each other. Couples can try out surprises such as the whip or small toys such as the butt plug to see whether they like other roles or types of stimulation than the classic ones. The card games also encourage this. The fact that there is content to test from different areas is a clear plus point. The price-performance ratio is fair: the products actually far exceed the purchase price of just under 100 euros. Nevertheless, an advent calendar for 100 euros is certainly not bought just like that. A willingness to experiment should therefore already be a prerequisite if you decide to buy it.

But: Even if there isn't too much that fits, the calendar has at least led to people getting involved again or having fun with one or the other accessory. However, surprises such as card games or oils are definitely suitable for most people and are not as unusual as you might think before buying an erotic advent calendar. A lot of it encourages testing - and who knows, maybe some content will really encourage you to recalibrate your love life in the long term.

It's also great that the accessories are of very high quality and are attractively packaged and you don't need anything else to try them out. In addition, men and women get their money's worth: There are vibrators for them, as well as penis rings or a gel for anal sex, as well as soft tampons, spray for oral sex or something for body painting. This means that the Amorelie Advent calendar is not only for beginners, but also for those with more experience and curiosity about sex. They expand their repertoire and are prepared for different preferences. However, the "Adventure" version is certainly suitable for this target group. Here you get a very high value for a comparatively low purchase price.

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