Incidents at Stade de France: Were counterfeit tickets inflated?

A new report states that 48 people were taken into custody following chaos at the Stade de France on Saturday during the Champions League final between Liverpool & Real Madrid.

Incidents at Stade de France: Were counterfeit tickets inflated?

15 police officers have been granted an extension of their custody. On Monday, decisions will be made regarding possible legal proceedings.

Figures the Interior denies: Minister Gerald Darmanin said Monday that of the 29 arrests made in the immediate vicinity to the Stade de France, half of them were British, 9 of which were for intrusion.

Contrary to false rumors and allegations, 29 arrests were made in the immediate area of the Stade de France. Half of them were British, 9 of which were for trespassing.

Amelie OudeaCastera, the Sports Minister, said that earlier today there were "30,000-40,000 English fans who arrived at Stade de France without tickets or with fake ticket". . Gerald Darmanin, during a press conference, decried Monday a "massive industrial and organized fraud with counterfeit notes", which he said was responsible for the overflows. Amelie Oudea–Castera for her part denounced the insufficient supervision of English supporters by Liverpool club and pointed fingers at UEFA. On Monday, a crisis meeting was held at the Ministry of Sports.

Supporters also filed a lot of complaints against X regarding thefts and violence. RMC confirmed Saturday night that 20-30 masked men dressed in black snatched stolen goods from the Stade de France section.

Social media users have been sparked by the numbers of "30,000 to 40000" counterfeit banknotes. This has prompted many Internet users to jump on the bandwagon and challenge journalists from foreign press. Some believe they are fat. James Pearce, an English journalist for "The Atlantic", called Gerald Darmanin’s comments "lies". That's bullshit! "Wrote Gary Lineker, an ex-English international footballer in French. Others condemn the "denial” of authorities in order to avoid accountability.

That's bullshit!

"This argument with a crazy number of 30,000-40,000 fans without tickets doesn't correspond to what everyone has seen. The RATP can confirm that not 40,000 people have returned to RER D to go to Paris. These numbers, which are not at any time sourced, have been used as a pretext to political recovery," was criticized by RMC Pierre Barthelemy (lawyer for many French supporters, and observer of final for the association France Supporters Europe - FSE). "We have put the figure at 40,000. Why not a million?" Half of the stadium would have 40,000 people. He said that it would have meant that there was a counterflow from half of the stadium moving the opposite direction, and that no one could spot that.

Ronan Evain (general manager of Football Supporters Europe) was present at the Stade de France to observe UEFA's observation program. He stated that the police headquarters claimed that there were 30,000-40,000 fake tickets. After observing the entrances for many hours, I discovered that there were indeed fake tickets and most of them were fake credentials. It was very marginal. He explained that the problem was that pre-filtering was triggered by a bottleneck from RER B.