Fishing on the docks in Gaspésie

Once again this year, the Gaspésie region will be the choice of many people for their summer vacation.

Fishing on the docks in Gaspésie

Once again this year, the Gaspésie region will be the choice of many people for their summer vacation. It offers very interesting fishing opportunities all around the peninsula.

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What characterizes the region in its offer is the possibility of fishing from the quays or the beaches, in the majority of the towns and villages. You then have access to several species, including striped bass, mackerel, plaice and capelin. In the case of plaice, without knowing it, you may have already tasted it in a restaurant or at home after buying it at the supermarket. It is sold under the name fillet of sole. For the other species, they no longer need an introduction.

First of all, the good news: you don't need a license to fish in the sea. Also, fishing is free, unifying and you will have a lot of fun practicing it. If you have a catch, believe me, you will have a lot of fun with your catch, and just as much when you taste it.

Personally, I am a good example of what a fishing experience can become on the docks or at sea in Gaspésie. Two years ago, as part of a report at the Port-Daniel wildlife reserve, the director, Yves Briand, explained to us that in addition to being able to fish for speckled trout and salmon on the territory of his reserve, if you want to discover something else, you have to fish on the quays and by the sea.


Quite honestly, before, all the times I went to Gaspésie, it was to fish for salmon or hunt moose. I saw many people fishing on the docks, but I had never stopped there.

So I accepted our host's invitation and we went to the Port-Daniel wharf. It was filled with anglers hoping to catch their favorite fish. Just opposite, on the other side of the river which passes under the railway bridge, it was possible to fish for striped bass and plaice.

Personally, I had never fished for plaice and the adventure tempted me. It is a ground fish, with white flesh and excellent on the plate. You can make four fillets with one fish.

So I ask the director for advice. He rigs me a very simple line with a spinning rod. At the end of the monofilament, you install your weight and a bait which can consist of an earthworm, raw clams (cockles) or sea worms (nereis). You cast your line which will rest on the bottom and you remain attentive. What was my surprise after a few minutes, to feel my first plaice at the end of the line. I had no difficulty reaching the limit of 15. With the help of our guide, Yves, we were able to fillet and taste the flesh of these fish which is succulent. Yes, even after all these years, I had just discovered another fishing!


Naturally, one cannot think of fishing in Gaspésie without thinking of the star fish that now delights anglers: the striped bass.

Abundant in the salt waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, it is a delicious white-fleshed fish, known for its fighting spirit. Once we measure ourselves against it, the disease strikes us forever. We have to go back and try to outsmart him. The daily bag limit is three. You can only keep bars that are between 50 and 65 cm in length.

It is possible to fish it from the quays or from the beach. In this case, the experts advise Caplan, Carleton-sur-Mer, Bonaventure, Paspébiac, Percé, Coin-du-Banc, Barachois and Gaspé in the Haldimand, Boom Defense and Sandy Beach wharf sectors.

Another species that will delight the youngest and that can be fished from the quays is mackerel. This species moves in shoals that are often found near the docks. As you have the right to attach several hooks to your line (six), it may happen that you catch several fish at the same time. The youngest will be delighted with the experience. With the exception of a few places like Forillon where the catch limit is 10, you are allowed a daily limit of 20 fish per person. Only mackerel over 26.8 cm may be kept. It is forbidden to fish with more than five lines at a time.