Bavaria interested in Thuram: Choupo-Moting as a decisive factor?

FC Bayern is also dealing with Marcus Thuram in the ongoing search for a striker.

Bavaria interested in Thuram: Choupo-Moting as a decisive factor?

FC Bayern is also dealing with Marcus Thuram in the ongoing search for a striker. Whether the attacker from Borussia Mönchengladbach is really taken seriously seems to depend on Eric-Maxim Choupo-Moting.

After the departure of Robert Lewandowski last summer, it is clear to FC Bayern that a clear centre-forward should be in the squad again next season. Harry Kane is the favorite. He is the preferred candidate of the German record champions, that has long been an open secret.

However, since his commitment would be very expensive on the one hand and will require a lot of effort, patience and negotiating skills on the other, the Munich team also have to look around for any alternatives. Most recently, Marcus Thuram, a candidate from the Bundesliga, was brought into play.

Sport1 sticks with it: The Gladbach attacker is part of the current mind games of the FCB leadership. It is said that chief scout Markus Pilawa has already taken a close look at Thuram personally.

Sky also confirms the interest and reports that he has "aroused desires within the club". This is also due to the fact that he could change free of charge if his contract is not extended at Borussia. An aspect that Bayern are also dealing with.

However, so the objection, the internal question of his "suitability for Bayern" remains. In short: There are doubts as to whether Thuram would have the necessary quality to shoot the team to the championship, to victory in the DFB Cup and possibly to win the Champions League. After all, these would be the requirements and the great objective that prevail. In that regard, there would still be too much skepticism, which is why the topic is "not hot" at the moment.

An important addition: According to Sky, there could be more movement in the personnel if Eric-Maxim Choupo-Moting does not extend.

However, it remains unclear in the report whether FCB would then try to sign Thuram as a replacement and second striker alongside a big name. After all, Choupo-Moting has been just that for the last few years.

Although the 33-year-old feels comfortable in Munich and recently received praise for his commitment, a free transfer would be anything but unusual for him. Since making his first real professional move in the summer of 2011, he has always fulfilled his contracts and then switched on a free transfer. Choupo-Moting has never been signed for a transfer fee.

If this scenario repeats itself next summer, even if it seems rather unlikely at the moment, Bayern could get in touch with Thuram in good time. Once the interest is deposited, the potential persuasion to extend the Gladbach contract is likely to falter a bit.

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