The supervision wants to cut Federal Prosecutor Lauber wage

The affair would have cost the Federal lawyer Michael Lauber almost the office. His re-election last fall on a knife edge. Now the thing with a complaint of t

The supervision wants to cut Federal Prosecutor Lauber wage

The affair would have cost the Federal lawyer Michael Lauber almost the office. His re-election last fall on a knife edge. Now the thing with a complaint of the overseer, and a wage loss of just under CHF 25’000 final could. To this amount, the Supervisory authority wants to reduce the Federal advocacy (BA) the salary of the Supreme criminal tracker Switzerland, following a disciplinary investigation. The confirm of this newspaper two independent sources.

The BA under President Hanspeter Uster studied for nine months, whether Michael Lauber has violated his official duties. In the context of informal, non-logged Meeting with Fifa Boss Gianni Infantino. Now came the overseer to the conclusion that Lauber has actually acted contrary to its duty.

The sanction possibilities are rather limited. The BA can provide the Federal Prosecutor with a warning or a reprimand – as the hottest medium in addition to a request for removal from office – the salary during a year reduce. The latter provides for the BA in the design of their final disposal now, and in the extent of 8 per cent. Thus, it remains only a little below the maximum possible penalty of ten percent. The Federal Prosecutor refers to an annual salary of around 300’000 Swiss francs, the planned reduction corresponds to almost 25’000 Swiss francs.

Lauber is surprised

The BA is not yet definitely. Federal Prosecutor Lauber was given the opportunity to take a position. According to several sources, he is not in agreement with the Findings of his supervisors. It is quite possible that he will contest the injunction, if the stay overseer at their Position. In charge of the Federal administrative court would in such a case. The BA is now in the process of the arguments Lauber weigh up and may even adjust.

The Federal Prosecutor's office writes to request that you take "astonished to note that information on the draft decision of the Supervisory authority, were leaked to the Public". It stresses that any disposal of the BA "does not constitute a final finding," and a judicial Review must keep. For more information Lauber media refers to the overseer. Their Secretary, Patrick Gättelin writes, the BA should not be allowed to comment at the present time to the disciplinary procedure, the procedure is not yet complete.

Lauber had, as far as is known three times with Fifa President Infantino hit, twice, in the spring of 2016 and a third Time in June 2017. What was discussed at the Meeting, exactly, is not known, there are no protocols. At the meeting of June 2017 will also be able to remember no more. The Meetings are tricky, because the Federal various procedures in connection with the Fifa and football-leads to advocacy at the same time functionaries and individual enterprise agreements the parties to the proceedings to be inadmissible or, at least, in the code of criminal procedure are not provided for.

The supervisors want the Federal Prosecutor because of his behavior in the course of their Work discipline.

a Lot of time for the final disposal of the BA is not. Because the Statute of limitations for the allegations, which relate directly to the meetings with Infantino threatens. Neglect of duty violations can be punished up to three years after committing the disciplinary. In order for the two to Meet from 2016, are already Statute-barred. At the third meeting by June 2017, this is not yet the case. However, the Statute of limitations threatens there, too – for a different reason: Disciplinary measures can only be made within one year after the discovery of breaches of duty could have been adopted. From the controversial 2017er-has to Meet the BA in mid-March, 2019. It is time-barred, so in about two weeks.

But the want to go to the discipline rather, the Federal Prosecutor for other reasons: because of the behavior Lauber in the course of their Work. The BA identified in last spring's six behavior, the possible breaches of duty could represent. Four of these relate to statements Lauber compared to the BA, which have proved to be intentionally false or incomplete. So Lauber said that there had only been two originally known Meeting of 2016 and no further with Fifa representatives.

ratio is zerrütttet

in Addition, the BA of Lauber feels in their investigation hampered. The authority complained in September to the public the fact that Lauber two employees "have in fact prohibited", in surveys of the BA to participate. In addition, the Federal Prosecutor has blocked the release of documents.

the relationship between The Federal Prosecutor Lauber and chief overseer type is broken since the opening of the investigation. The question of how the supervision is under these conditions be guaranteed, both the office of the attorney General, as well as the BA unanswered.

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