Martin Suter was 18. Time Birthday

Martin Suter heard-twice a minority: a minority of the Swiss writers who are also successful abroad. And to those people – in Switzerland, there are about 5000

Martin Suter was 18. Time Birthday

Martin Suter heard-twice a minority: a minority of the Swiss writers who are also successful abroad. And to those people – in Switzerland, there are about 5000, worldwide, around 5 million, on a 29. February was born. Therefore, he can only celebrate every four years birthday, what he did on Saturday in the Bar at the restaurant kronenhalle in Zurich.

Martin Suter celebrates his 18. Birthday because he was born on leap day. Photo: Alberto Venzago

guests from the world of art and culture, the publishing industry, the Newspapers, the television: the Director and actress Katja Early, Viktor Giacobbo and Patrick Frey, Mona Vetsch, Roger Schawinski, the longtime TV journalist Hans Bärenbold, Philipp Keel and Ruth Geiger from the Diogenes-Verlag, the photographer Alberto Venzago were Charged predominantly, but not exclusively. In addition, the Doctor Brida Castel mountain, the lawyer Adriano Viganò, as well as Sissi Zoebeli, owner of a Boutique in the Zurich Niederdorf. And others, which may forgive the incompleteness of this list.

"Champagne socialists"

"left-liberal Zurich intellectuals," says someone you can count on this circle. Because he makes the now somewhat hackneyed, but the original ingenious name of "Champagne socialists" to fall, will he not be named here.

glass of Champagne today in any case not served, but Allmen Drinks. They are named after the heroes of today, six Martin-Suter-thrillers, created the crown hall-barman Christian Heiss has. The drink – a mixture of Tequila, Mezcal, cilantro, salt is of such Drinkability and strength, that after less than an hour, hardly more, someone has a secure tongue.

Ruth Geiger and Martin Suter's wife Margrith Nay Suter to mention, actually, this is just the 18. real birthday of the writer. Suter says he has mostly celebrated only every four years, and because of the long intervals, his birthday is sometimes forgotten.

birthday event

The night before, forget he was sitting after the ceremony of the Swiss Music Awards in Lucerne with guests. "At midnight, sang all of "Happy Birthday". I sang, without even realizing that I was meant to be," says Suter, and to dispel any doubts as to this Episode, he adds: "questions you Philipp Keel, was."

the birthday guests of a writer to Express appreciation to the literary work, is expectable, but it is absolutely o. k. The most common word, with which you trusted in private conversation Suter's Oeuvre of a total of 16 novels, is "entertaining".

No address, no cake and therefore no candles: Martin Suter celebrated in the Bar of the crown hall. Photo: Alberto Venzago

of Course, this is not meant in a derogatory way. Katja Early: "It speaks for an author, if you like to read more. And just Suter's ironic is ease to implement artistically difficult." Patrick Frey: "Suter is an intelligent, linguistically brilliant way of entertaining. I find it also impressive how confidently he combines cosmopolitanism with Swiss local colour." The lawyer Viganò: "With him you can feel all the irony, is always a great empathy to the characters and stories."

"I admire the style and Drive of his stories," says Roger Schawinski about Martin Suter. Photo: Alberto Venzago

Roger Schawinski: "It is great how he has managed to make the jump from the columnists, and advertisers for being the most successful Swiss writer. I admire the style and Drive of his stories. And that he is not afraid to entertain his reader."

During the conversation, Schawinski begins to suddenly speak Spanish, and this with amazing authentic sounding Caribbean accent.

birthday guests in conversation: a TV journalist Hans Bärenbold and Ex-Tagi-editor-in-chief Res Strehle. Photo: Alberto Venzago

Ruth Geiger emphasizes how excellent the films of the Allmen-be thrillers. And that there is to celebrate today, the redesign of Suter's Website. There, he continues, among other things, his well-known columns "Business Class" and "live Right with Geri Weibel".

A single guest puts a critical counterpoint. He had stopped after Suter's third or fourth novel, because he had simply lost the literary interest.

The melancholy of growing Older

It is an unpretentious Feast, without speech, without a cake and, consequently, without a candle to blow out. The guests sing Happy Birthday and the Mexican birthday song "Las mañanitas." Suter looks a little classy and a bit reserved. "Birthdays make me melancholy, but I know the melancholy of getting Older," he says. The amazing was that he was feeling on the inside is still exactly the same as before, which is why the perceived age is no longer correct to biographical passe.

at some point, a guest of the crown hall, which is not part of the Festival occurs, at the table of the writer. "Thanks to your books I have found to read," he says.

Viktor Giacobbo and Patrick Frey with the author. Photo: Alberto Venzago

As his friends and Acquaintances of Suter, say goodbye, say someone is a poetic and someone else, a prosaic set. "It was beautiful, like today, the afternoon flowed into the evening over." And: "I haven't been drinking long so much." Martin Suter can 72 with the Celebration of his. Birthday to be satisfied.

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