15 years of Youtube: It all started with a banal animal videos

Since one and a half decades there are Youtube . What started as a mundane animal video, became a billion-dollar business and one of the largest portals of th

15 years of Youtube: It all started with a banal animal videos

Since one and a half decades there are Youtube . What started as a mundane animal video, became a billion-dollar business and one of the largest portals of the entertainment world. However, in times of Fake News, propaganda, and filters in the network, the criticism of large bubbles.

The beginning of a couple of elephants were at the San Diego Zoo. "The cool thing about these guys is that they have this real long trunk," says Youtube co-founder Jawed Karim, two of the pachyderms in the Background. The first Video on the Online platform was banal and unspectacular – in stark contrast to the rise of Youtube that should follow.

The site quickly became the epitome of the entertaining Internet TVs and today is a super the entertainment world. But so great the success, so great is also the criticism. 15. Birthday on Saturday (15. February) is a Youtube controversial as ever.

advertising revenues of 15 billion

Cute Animal films such as the elephant-Clip, there is still, however, the days of innocence are long gone. The Acquisition by Google, the commercialization, the advertising billion – the former "Broadcast Yourself"-a Playground for private videos is for Google's parent company, Alphabet long ago, only big business. With the rapid growth of the bandwidth, however, have increased influence and responsibility of solid. In the Era of Fake News, propaganda, and filter bubbles on the net, Youtube is a constant stumbling block.

The white also Youtube Boss Susan Wojcicki: "All of them are all the time angry at you," she told the "New York Times" last year, in an Interview to YouTube's controversial dealing with extreme content. Enormous, around two billion active monthly users of the platform according to their own information in the meantime. Five years ago there were half as many.

What contributes the Proceeds Youtube to alphabet, was long one of the best kept secrets of the financial markets – recently the group has granted for the first time insight. In 2019, the platform was already advertising revenues of 15 billion dollars.

a number of scandals

That Youtube Boss Wojcicki has their hands full, is, therefore, not the finances. Problems particularly offensive content, and the handling to do with it. Social media are coming under increasing pressure, against the dissemination of Propaganda and extremism, Youtube is no exception.

Alone of the sheer mass of Videos – over 300 hours of Material uploaded per Minute of users – makes Mucking out to be a Herculean task. But you can talk to a large group with an annual profit of about 34 billion dollars with something like that out?

is illegal Clips can spread to the platform through a complete re-upload so rapidly that Youtube is coming in behind you, in spite of sophisticated Algorithms with the Delete hardly. Critics, however, doubt that the company will do everything in his Power.

In the past few years there has been a number of scandals – from suicide-shots in the "Trending"recommendations about pedophiles Clips and Sex Videos in the children's area to Videos with Holocaust denial and other Propaganda. Ex-employee accused of Youtube, the control of controversial content, assign to the business Use – so the Advertising revenue.

weaknesses in Uploads

something would have to admit, the company of course never. However, compared to the "New York Times" admitted Wojcicki certainly weaknesses in dealing with problematic Uploads. "I know we can make it better, but we get there," said the 51-Year-old. "We reach a point where we have resolved many of these problems, and I have the feeling that we have already made significant progress." That was in April of 2019. Since then, it was actually much quieter to the platform, even if there is a lot of Controversy – about political advertising and manipulative content.

however, It would also be unfair to reduce Youtube's 15-year anniversary on discussions of controversial Videos. A large part of the history to date is marked by a harmless viral phenomena – the platform is an inexhaustible treasure trove of Clips of all kinds of music videos about the recipes, and historical sports transfer, or Beauty and Lifestyle Guides to find everything. The Portal is kind of a huge archive, the user holds through his clever recommendation system in the rod.

Youtube has changed the entertainment industry forever, and even mark in the professional world – from Amateur entertainers Youtuber" who are involved in Advertising revenue and in part, quite a bit of money with your Videos deserve to have ". Some of them are Stars, where millions of Fans follow. The platform has significantly contributed to level of "Influencer"culture on the way. The commercialization is, however, more: Meanwhile, Youtube already tried to take with self-produced content and paid subscription-based in the of Netflix dominated the Streaming market. (oli/sda)

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