This woman needs the Land

Lisa Christian is sitting on the Sofa, opens the top button of your pants and says: "Then the stomach swells shut when Sitting." She kneads her flesh, and add

This woman needs the Land

Lisa Christian is sitting on the Sofa, opens the top button of your pants and says: "Then the stomach swells shut when Sitting." She kneads her flesh, and adds: "So can spread the offal properly." Then she stands up from the Sofa and makes a couple of awkward stretching exercises.

The audience laughs and claps. It is a short excerpt from her cabaret program "I need new shoes", with the Christian currently in Switzerland tours. He shows what it is: An ordinary woman, smart, but not arrogant. According to the, but also considered. Christian tells basically what happens to your so, what are the observations she makes when she runs on the alert all through the world. Sounds boring? It is not. On The Contrary. Because your appearance makes it clear how complicated it can be, if you try to call ordinary things.

Is on the stages around the country: Lisa Christian. Video: YouTube/SRF Comedy

When a once social inclinations become aware of can do: women who earn less, the no careers, because you want to have children. "It is not irritating, that is today in Switzerland is still possible," she says later over a Cup of tea in a Zurich Café.

The woman needs the man to keep the fun for

Where to begin? Christian is doing it on stage with Adam and eve, depicted in a painting by Lucas Cranach the Elder from the 16th century. Century. "In order to understand how certain role models were over the centuries forms, it is worthwhile to look in the Bible," she says, and taps with a stick on the paintings. She changes the style of the head teacher, will continue to be dry and in a strict tone. "If we recap this story, we come to the point: The man in the Image of God, the woman is to keep the fun for him – and she is also guilty of the original sin."

no Matter whether a Christian is loud or soft, angry or thoughtful, the audience depends on you this Thursday evening at the Theater in Rapperswil on the lips. Why is it so? "I hope that the people something to hang. I feel the responsibility to be honest." So that they could contribute in the best case, to more empathy, which in turn leads to actions.

not to Fit and to be a success: The cabaret artist Lisa Christian. Image: Andrea payer

"If you name things, you have the possibility to escape certain Patterns," she says. The stage as a kind of psychotherapy for self and others? To say, "maybe one part," she laughs. "For me it is more of a reality management." Topics but where you doubt yourself, don't speak to you.

What is Clear, is on the stage to understand all the more clearly: "There is an incompatibility between my personal values as a feminist and those that prevail in the society." She speaks in dialect about why you prefer to eat greasy, instead of being engaged in too much sports. She grabs the upper arms, to show that there is more muscle and less fat could be.

Because of The loose life of course also has its price. But to pay the worth. "I don't want to lay my life on at some point in the future," said she. In the audience, no one laughs now, but all the consequences. Christian sits down on the Sofa, turns on the Radio and starts thinking about you being in your own living room.

New tone in the Swiss theatre landscape

your issues are wide, ranging from Paradis on accident club visits up to the Cup of coffee that has a too small Handle. "It's nice to make observations of the stories," she says in the interview, and stir in your mint tea. On stage, she turns to the example of the wonders of the female body, cell division, and the Ripening of the embryo in the mother's belly. Then she thought over the Older. The topics flow as if by themselves into each other.

Christmas is only 29 years old, but still a Routinierin in the business. Since the age of 13, you is on smaller and larger stages between Romanshorn and Ostermundigen. But its is not happening, what the Swiss cabaret scene is sick sometimes, she has bowed to any pressure to adapt. On the contrary, It seems time for a voice like that of a Christian. And the sound is not gemittet federalist, but globally, to be honest.

thinking about the world: On the stage, Lisa Christian about what you are busy talking. Image: Andrea payer

Also, the SRF has recognized this. Looking for a young, female voice, the television is pushed rapidly to a Christian. Four times it has hosted the Talent Comedy Award. "Christian is a great potential, it is the voice of a young Generation," says Kaspar Fierz, Editor at the Comedy editors from the SRF.

Christian Began her stage career at the Poetry Slam, which is noticeable in their pronunciation. With 20 years, she won the U-20 championship and scored a few prizes. You las on stages across the German-speaking countries. "The people let me on the stage of excuses," she says laconically. Of the currently flourishing Comedy scene, you is, they are referred to rather as a cabaret artist. "The Stand-up scene is male dominated and sexist in tone". Instead, they engaged with the group Slam Alphas for equality in the Slam Poetry scene.

No compromise

her involvement in gender issues is also reflected in her feminist Podcast "Faust & copper", the recording with the journalist Miriam Suter and the Aargau channel K is played. Likewise, you commented on Radio SRF to socio-political issues. Christian says on stage, the country had good women needed. "At the Federal court, in every fucking catalog on the front page and not on the stove at home." What she says is that Switzerland also needs women like you.

You don't need to find anything surprising or well, what Christian said on the stage. Clearly, however, is that your way of hitting the Zeitgeist in the aftermath of #MeToo and woman strike more than ever. This is also the achievements of fellow Artists such as Hazel Brugger, Lisa Eckhart, or Lara make in addition to your Stoll clearly. To make compromises, that was yesterday.

Lisa Christian (29) since the age of 13 on the stage. In 2011, she won the Slam, the U-20 Swiss Championships in Poetry. In 2016, they came to the final of the German Championships. From the Canton of Solothurn you received in the same year, the support price of about 16 000 francs. Christian has studied mediation in art and Design Workshops. She was born in Olten, and now lives in Zurich. 2018 appeared in your text collection "In the wild pulp of the Orange" in Olten Knapp-Verlag.

Do 27.2. — 19:30 PM
Pelican court
entry 35 / 28 Swiss francs
On Thu 12.3., in the Theater am Gleis Winterthur

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