The German face of the crisis

Angela Merkel praises their Minister rarely made public, to the extent that it had weight, as you said on Wednesday, before the assembled capital press: "Jens

The German face of the crisis

Angela Merkel praises their Minister rarely made public, to the extent that it had weight, as you said on Wednesday, before the assembled capital press: "Jens Spahn is doing a great Job." It was her first joint appearance with the Minister of health, since the Coronavirus has also recorded in Germany. So far they had left to Spahn, the stage is always and only a minor role played.

the praise of the Chancellor for their recent Ministers was also notable in that she was with him in the past, often about the cross. Spahn criticized their refugee policy harder than any other CDU politicians and distinguished himself as a young star in the Conservative preference against you. But in the meantime, you can hear, each other you would have a lot of respect and worked well together.

No Ehrgeizling more

Even more remarkable than the praise of the Boss, however, is that Spahns crisis management, was recently praised by politicians across all parties, from the Greens to the FDP. Even in the left party and the AfD, many admitted off the record that the Minister of health doing pretty much right.

That Spahn is an extraordinary political Talent, was known for some time. But many took him so far, especially as a monomaniac Ehrgeizling true, as a, of lead, loud announcements the power and all the problems at the same time wants to solve. In the crisis, he took a now iron. And was particularly impressed with wisdom, clarity, and Serious.

Usually, he occurs with experts in to his side, weak points, he speaks to himself. He will disclose what you do not know yet, not denied the guarantees, if he thinks he can keep. He constantly coordinates with the health politicians of the Bundestag, the other Ministers, the counterpart in Europe or in the United States.

Spahns messages have changed over the last three weeks substantially, in step with the epidemic. While he talked to at the beginning to make against exaggerated panic, he warns now, increasingly, in front of it, the danger to underestimate. When he realized a few days ago, that local authorities cancel so that hard-to-actions, fairs, concerts and football games, he recommended it officially. Since then, the recommendation is to and to around the country.

High risk

The German Paradox, Yes, that Spahn is in the spotlight, but almost nothing has the right to decide is. For protection measures, the local authorities are responsible. "Minimum competence, maximum work," called it the "Frankfurter Allgemeine". Also, the fact that Spahn is now so praised, does not mean much: It is standing only at the very beginning of the crisis, he said on Wednesday itself. Still, Germany has Infected proportionally less and not to mention Dead as France, Spain or Switzerland from Italy. But this need not remain so.

In a crisis, to be born a hero, but also a failure. The former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt and Gerhard Schröder owed its decisive Action in flood disasters, a piece of your legend. The BSE or mad cow disease swept, however, in 2001, two German Cabinet Ministers from office.

interior Minister Horst Seehofer, almost twice as old as Spahn, advised the young Minister, therefore, apparently, from the beginning, if possible, hard to access, and this is also publicly known. You Handle to be hesitant, by the end of it gently in front of a Committee of inquiry.

Nothing is less in Spahns interest than this. He has never kept Short with his Ambition behind the mountain, to be one day even the German Chancellor, like his good friend Sebastian in Austria. Because he thinks strategically, not running it now for the presidency of the CDU and the successor to Merkel as Chancellor. Nobel, he came in behind the most promising candidates and will be Armin laschet's Deputy if he wins. His own examination before him, of course: to save Germany from the States, as in Italy.

Created: 11.03.2020, 19:00 Uhr

Updated Date: 12 March 2020, 04:03

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