The third revival of the classic

What is the Volkswagen beetle for the German, embodies the Fiat 500 for the Italians: an icon of the car industry, is a timeless classic. Both of them were a

The third revival of the classic

What is the Volkswagen beetle for the German, embodies the Fiat 500 for the Italians: an icon of the car industry, is a timeless classic. Both of them were a commercial success and was later reissued in a modern Interpretation of new. But the importance of these models goes far beyond that: they contributed to a Revolution of individual mobility: The beetle (from 1938) and the Cinquecento (1957) were in the post-war period, the only cars that were able to afford many at all. The importance of these models is correspondingly high.

While VW the beetle, respectively, the New has set Beetle, in the meantime, the Fiat 500 continues to be from the Band. He was launched 13 years ago in a modern fashion and has since then received a lot of Facelifts. And now, the Fiat does not bring the Cinquecento only, finally, in a new model generation, but also radically new. "For us, it is not the third generation model – the third rebirth," says Fiat CEO Olivier François. "We go with the new 500e "all in" and not look back." So, the Cinquecento has the opportunity to revolutionize personal mobility – because The new model will from now on only with pure electric drive.

DiCaprio as an advertising character

A bold move, especially since this model for more than a quarter of the total sales of Fiat is responsible for. Also, François is. "But for us, it is the only sensible step." Accordingly, it is important for the Italians, the new 500e is a resounding success – and they really get stuck in. Advertising Ambassador, none other than Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio – the actor was appointed in 2014 to the ambassadors for peace of the United Nations, and has since been in the fight against the climate warming. "Are you ready for a rebirth?", he provocatively asks in the commercial.

carts with The film legend in front of the PR to the margins, is a wise decision. Equally clever is the key data for the 500e were defined. Thanks to a 42-kWh battery, the small Italian restaurant aims to create a range of 320 kilometers, according to the WLTP, in the urban operation of 400 km should be possible. Thanks to the power of 85 kW will load in just five minutes of electricity for a further 50 km downstream of the range anxiety is no longer an issue. 80 percent of the battery in a little more than half an hour again.

Almost everything in the Cockpit is operated via the large Touch Display.

The E-Motor provides 87 kW (118 HP) and accelerates the pipsqueak in 3.1 seconds at 50 km/h – the value to 100, the Italians concealment; the conclusion is h. at a maximum of 150 km/That's enough for all. Could be a stumbling block is the price design: the exact prices are not known, but the launch model "La Prima" is supposed to cost around 40'000 Swiss francs. Very much cheaper, the base model will probably be. However, already before the launch of the highly-acclaimed Honda E also costs about 40'000 Swiss francs and creates in the reach of only a little more than half.

However, not only the drive and the new Design, but also the interior. Almost everything is operated via a large Touch Display on the center console or voice (Amazon Alexa) – the Cockpit is designed accordingly straightforward. For a better sustainability of seat covers made of recycled plastic from the sea, among others. To the world premiere of three unique pieces of Giorgio Armani, Bulgari, and the furniture company were designed cartel – the entire proceeds from the sale of these unique pieces goes to one of the environmental organizations of the UN Ambassador DiCaprio.

gas remains in the offer

And in spite of the Corona-the shock, the Italians prove the new model is also a bit of Humor: The artificially generated driving sound, the E-cars as a pedestrian protection need to have, it doesn't sound 500e, such as is the case with many of our competitors for a starting space ship, but the little Fiat plays in driving slowly perk up an Italian waltz. The has style.

"to break With this model, a new Era for us," says Fiat CEO Olivier François. The decision to commit to it with the main model of the brand full electric mobility, is likely to make a real difference. Competitor to the Mini has missed this Chance, the BMW subsidiary has just launched an electric variant of the existing model, just like Opel with the Corsa or Peugeot with the 208. However, in the case of Fiat the announced step must be seen in relation to the new age: The Italians let the current 500 with a combustion engine in the offer – for an indefinite period of time. The courage to take big step was missing in the end.

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