Paludan rages: 'I am shocked'

"I am shocked. You don't care, that we try to adhere to the rules. You just want to avoid that firm get vælgererklæringer," says Rasmus Paludan. In a press

Paludan rages: 'I am shocked'

"I am shocked. You don't care, that we try to adhere to the rules. You just want to avoid that firm get vælgererklæringer," says Rasmus Paludan.

In a press release illuminating the Social and the Interior, that there is now action against firm' collection of vælgererklæringer after reasonable suspicion of a contravention. Thus, the ministry for the first time a new law is in use, which was adopted shortly after the elections. It has for purpose to stop circumvention of the rules around the collection of vælgererklæringer.

"the Minister recommends to the Valgnævnet to give a yellow card to the firm," writes social - and interior minister, Astrid Krag (S) in the press release.

the Ministry suspect the firm have written a number of e-mail addresses into vælgererklæringssystemet, as the party does not have consent to use.

From the press release, it also found that more than 9,000 of the approximately. 40.000 e-mail addresses, as the party in the course of a day have to be written into the system, are duplicates, which is registered more than once.

the Rasmus Paludan rejects, however, categorically, that the firm knowingly submitted the same emiladresse several times.

"It is not something we have done intentionally. I can not understand why the ministry does not just remove the duplicates. If we had been guided that we would have to remove the duplicates, then we had of course removed them," says Rasmus Paludan.

He believes that the error has occurred because the ministry has been a long time to get the system to work.

"When there are duplicates, it is probably because people have been frustrated that they haven't been sent a link of the ministry of the Interior," he says.

In the last election used the Rasmus Paludan a hole in the system, it was found by the bedrageridømte financier Klaus Riskær Pedersen. The loophole did that Rasmus Paludan, in record time, be able to collect enough vælgererklæringer that the firm could run for Parliament.

the Party was not elected, but with 66.093 votes receive firm an annual state grant of 1.473.874 crowns. The money has Rasmus Paludan among other things, used to organise public demonstrations and koranafbrændinger under heavy police protection.

the Rasmus Paludan recognizes that the firm took the 'Riskær-finten':

"We thought it was unfair that Riskær could take advantage of to collect statements on the way, and that is why we did it also. Now you have changed the system, so there are consequences, if you are using the Riskær-finten, and, therefore, do we now do everything possible to comply with the law," he says.

Under the law, an electoral board may decide on the firm' collection of vælgererklæringer must be put on pause. The ministry has set to valgnævnet that they do just that. And the view to the red card, do the Rasmus Paludan furious:

"It is devastating for democracy, if we are not allowed to collect vælgererklæringer," says Rasmus Paludan.

In a posting on Facebook redegører Astrid Kragh for the decision to refer the firm for Valgnævnet. She reports that 700 email addresses have been written into the vælgererklæringssystemet at least five times and that a single is entered more than 56 times.

'This is not about that I don't like about the Tight Course and Rasmus paludan's attitudes. All must of course be allowed to participate in the democracy. But no one should be allowed to dabble into a space on the ballot - it's our democracy too important,' she writes.

Valgnævnet has four members. The president is the supreme court justice Jens Peter Christensen.

In the first instance should the board take a position on the Tight Course' collection of vælgererklæringer must be put on pause, and if this is the case, they must take a position on whether it should be stopped completely.

Date Of Update: 10 December 2019, 11:00