Mie Højlund brands the ghosts of the past: 'It is so insanely difficult'

the ghosts of the Past can still lie and smolder in the back of the head. "I feel there is a little history behind our team, there may well be, and press,"

Mie Højlund brands the ghosts of the past: 'It is so insanely difficult'

the ghosts of the Past can still lie and smolder in the back of the head.

"I feel there is a little history behind our team, there may well be, and press," says Mie Højlund.

After the matches against Norway and the Netherlands Klavs Bruun Jørgensen italesat the mental.

That the team's biggest challenge lies in the head, and that in pressure situations can play as someone who does not believe in things. It can Mie Højlund nod in recognition.

"When, for example, loses a match, there may well come some well-known emotions up in one, which goes to press a little. My feeling has been that some of the struggles we have gone in to, there are the emotions sprung up in a, and there is a little uncertainty and a lack of self-confidence. When one lacks it, lacks one small last thing as putting the ball in the box," says Mie Højlund.

She can only speak for themselves, and in the finals she was with for the last year in relation to the history, she is articulate. The finals, which offered a good start followed by a bad streak and a tough period of time.

"There really was some matches, as set out in, and which you still remember. The feeling when you come home at the hotel and just sit as a team and are disappointed and bored of it, can we just know with the same. There are many feelings one takes from one's past," explains Mie Højlund.

One of the matches was against Serbia. The opponent, who is waiting in the crucial mellemrunde-match on Wednesday morning, Danish time.

Unfortunately - seen with Danish glasses - it was in the first place, not in a good way, to the battle set itself, and therefore is revanchetørsten big.

"I remember it as a frustrating battle, where there was just...," says Mie Højlund, who would then take a deep breath and a short pause, as she remembers back at last year's european championship defeat, before she continues:

"It is indeed a struggle, I could just have the desire to displace. We remember it still, and it is still in the mind. We should just have turned it to be motivation. Now we sateme beat Serbia," says Mie Højlund with a smile.

There is no doubt about what is at stake. Either with her or the rest of the team. The winner, Denmark, is the national team still in game for a place in the OLYMPICS-qualification.

they Lose, it's goodbye and thank you to this year's WORLD cup, just like that, in that case also do not need to be booked ticket and hotel to Tokyo in 2020.

"It would be unbearable. Now is not the OLYMPICS so often, and it has just been something we all have looked forward to and hoped would happen. It was one of the biggest goals we had when we came in for the finals. To get an OLYMPICS-qualification, so there is just so much to play for in this here fight," says Mie Højlund.

Through the entire tournament has been talked about, that the team has moved. At the WORLD cup, Denmark has sent the defending world champions out like it has been for a victory over the Netherlands.

Anyway can Klavs Bruun Jørgensen's crew end up in a situation where they are travelling home empty handed. That the team ended up in the situation, regret, Mie Højlund.

"I think first and foremost, that it is our own fault hundred percent, that we are not in a semi-final. The only thing we can be bitter on is ourselves. We've had all the chances, and we've had the team in years to beat the big. Before we went to the WORLD cup, we were unfortunate addition to our pool, and we are paired with the...how strong the teams we have had to meet. But right pt, we could have beaten them all, and it's just too bad we are not better off," says Mie Højlund.

Denmark has lost on the small things are just slightly 'too bad', and it is here, it's mental enough to have the game check. A little too much also, but it is a task that can't be solved just like that.

"It is so insanely difficult, even if you want to do it well and would like to be on it mentally right place, it is not always, it can be done. It is hard to know what to work on," says Mie Højlund, who, together with the national team has the OLYMPICS-the fate in their own hands.

"It would mean everything to get by. Ever since I can remember, I've had a big dream to get to the OLYMPICS. I think much of it, we have shown this year has been good. Many of the things we have been able to screw on the has also been our own game. So I feel we would be ready for the OLYMPICS and can offer insanely much. Then it will just frustrate me so insanely much, if we do not get the ticket," says landsholdsstjernen.

Updated Date: 10 December 2019, 13:00

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