Brandingekspert: 'She future job opportunities are endless'

"Another time Caroline got delivered proof that she is thinking more commercially than most of the other Danish top athletes," says Thomas Badura, who is the

Brandingekspert: 'She future job opportunities are endless'

"Another time Caroline got delivered proof that she is thinking more commercially than most of the other Danish top athletes," says Thomas Badura, who is the director of the media-buying agency SponsorPeople, to B. T. and adds:

"the News was launched directly on american morning tv. It was no coincidence. You can say that she has understood the gamete. There comes a time when she probably decides to settle in the UNITED states, and where sponsormarkedet is the world's largest."

The recognized researcher in the economics of sport and the branding of Kenneth Cortsen gives Thomas Badura right.

"She future job opportunities are endless. I understand perfectly that she immediately after his retirement involving himself in a rheumatoid arthritis project. It is a a disease, she is hit hard by, and which she therefore wants to help to minimise the impact of," says Kenneth Cortsen, who believes that the soon former Danish tennis player has much more to offer:

"She has been number one in the world, won a grand slam tournament and earned lots of money. I am convinced that she will be the perfect counselor to the future stars."

Kenneth Cortsen has in the past collaborated with the Swedish golfer Annika Sorenstam.

"After she set the career, extended her brand by becoming a kind of ambassador for his sport. Among other things, she began to design golf courses, just as she established its own training academy. With all the money, as Wozniacki has conceded in his career (up to half a billion Danish kroner, ed.), will her options for something similar certainly be present," says Kenneth Cortsen.

He can not imagine that Caroline Wozniacki after tenniskarrieren end up inactive on the couch in his home on Fischer Island in Miami.

"not at all. She is a driftigt man, so there must be something exciting. Maybe it could be interesting to do as Annika Sorenstam, who made his own tøjserie. Wozniacki has for many years had a close cooperation with Stella McCartney, which as you know has designed her Adidas-suits," says Kenneth Cortsen.

Caroline She former coach Michael Mortensen can also imagine that she will continue cooperation with Adidas.

"All doors are open for Caroline. She is a versatile woman. However, since she always had Adidas as a sponsor, there is between them a very special connection. As I understand it, goes to Caroline after his career started with his rheumatoid arthritis-project, and she has good plans for the baby shower, it can easily be imagined, that she, in a few years is pulling the plug publicly," says Michael Mortensen.

Previously retired tennis players ended up as either a coach or a tv commentator.

"Caroline has, as far as I know, no trænerambitioner. In return, I can easily see her both as a commentator and semi-actor," says Michael Mortensen, who, according to its own pointer was employed as a commentator on the television channel Eurosport.

His former partner on the Danish Davis Cup team Peter Bastiansen is in periods tenniskommentator on the TV 2 Sport.

"Caroline has a high star in the UNITED states. So I wonder if ESPN in the US Open, where she has previously been in two finals, will ask her if she would like to participate in their coverage," says Peter Bastiansen.

He believes, however, that there is a risk that Caroline Wozniacki will come to regret his decision to stop his career for January.

"She is only 29 years old and could be evaluated on her immediate spillemæssige level well have been two to three seasons more. I don't think she has been 100 percent in comparison to the life that awaits her. There is a risk that she fall into a big vacuum (vacuum, red.). I know it from myself. It is a difficult time, you go into the meeting and there are some things that need to be processed. She has never dealt with anything other than tennis. It is in this sport, her identity lies. In terms of impact was her 2019-season disappointing. She has dropped down on the grass. The decision on retirement can be taken in the fear that she would be knocked even further down and thus in the arts of oblivion the dark," says Peter Bastiansen.

Prior to his retirement participant Caroline Wozniacki at the WTA-tournament ASB Classic in Auckland and the Australian Open in Melbourne, where she opvisningsturneringen "Kooyong Classic" also said yes to playing an exhibition match against Maria Sharapova.

Then there's a final task on the tennis court for Caroline Wozniacki. Thus, on Tuesday announced that she is 18. may in the Royal Arena in copenhagen must duel against her friend Serena Williams at an event that bears the title The Final One.

Date Of Update: 10 December 2019, 13:00