Economic SVP for the CO2-law in limbo

Only a "miracle" can prevent that the people will vote on the new climate policy of Switzerland. Christian Imark used the word random. His party, the SVP, con

Economic SVP for the CO2-law in limbo

Only a "miracle" can prevent that the people will vote on the new climate policy of Switzerland. Christian Imark used the word random. His party, the SVP, considers it quite unlikely that the Parliament will adjust to the new CO2 act in your best interests. One of the Central elements of the CO2 reduction target of 50 percent by 2030, compared with 1990, of which at least 30 percentage points in Germany, the remainder abroad. The SVP wants only a reduction of 40 percent, would remain uncertain whether the CO2-emissions In Switzerland or abroad to be saved.

Next week, the national Council bends over the template, adopted by the Council of States last fall. The small chamber had tightened the law in relation to the original version of the Federal Council's selective, for example with a ticket tax of between 30 and 120 francs. The preparatory Committee of the national Council has revised the package of the Council of States, in the meantime, and in some points, cut down to size.

"The law is so dominated socialist, the billion-Umverteilerei so aimlessly," says SVP-national Council of Christian Imark. Photo: Keystone

for example, the cantons have to 2026, three years later than the Council of States decided to defaults to set the heating compensation to climate - friendly Alternatives instead of Oil-and gas heaters. While the environmental groups keep the Nerfs to "completely incomprehensible", the SVP of the template, as before, to far.

In an overall assessment Imark comes to the conclusion: "The law is so dominated socialist, the billion-Umverteilerei so aimlessly that any way liberal-thinking people must be the hair." The de facto Oil and gas ban, about to be alone from a democratic political point of view, "highly sensitive". Cantons like Solothurn, which had decided not to include such a ban, would now be "punished by the Federal government". The Injured were older people, in particular, could not shake easily so 100’000 Swiss francs for thermal refurbishment and a new heating system from the Sleeves.

How much clout the SVP in the referendum battle develop can, depends on your potential allies. Imark is expecting support from the business community, including from the home owners Association, large Parts of the trade Association, most of the traffic associations, as well as the air travel.

"We will be making at the end of the debate, an overall assessment of the submission."Hans-Ulrich Bigler, Director of the industry Association

However, these circuits are still covered, such as requests to show. "We are for the time being, to contribute our interests in the parliamentary debate and at the end of the debate, an overall assessment of the template," says Hans-Ulrich Bigler, Director in the Swiss trades Association.

The Problem from the point of view of the SVP: The economic actors have some very specific interests that you want to see in the new law, covered or not. The automobile Club of Switzerland (ACS), for example, intends to limit the maximum possible fuel surcharge on 8 cents per Liter and not at 12, as it is planned. The airport of Zurich, in turn, holds a national ticket levy for a global Mobility support, as it seeks the Parliament, as "not constructive".

As in the case of the energy strategy 2050?

The individual sectors of the economy will have to think carefully about whether you want to pull to the side of the SVP in the popular vote, should be the advice for you to key points in your mind. The situation is reminiscent of the controversy surrounding the energy strategy 2050. The vote was three years ago, a deep crack in the economy. The trade Association for about supported the submission with the Argument that the Swiss company would benefit, because they could renewable energy systems and More energy efficiency plan and install.

opponents, however, to one of which was about the energy-intensive metal industry, warned that the energy strategy costs too much. And you leave open, such as security of supply after the gradual phase-out of nuclear power should be ensured. Economiesuisse refrained from in consequence of it, to take a Slogan.

And now, for the CO2-law does not want to specify the economic umbrella organisation, at least in the front hand. Though he supports the "ambitious strategic direction" of the template, but called a "business-friendly implementation." Crucial for the climate , says member of the management Board Kurt Lanz, but is, ultimately, an international planning and coordination. "Otherwise, our efforts are without results fizzle out." Switzerland, Lanz, should bring about an even stronger focus in the international discussion.

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