Aargau manufactures masks, prisoners produce disinfectant

In Switzerland, the call for more protective masks, getting louder and louder. After the German government adopted last week a ban on the export of the medical

Aargau manufactures masks, prisoners produce disinfectant

In Switzerland, the call for more protective masks, getting louder and louder. After the German government adopted last week a ban on the export of the medical protection material, and even a load on the way to Switzerland, the car has stopped, tense the situation on masks at least.

The Aargauer entrepreneurs Felix Schönle, whose factory in Rothrist dressings and medical textiles produced, reacted quickly to the pandemic, and already three weeks ago, a machine from China for the production of masks ordered. 80'000 US dollars, he decided to make the system cost, he says, at the request of CH Media. At the beginning of April, this should arrive in its operation. "The machine has a capacity of 140'000 masks per day," explains the owner. A production of seven days per week the machine is to be amortized quickly.

To sell at reasonable prices

Schönle don't want to Not make a big business. Be required on the online portals of up to 100 euros per piece, so the price at the time of Wernli AG is to be reasonable. "If we could get 20 cents per mask, it would be very good." The contractor will procure the Material for the manufacture of the masks in Europe: The fleece should come out of Germany, that the outer material from Hungary and the Czech Republic.

The company's boss does not want to serve with the production of protective masks last also to its customers. With a view to the future Schönle wants to maintain these very well. "Because the Wernli AG is one of those companies hit hard by a new European regulation for medical devices-products", writes CH Media. The European Medical Device Regulation is from the 26. In may of this year planned. For the Swiss manufacturer, the regulatory is a big Problem. So far, their products got the EU passport, if they were in this country a licence. Without a framework agreement with Brussels, the closure of the privileged access is threatened.


concerned That a Swiss company can supply starting in April again, protective masks, should be taken in the whole country with joy. Because the stock is shrinking. "We are dependent on deliveries from the near abroad, to our need for medical consumables to cover", is the response from the Lucerne cantonal hospital at the request of 20 minutes. The stock, although in the medium term, sufficient, long-term forecasts are difficult. We hope, however, that the Situation with regard to supply, relax.

The Situation also makes the Swiss dentists society (SSO) to Worry about. SSO-speaker Marco Tackenberg takes the ban on Exports of the German government's astonished to note. "The Blockade at the border makes it clear how dependent the Switzerland of imports," he says to "20 minutes". The protective material is in the dental office almost: "Individual practices from all parts of the country turn due to shortages of protective masks to us." Therefore, the SSO will recommend to their members, the use of masks on resources. "But without the protection of masks, the patient may not be treated," says Tackenberg.

What relates to the delivery with the stopped trucks from Germany, the Seco is in contact with Berlin. "We have to wait every hour on the reply of the German authorities. We want the Situation to be clarified as quickly as possible," explains Fabian Maienfisch, Deputy head of communication and spokesman of the state Secretariat for economic Affairs (Seco), on request of Tamedia. The fact is that on the last Friday of the Seco has the German Ambassador in Bern to an urgent meeting is called. Seco writes: "Switzerland is promptly and at a high level, the competent ministries in Berlin made representations. Furthermore, the Seco has been the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Bern on Friday, 6. March, invited to an interview in this matter. In these contacts, the German authorities were urged, in the blocked shipment immediately release."

New York attacks self help

Not only Wernli in Rothrist is taken Intuition for outbound protection. The U.S. state of New York, announced that prisoners are to produce a disinfectant for the hands, because they are based Overseas so slow and the prices to skyrocket. Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Monday at a media conference that the out of the prisons to stem the end of the "NYS Clean" was because of the scent and the alcohol content of 75 per cent better than conventional means. Cuomo said, moreover, that the prisons were capable of each week, 100'000 Gallons (approximately 378'541 liters) per week of the "NYS Clean" restore. A gallon (3,78 liters) costs 6 dollars (about 5,60 CHF).

The disinfectant will come, according to local media, in government offices, public transport, schools and prisons to the application. But it is not sold in the trade. It is unclear, how far the occupants are rewarded for their work. The average wage in the prisons is between 10 and 33 cents per hour. Currently 142 people on Coronavirus are in the state of New York, according to the Governor, infected, of which 19 persons living in the city.


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