How useful Cancellations of major events are?

the end of February, forbade the Federal Council in Switzerland, all events with more than 1000 participants. After a little wait, the neighbouring countries ar

How useful Cancellations of major events are?

the end of February, forbade the Federal Council in Switzerland, all events with more than 1000 participants. After a little wait, the neighbouring countries are now catching up slowly – according to the Swiss model. France ban on Sunday, all events with more than 1000 participants. And also, the German Minister of health recommended, at the weekend a cancellation for events with more than 1000 participants. In the Bundesliga it is now for the first time, mind games, Bayern, Germany, the recommendation from the Berlin of the prohibition à la Switzerland – a clear Plan with a clear criterion.

it can be seen However, scientifically, is not to assess the fee arrangements for the control of Coronavirus quite so clearly. Although large events mountains with many participants from different regions the risk that people infected with the new pathogen, and it in all directions to spread. But why is drawn the border of all 1000 participants?

Federal councillor Alain Berset said on 28. February, quite frankly, there is a certain arbitrariness in the Limit. Somewhere you have to specify a limit. The French health Minister Olivier Véran spoke of a symbolic Limits – France had previously set the limit at 5000 participants, and on Sunday, with Switzerland, the same pulled. The German Minister of health Spahn called again, his justification simply on France and Switzerland. It is understandable, if there is in Europe a uniform Size.

With the uniformity it was over on Tuesday fast, as the Austrian, Sebastian said Shortly, all events with more than 100 people in closed rooms and with more than 500 people Outdoor.

Other factors

None of these Figures appears in the guidelines of the world health organization or in the recommendations of authorities for infectious diseases, such as, for example, the German Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) in.

In addition, the number of visitors is only one among several factors, one of which depends on is, how big is the risk of infection at an event. The RKI on a number of other criteria. Under the question summarize: Who comes from where to make what? It is therefore crucial where the participants come from a high-risk area, or all of a Region, in which there was never a case? Also important: Be expected, many vulnerable people at the meeting?

It depends on the distance to

An impact on the risk, the nature of the venue has. In tight, enclosed, poorly ventilated areas, they can spread pathogens more easily than in places where it is possible to keep a distance from each other. But especially important is how the participants behave. How many other people you come how long, how near?

figuratively speaking, When Mr Kestenholz infected sitting on a meeting, he will be infected, perhaps chairs, some employees on the Neighbor. However, the chances are quite great that he infected all too many and you can identify these people quickly, and possibly quarantine. Kestenholz crashes in the crush of a public Party, he dances there, hugging others, shaking hands and leaving germs on all sorts of objects, he can infect a lot more people. It can also be very difficult to make the Infected then locate.

Japan: contagions in music clubs

currently, in the example of Japan. After major events because of the Coronavirus have been cancelled, have now been found of the smaller music clubs as a source of the spread. There is evidence that on live concerts in the area of Osaka in Restaurants, and tiny houses where Fans are crowded, the Virus had been spread, said the local government on Tuesday.

Osaka reported on the 27. February the first Coronavirus case. Last Sunday, there were already 55 Virus diseases, of which 49 on four small Music venues have decreased. The Infected are reported to be in the 30s and the 40s, and showed only minimal or no symptoms.

the spread of the Coronavirus limit, have closed the Japanese authorities not only major events will be prohibited, but also schools, Zoos, and theme parks. The traditional spring Sumo tournament takes place under the exclusion of spectators, as well as other sporting events.

factors influence

The German Robert Koch Institute makes it clear that the factors, whether a smaller event for virus dissemination and contributes, are a bit suggestible. So, under certain circumstances, potentially Infected or vulnerable people may be excluded from events. Good ventilation can reduce the risk of infection, as well as education and sufficient opportunities to wash hands or disinfect.

All of this should be taken into account when a decision is made whether an event is allowed, reduced in size, with conditions attached, or is cancelled. In Switzerland, this is currently in the hands of the cantons. The recommendations are all "events with lots of people cancel in close physical contact".

The organizers or Bands follow the majority, as a glance at the calendar of the ticket seller, shows that Starticket and Ticketcorner several events are cancelled until the middle of April, or for an indefinite period of data moved.

In many Clubs, the Party goes on, but you do not want to voluntarily close, make it difficult for the inlet, by registering your guests.

(Berit Uhlmann/anf/reuters)

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