A crisis to the parting of the SBB-heads

There was a media conference was like any other before, tried to SBB chief Andreas Meyer to normality. But that was not so. Because on the one hand, it was his

A crisis to the parting of the SBB-heads

There was a media conference was like any other before, tried to SBB chief Andreas Meyer to normality. But that was not so. Because on the one hand, it was his last major public appearance as CEO of the Federal. On the other hand, this appearance is overshadowed by a crisis, which urges his departure in the Background.

Noticeably in a good mood Meyer was still. Routinely, he spoke in German, French, Italian about the Coronavirus. And he could the crisis even Positive: Maybe there was a Chance, the topic of digitisation strengthened to tackle, he said in respect of some home-office arrangements. Until the very end, after an hour or so, and as he felt the 100. Got a question Corona made, noted to his displeasure.

"Oh, you know, it's always something," says Meyer, to the fact that his departure from the reporting of the Virus is covered. And it is indeed always something in the SBB. In his 13 years in office, there was a strike, staff-to-late-delivered Double-Decker, the cast pretty much any plan decisions that went in their pants, at the end of problems with the timeliness and again and again confrontations with the staff due to restructuring. Last year, a difficult one, marked by the tragic death of a train attendant and experience of lateness in Chen trains and driver shortage was for the SBB.

all of This has led to Meyer's work in his time as CEO to the media. In an Interview with this newspaper, he said last autumn that he'll miss at least the Sunday Newspapers, when he was chief of the SBB. On other occasions, for example, in a conversation with a publication of the engineer Association (VSLF), he spoke in detail about the role of the media, and criticized them sharply.

The outside view on his Work at the top of the SBB rail, and seems to move him. He expressly asked for in his last appearance about "the media concern" to Railways to the Federal government.

Less pay in the end

A theme, the Andreas Meyer during his term of office was accompanied, was the question about his salary and whether or not this was justified in the amount. 2019, Meyer was awarded nearly a Million francs, the payment of bonuses were reduced compared to last year, however, because not all of the company's objectives have been achieved. His salary Federal councillor Simonetta Sommaruga was a thorn in the eye. Accordingly, they wanted to shorten it. For Meyer not an issue: In an Interview with this newspaper Meyer in September, said: "In recent months, the salary cut I have not felt as appropriate."

It will have to show whether Vincent Ducrot will earn as Meyer's successor, is actually much less. Chairman of the Board Monika Ribar said in an Interview that the basic salary and the bonuses 800’000 Swiss francs, respectively. In addition, other payments, such as possible bullet holes in the pension Fund but. Max a Million is to be achieved. As Andreas Meyer in his years as a CEO, never a lot of it.

Emotional Boss

Not only was his last big public appearance was overshadowed by a Coronavirus, also its internal adoption had to be designed differently. Instead of the traditional management meeting last week was switched to a live stream. It was very emotional to-and-fro, as Meyer said.

"I'm an emotional person": SBB-a Chairman of the Board Monika Ribar, and Andreas Meyer. Photo: Keystone

A small Sample of this emotionality supplied Monika Ribar at the media conference itself: the Very end of your parting words to her failed short the voice, she got teary-eyed. "I'm an emotional person. And it could have been worse," says Ribar. They had worked very closely together, according to meet you this farewell.

What Meyer after 1. April will make is still unclear. One thing seems clear: With a degree of Composure he will be able to in the future, the Sunday Newspapers to read. And yet, he is nervous in the future, if, in his view, "the SBB-Bashing" is operated. Because after 13 years, the Federal government let him tracks also in the future, not cold.

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Updated Date: 10 March 2020, 23:01

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