The commander gives the all-clear

Xi Jinping visited for the first Time since the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus in the worst-affected city of Wuhan. In the metropolis in Central China, had b

The commander gives the all-clear

Xi Jinping visited for the first Time since the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus in the worst-affected city of Wuhan. In the metropolis in Central China, had been reported in December, the first cases. Images in the state media, Xi point on Tuesday during his visit to a hospital, and in the case of a video call with Doctors and patients. So far, only Prime Minister Li Keqiang traveled to the epicenter. He is considered to be relatively powerless in the political hierarchy. XI's visit to Wuhan is interpreted as a sign Beijing wants to, apparently, make it clear that it keeps the epidemic under control.

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sink Into the social media users shared the lead in most fast-censored posts a scene from a TV series, in which an Emperor from the Qing dynasty, receives the Council, only troops, when victory was already secure. President Xi Jinpings visit is also interpreted as a Signal to companies that have closed partially, their productions and shops. A next step will be the announcement of a new date for the people's Congress would be. The important political Meetings, which normally takes place at the beginning of March, had been postponed to the end of February until further notice.

China has reported once again this week, only a low increase in infections, even if the exact Numbers doubt. The authorities have repeatedly adapted to the counting method. Infected persons have no symptoms or a clinical diagnosis without test result will not be counted, for example, in the number of new infections are among. Regardless of a unique however, for some time downward trend in the disease figures. Only 19 new cases the government reported throughout the country between Monday and Tuesday. Only two of them outside of Wuhan. There are also 16 of the 17 newly reported fatalities died. The number of deaths in mainland China, is now 3136. In total were reported in China 80754 infections. Almost 60'000 patients were reportedly discharged from the hospital, 17'000 are to be treated.

The Chinese Embassy to warn Australian journalists that reports that the Virus came from China.

The trip, XI is also likely to be associated with developments abroad, where the Disease is rapidly on the rise. China's government has in the past few weeks, an unusual level of criticism and discontent to feel. The head of state, disappeared in February for a week almost completely from the Public. It was only when the improvement in the Situation, stressed the state media, the leadership role of the party leaders and the alleged efficiency of the Chinese system of government during the crisis.

In a speech at the beginning of February, the left to President Xi later post, said the party chief, he had given since the beginning of January "continuous oral and written instructions" and personally to the Isolation of Wuhan's arranged. The state media called the party leader at the weekend, the "commander of the entire Situation". The comparison with foreign countries plays an increasingly large role in the reporting.

Chinese remain angry

In a press conference last week, China's government had expressed, also, for the first Time at the highest level, the presumption is that the pathogen could not come from China. Also possible is the introduction from abroad, is all, said a spokesman for the foreign Ministry.

In Australia, sent to the Chinese Embassy warnings to journalists who had written the Virus had been discovered in China, and called it "highly irresponsible", a "politicization" of the crisis, and an assertion without any evidence.

In the population, there is also anger over the initial crisis management of the authorities. On Tuesday, a Chinese magazine published a report about a Doctor. She was one of the doctors, who had noticed the outbreak in Wuhan as the First, but then impeding the authorities had been. The piece was deleted after a few minutes, but by Thousands of Internet users are always re-copied and re-shared. Many people accuse the leadership to have to be late responding. In part, Beijing has been granted the even, but alone, the local government is to blame.

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Updated Date: 10 March 2020, 23:01

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