Stuttgart, Germany: Black lives matter-Demo, Corona-Protest look miserably | world

After the violent death of George Floyd of people demonstrating worldwide against racism. Also in Baden-Württemberg and Stuttgart, thousands gathered for peacef

Stuttgart, Germany: Black lives matter-Demo, Corona-Protest look miserably | world

After the violent death of George Floyd of people demonstrating worldwide against racism. Also in Baden-Württemberg and Stuttgart, thousands gathered for peaceful demonstrations.

Since the violent death of the African-American George Floyd the movement " Black lives matter arrived " in the Baden-Württemberg . In the capital Stuttgart (BW24* reported) and other cities demonstrated over 10,000 people against racism and hatred. The number of participants in the demonstrations in Baden-Württemberg exceeded the announced Figures, in part, by a multiple.

Stuttgart At the weekend Black lives matter" thousands of Anti-racism demonstrations to Baden-Württemberg , gathered in the framework of the movement ". The violent death of the African-American George Floyd had triggered a wave of outrage in the state capital, Stuttgart . Thus, the Unknown sprayed a Parking garage in Stuttgart to commemorate that with a George-Floyd-Graffiti.

In Stuttgart and other towns came in Baden-Württemberg on Saturday, thousands of people more the Anti-racism Demos , as previously announced. The "Black lives matter"protests set so that the Corona Demos in the shadows, which is currently taking place every weekend in Baden-Württemberg. The largest Demonstration against the Corona-regulation in the province, held this year in Leon , came on Sunday, only about 1,500 people.

the "Black lives matter": Demonstrations in Stuttgart and Baden-Württemberg as a silent Protest

The organizers announced the Anti-racism demonstrations to Baden-Württemberg , originally called the "Silent demonstrations" in. It was planned, the silent demonstrations without the Speeches, slogans and music, and to make only with Transparent and body language on the racism carefully. The protests under the motto " Black lives matter "(the Black life) and " Justice for George Floyd " (justice for George Floyd) were not, but still.

triggers for demonstrations to Baden-Württemberg was the violent death of George Floyd . The African-Americans died on March 25. May 2020 in the USA, after a police officer had knelt minutes long on his neck. Contrary to the original announcements, the " Black lives matter"Demo to Stuttgart , then, Talk, music, and Protests against racism and hatred. Participants of the Demonstration marched through the streets of the capital.

the "Black lives matter": 22-Year-old from Stuttgart starts in Baden-Württemberg, huge movement

The demonstrations to Baden-Württemberg began with the idea of a young woman from Stuttgart. the Nadia Asiamah logged in "Black lives matter"Demo in the state capital - planned initially as a "Silent Demo". "For me, it was not enough, if manaufSocial Media posts. You have more to do,“ said the 22-Year-old of the dpa. Initially, Asiamah was looking for, only about 20 supporters. It quickly turned out, however, that in Stuttgart significantly more people wanted to participate. The Stuttgart also received support from other cities in Baden-Württemberg. The city of Stuttgart served as a model for the other " Black lives matter "demonstrations in the province.

+ "Black Lives Matter" in Stuttgart: Demos go on the idea of the 22-year-old Nadia Asiamah back©Christoph Schmidt/dpa

In Stuttgart itself, about 700 people signed up originally to the protest action under the slogan " Black lives matter ". The police Stuttgart* reported, but thousands of protesters on the Palace square before Opera . In Mannheim, the number of participants exceeded the announced amount many times over. Instead of 1,000 people, about 6,000 took part in the Demonstration . In Karlsruhe, close to 3,000 people demonstrated under the Motto "Black lives matter" and also in other cities in Baden-Württemberg , thousands of people took to the streets - for example in Tübingen and Konstanz.

racism in Stuttgart, is still a big Problem: "for a Long series of discrimination"

after the " Black lives matter " is a social Problem, in Baden-Württemberg at an alarming rate currently is: Everyday racism. "I am standing here today because of the dream of Martin Luther King is not fulfilled," said one of the organizers, Lionel Njoya, to Stuttgart .

"[The violent death of George Floyd , the extreme right-wing acts in the hall and Hanau] are part of a long series of discrimination, right-wing Terror and racism . It is still an isolated case, if it happens all the time somewhere,“ asked Njoya. Him to meet racism in the train, in the media, on vacation or in the gym. "When you look at me as a subject and not as a representative of a group," asked Njoya.

Stuttgart: Groups abuse the "Black Lives Matter" and Demos as an excuse for violence

In Stuttgart the demonstrations under the Motto, " Black lives matter " a big concern for many, said a police spokesman on Sunday. The protests were, however, peaceful. In the evening, after the actual protest action, there was some between cases. Individual groups pelted the police in Stuttgart with objects and lit pyrotechnics.

In Stuttgart it already came at Pentecost to an incident, the state with the violent death of the African-American George Floyd in connection. A police operation in the Stuttgart city centre escalated when officials wanted to take a 18-Year-old with dark skin color are in custody.

The young previously, the police and a stabbing reported to have called. Later it turned out that the call was just a joke. As the police the 18-Year-olds in Stuttgart , they were surrounded by a furious crowd in. the Without the case, George Floyd would not have escalated the Situation such, said a spokesman for the police BW24*. the

*BW24 is part of the Ippen-Digital editors network.

Date Of Update: 08 June 2020, 09:35

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