Lufthansa aircraft, Starnberg is history: It is now on special grounds in Spain | Starnberg

The time of the "Starnberg" in the service of Lufthansa is over. The Airbus A 320 was made last week out of service. Whether there will ever be a machine with

Lufthansa aircraft, Starnberg is history: It is now on special grounds in Spain | Starnberg

The time of the "Starnberg" in the service of Lufthansa is over. The Airbus A 320 was made last week out of service. Whether there will ever be a machine with the baptismal name of the County town, is open, but not unlikely. It can take a long time.

Starnberg– The D-AIPP history: The Airbus A320-211 Lufthansa, had been baptized almost 30 years ago in the name of "Starnberg", has been placed at the end of last week, out of service and has lost his call sign. For the time being, the machine stands on a special site in Spain, but could well be scrapped in the foreseeable future. The decision is not made yet.

exactly 30 years Ago, on 22. In June 1990, had completed the D-AIPP its first flight. In October, the at the time brand was a new aircraft with 156 seats then in service, and in the presence of a large Delegation from Starnberg, Germany, under the leadership of the then mayor Thallmair Heribert been with sea water baptized. That planes get names of German cities, is in the case of Lufthansa (as in the case of the web) in the last 60 years of Tradition. Councillor Wolfgang Türk had given the mid-1980s, the impetus to apply for an aircraft-sponsorship.

Airbus has undergone in its relatively long service at Lufthansa almost 30 years, more than 50 000 take-offs and landings. Over the years the aircraft had been modernized on an ongoing basis. The D-AIPP this year retired, was known for a Long time. The Corona-crisis that has brought Lufthansa's in serious trouble, has to do with rather less.

the Last flight from Belgrade to Frankfurt

The "Starnberg" on broke on Friday to your will probably be the last flight – the last flight you had on the 8. March from Belgrade to Frankfurt. Actually stationed there, they stood for 10. March on the airport Berlin-Schönefeld. From there she was flown on Friday morning to Spain and switched on-the-go is your call sign – the sign of the outplacement of the fleet. The aim of the aerodrome of Teruel, was 200 kilometres to the East of Madrid. Teruel is no ordinary airport, because passengers will not be handled: It is the location of an aircraft recycling company and one of the locations where Airlines decommissioned temporarily decommissioned aircraft Park. There are also ten other Airbus of the same type, which has laid the Lufthansa at the time of the "Starnberg" to a standstill. Including the "Kaufbeuren", the "Münster", the "Deggendorf", the "Augsburg", the "Ludwigshafen am Rhein" and the "Troisdorf", as well as some nameless aircraft. All of the Airbus 320-211, 29 years of age or older. "The outplacement of the fleet was against the Background of the drawback of eco-efficiency and cost-effectiveness of these types of aircraft are liable to be decided. With this step, Lufthansa reduced its capacity to its hubs in Frankfurt and Munich“, said Dr. Jörg Waber, a spokesman for Lufthansa, compared to the Starnberger Merkur.

The Airline has also scrapped six of the giant Airbus Airbus A380, and the aircraft type A340-600 as well as five Boeing 747-400 (Jumbo). And further: "As with these machines, the procedure is not yet decided." So far, a sale had been made, in the case of the "Starnberg" in the eye, because the Airbus is maintained in good condition and a very good one and such machines are not rare for many years on other continents. For example, The "Landshut", the GSG 9 in the Operation "fire magic" on 18. October 1977 in Mogadishu was stormed and all the hostages of the terrorists had been freed, flew 15 years for Lufthansa, went on to work for six Airlines in the world and in 2008 in Brazil, after 38 years, was permanently shut down. Whether a sale of the eleven Airbus is due to the air travel crisis, an Option will show up. If it is sold, it is a different Callsign, and certainly not the name "Starnberg" get.

it Is one of the "Starnberg"?

the question Remains, whether there will be a "Starnberg". Lufthansa does not want to exclude: "in Principle, there is a Taufliste for future fleet additions, on the cities which had formerly a sponsorship. When a plane is baptized, it will be decided in the short term,“ says Waber. Examples of it, such as the "pastures". There was a 737-300 with the same name, which was retired in 2016. In the fall of 2019, a new Airbus A320-200 with the name "pastures in the upper Palatinate" in service. Some years are thus under normal conditions the rule, even if it's machines in the recent time due to a repainting of the Lufthansa-more Baptisms, also of the up to now nameless machines. After the Airline crisis due to more planes separating out and probably soon, no more new machines to purchase, it could take quite a while until there is again a "Starnberg".

In the city, the sponsorship had already been playing for years, not a big role. Although it is listed on the website as a sponsor, a scale model of the "Starnberg", however, was already gone, years ago, to break.

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