Peiting: Council gives the green light for the referendum to the Marie Heim-Neubau | Peiting

fire at will for all Peitinger citizens: For the citizens ' initiative for the construction of the Marian home on Bühlach the Peitinger municipal Council has g

Peiting: Council gives the green light for the referendum to the Marie Heim-Neubau | Peiting

fire at will for all Peitinger citizens: For the citizens ' initiative for the construction of the Marian home on Bühlach the Peitinger municipal Council has given the green light. To the date specified for the approved referendum: Sunday, 23. August – so in the midst of the summer holidays. Money for a phantom skeleton, there is not, however, by the municipality.

Peiting –Breathe a sigh of relief when the initiators of the citizens ' initiative with the title: "citizens voice for the construction of the new St. Mary's home on the slope of the terrain at the Bühlach". The town Council has voted unanimously for the referendum. Smaller formal error has been seen here. Much less agree to the body, however, is, as regards the assumption of costs for a Phantom structure. Twelve councillors voted after a detailed discussion in favour and twelve against. A stalemate – and thus rejected. A memorable Moment on this night, after all, more than a hundred visitors sitting in the stands.

Because Only with the help of such a phantom structure, the cubature allows for the citizens to lead, to decide by the end of August to the ballot box and about the planned projects. After all, the 9400 eligible to vote in Peiting. the would have made sure like a picture on the spot. .However, Whether the initiators are able to wuppen the cost of up to 25 000 euros – that seems to this point rather questionable.

reminder to the local councils: "Make it not too easy!"

"Make it not too easy!", Joseph Bell, one of the three appointed representatives for the citizens ' initiative, turned to the local councils. In his short time, he asked in the round, whether the municipality would approve a building of such cubature at the point, "if it was a private property and not a common Breakfast".

new building, 18 feet higher than the low-lying houses

After all, the residents of the adjacent residential area interfere to a size that you can encounter sure well. The planned building for the new Marie's home on the Bühlach is with a building height of twelve meters, in open terrain, no Zwergenbau and with these dimensions even 18 feet higher than the low-lying houses in the adjacent residential area on Bühlach. Bell speaks not only of the residents, but instead of a huge incision for all citizens. What to stay, was an "overwhelming total picture."

initiators had to scolding and name-calling insertion

Joseph Bell not missed it at this point to emphasize once more: Yes, it was Marie's home. But: no, the proposed location is unsuitable. Finally, the initiators of desire had scolding and insults need to plug it in. Especially in the social media, the topic was highly polarised. Easy-peasy would be posted here insults around. "It is sad, when I see the burns." Finally, the tone of the music, Bell says. "And some of them are there's something tone-deaf" – which, in turn, have been not in the sense of the initiators. Would criticized the construction project, not, however, supervised persons, bodies or associations. The joy that you can collect, despite the Corona, after all, 949 signatures had (852 required), seems to be there almost a bit clouded.

fear of the surface of the water

right now, Bell said, the stream would skip in the said area during rainfall, "the water runs over the road". Due to the sealing of more than 6000 square feet of space in the structurally severe slope of the terrain, the opponents of the new building, fearing a significant increase in the amount of water. "We don't want the adjacent houses regularly, the basement runs the full."

Stripped-down planning is of little solace

Bell spoke of a "massive intervention in the landscape" and set with regard to the immense construction costs in the structurally extremely difficult terrain, the question in the round: "this Is all still an ecologically and economically acceptable?" The decision for the construction of the act, "for 30, maybe 50 years," the site at the point. As to comfort, it is also a little over the fact that the AWO upper Bavaria, the future operator of Marie's home, which has evaporated, overall planning for eight residential units.

Because of the Peitinger Council was unanimously of the opinion, to explain the referendum to be admissible, it must now go within three months on the stage. The need for an appointment right in the middle of the summer holidays is set: It's mayor Peter East Rieder does not interfere. Every citizen will receive the documents for the absentee ballot in the Mail. In addition, some choice would set up local, are open on this day.

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Updated Date: 19 June 2020, 06:34

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