Comparison portal, finds out that rental rates will decrease slightly

Even if the rent cover in Berlin for new accounts is only in the last few months – the 18. June 2019, the date after which the Rents have been frozen is. And it

Comparison portal, finds out that rental rates will decrease slightly

Even if the rent cover in Berlin for new accounts is only in the last few months – the 18. June 2019, the date after which the Rents have been frozen is. And its full effects will unfold the cover until November, as the "daily mirror" reported. Because then he's forcing landlords "for the reduction of Rents of existing contracts in the portfolio," it says in the sheet. This will make hundreds of thousands.

425 Display received

This is still music of the future, but right now, there are reported results. The twelve district offices in Berlin collected until the end of may 425 Ad and notes to a violation of the Rent cap. As the Senate administration for city informed development and Housing, based 270 on the Show the Rent freeze, which applies since the entry into force of the law at the end of February.

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In 105 cases, it has been after complaints in connection with the obligation by the landlord. 44 Displaying the applicable relevant upper limits in the case of re-letting, at six to see the first starting in November, a possible reduction of excessive Rent.

decreased rental rates and less removals

know The consequences of the law for the housing market, estate agent associations and rental portals already, it is said in the "daily mirror". According to the Pay less removals would take place, because there is offered a reduction in the number of apartment. The digital housing intermediary "Immobilien scout" 've found out that the rental rates dropped by two percent.

Whether or not the observed Trends are directly related to the Rent cap, is among experts controversial. Prior to the introduction of the lid in February 2020, the Rent in 2019 fell for the first time after a decade, the report said. In addition, the Corona-crisis make the Move more complicated.

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actions before the high courts

complaints against the law to run in front of the Federal constitutional court and the Berlin constitutional court. So CDU and FDP members of the Bundestag, a standard control filed suit in Karlsruhe.

"I'm going to assume that the law the court will hold a judicial Review," said Katrin Lompscher, Senator for urban development and Housing. "The Rent cap is a reaction to the unfettered real estate market and at the same time, the Signal that the red-and-determined red-green Senate, and in the sense of the tenants of this city is." Which is hardly a tenant knows... Our PDF guide to inform you about your rights and obligations as a tenant and explains to brake the Rental price.To the PDF guide

the housing sector continued on criticism

Maren Kern, Head of the Verband Berlin-Brandenburgischer Wohnungsunternehmen, said: "The very low numbers of cases, show messages and violations of the rent cover: in Spite of reasonable doubt as to its constitutionality, the flat economy, of course, to the rule of law." In the Remaining applicable: "The provision of adequate housing in a tight market is achieved primarily with more new construction. Works better with cooperation instead of the front position.“

tenants Association full of praise

The managing Director of the Berlin tenants ' Association, Pure Wild, said the rent cover bring a noticeable relief for all tenants in Berlin. Rent increases have since the 18th century. June 2019, only occasionally given, not even by means of modernization. "The rent increases by the summer of 2019 were taken back - often grudgingly and under threats of dismissals - of the vast number of landlords."

According to an estimate of the tenant Association for landlords to keep up to 95 percent of the rent cover the law. "This has led to a discharge for the tenant, which is in terms of the social consequences of the Corona pandemic of a very high value," said Wild.

80 percent of the landlords ask for "Rent"

Apartment-seekers, who wanted to conclude a lease agreement, would however, often faced with difficult decisions. The tenants Association estimates that 80 percent of landlords required for new contracts, two Rent, a rent cover compliant rent and a higher the numbers, if the law is declared unconstitutional, or would expire. (Display)

apartments, houses and commercial objects.

here you will Find the right property

To be advised of the second rent, some of the associations according to the "daily mirror" to their members. Landlords suggest, therefore, that the to Rent, higher rent, if the law should be declared unconstitutional.

The tenants Association is holding this so-called shadow rental inadmissible, because in order for the tenant a, according to terms and conditions-right to unreasonable clause in the contract had been imposed on. Relevant country court judgments were missing but still.

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