Coronavirus/NRW: relaxations in June - these new rules apply | world

In NRW and Germany from June for more Coronavirus-relaxations. What prohibition soon in the Contact and in the leisure change: an Overview. From June it come

Coronavirus/NRW: relaxations in June - these new rules apply | world

In NRW and Germany from June for more Coronavirus-relaxations. What prohibition soon in the Contact and in the leisure change: an Overview.

From June it comes in North Rhine-Westphalia and Germany further loose during Coronavirus*. The voluntary Corona App is probably in the middle of June. Some of the Changes there are contact ban and contact restrictions .

Düsseldorf/Dortmund - The summer is announced with the month of June and North Rhine-Westphalia and Rest of Germany breathe in Coronavirus-crisis first of all, how* reported. The first Corona-wave seems to have died down. As Of Saturday (30. May) can look forward to people in North Rhine-Westphalia further loose (all NRW-article of*). And also in the Federal something is happening.

North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW)


17,93 million

state capital


Largest city


Some things are going to be in NRW again this week possible. From Thursday (28. May) to include all pre-school children in day-care . Two weeks ago (14. May) launched the gradual Opening of child care in day care centers in the Coronavirus-crisis .

Coronavirus-easing starting in June: a number of Changes in NRW

And also in sports and leisure sector can enjoy the inhabitants of the most populous country various loose . The exercise of sports with unavoidable body contact, and in confined spaces as of Saturday (30. May) will be allowed again.

In the children's, youth and Amateur area is allowed in Coronavirus-time the athletic competition. In addition, members of the sports clubs should be allowed in the changing rooms and sanitary facilities to use. In the summer, maybe not so frequented leisure institution also opens the indoor swimming pools .

relaxations during Coronavirus: sports in North Rhine-Westphalia is once again possible

Starting Saturday (30. May) come to the relaxation in spas, swimming pools, fun pools and other Wellness facilities. Of course only under a strict Coronavirus infection protection . How this should look in more Detail, it will show, probably, in the individual case.

Also trade fairs and congresses with any protection concepts and Participants limits for the people in NRW should be possible again.

Coronavirus-relaxations in the cultural sector: Some institutions may the gates

open the Good news for the theatres, cinemas, operas and concert houses . A visit is in the Wake of the Coronavirus-easing it is now again possible. But have to adjust the operator to create a so-called access concepts with a minimum distance and using folders . In the case of larger institutions, where the concepts do not attack directly, remains probably the 1. September orientation date for re-opening.

Ultimately, it may also be a limited operation in the youth, youth culture and youth social work , including holidays, leisure activities give.

prohibition of Contact and contact restrictions - these Coronavirus-relaxations in Germany

On a big easing the people in the whole of Germany from the 5. June set. Up to this point, the Coronavirus-induced contact ban applies . But what will change then in the contact restrictions ?

+ The Mask requirement will remain at certain locations during the Coronavirus. ©Mascha Brichta/dpa

Up to ten people should be allowed in private setting in public space meet. Furthermore, important is the minimum . So Meeting Outdoors are generally better. But it is also a gathering in well-ventilated rooms is allowed. In the Public of the minimum , as well as in certain places the mask of duty also apply to continue .

prohibition of Contact and contact restrictions: Thuringia surges ahead - NRW is consulting

Currently does not seem to be clear yet how long contact ban and contact restrictions continue to apply. In the space of 29, according to dpa. June as well as according to the proposal for a decision of the Federal government of the 5. July.

How do the States with the Coronavirus-rules ? the Thuringia wanted to, for example, from the 5. June on the contact ban and it is from all regional, and in case of need to claim. From Berlin it is said, however, that the extension of the contact constraints to a binding arrangement.

today, On Tuesday (26. May) advises the North Rhine Westphalia state Cabinet around Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) . Thereby, a procedure in the direction of further loosening (NRW-Live-Ticker for Coronavirus*)

Coronavirus-relaxations: Corona App to the middle of June

news, there are also the so-called Corona-Warnapp . To be available in mid-June in the App store available. With the Coronavirus-App the tracking of chains of Infection to be possible. Infected persons should submit their disease on a voluntary basis.

After that, would be informed of persons who have been in the proximity of the Infected ,. A prerequisite for the voluntary use of the App is, of course.

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

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