Car buying: What beginners car should pay attention to |

as soon As young people keep their driver's license in the hands of many novice on the first car of my own. What should you look for when buying? anyone Who k

Car buying: What beginners car should pay attention to |

as soon As young people keep their driver's license in the hands of many novice on the first car of my own. What should you look for when buying?

anyone Who keeps his driver's license fresh in his hands, thinking, possibly, already to the first car-buying. But usually the Budget is limited. Inexperienced drivers need to consider when Auto buying a few things.

After the driving schools may teach, and train*, will soon make a lot of young people your driver's license. Thus, the question after the first ride is for the novice home. When you purchase this lot must note.

tips for car-buying: Cheap cars can cause hidden costs

the question of The available Budget marks the beginning of the Considerations. The account much or less financial room for manoeuvre? Who can only invest a small amount, you should definitely potential costs concerns. Often, cheap vehicles are not in good shape. Repairs can be expensive. Better yet wait and save until you can afford to buy a Car that has at least a fresh main examination-plaque . It is a good indicator for a reasonable overall condition of the car.

Who does not see himself in the position to check the technical condition of the vehicle properly, for a lot of retailers offer or verifiers used car checks . In addition to the pure acquisition costs to consider other costs. In addition to insurance (see below) must, among other things, money for fuel , maintenance and road tax . Approval and signage costs. In addition, novice drivers should be especially in the case of adverts on Online portals, be careful, as they could fall on the Fake advertisements in* may.

tips for beginners: What type of vehicle is suitable?

The question of whether sports car or small car is not usually so extreme. But some of the Budget for used medium class cars or sports cars of older models. Instead of investing but the money in Prestige and PS, grab new drivers better to the not-too-lush-motorised vehicles and some newer vehicles. Currently new cars are even more convenient*. Popular such as Small and compact cars ; they also have the advantage that they are comparatively agile and clear.

in The car-buying has safety a top priority

The main criterion in the choice of vehicle should the aspect of the security . To include the essential safety features ABS and ESP . The Automatic braking system ABS , the car holds the brakes to steer, and is based on a commitment by the European automotive industry since 1. July 2004, on all vehicles less than 2.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight standard. For older vehicles, it was often available for a surcharge and there is, therefore, not always on Board.

For the electronic stability program ESP a installation mandatory for new cars since the end of 2014. Especially in the case of small cars there, ESP up to then only at extra cost, many buyers shied away from, but the cost at the time, the extra. Interested in purchasing an older Used should, therefore, look carefully in the equipment details . Just for novice drivers is ESP very helpful , because it can defuse many critical situations on the road. In an ESP System with ABS is always included.

While ABS and ESP, as well as at least two Airbags (driver and passenger) a Must-have for beginners, there are, depending on the Budget for more useful tools. Recommended about more Airbags , ideally the two sides - and head airbags. Also a conditioning is a good investment, as the attention is reduced in stuffy summer heat in the car quickly.

A major security detail for young drivers is certainly a working Smartphone connection , as well as a hands-free system. Such a System should at least phone calls will be upgradable , so that the driver comes first in the temptation, with the Smartphone on your ear.

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the Car insurance

the "dream car", is still one more hurdle: The

Car insurance

. Lack of driving experience and adverse Claims category item provide


. Cheaper it is for beginners, if you like the car

about the parents than the second-insure car

. Insurance a vehicle then, usually in a

more favorable damage freedom class

. In part, the accident-free years are taken into account, the moves of the driver's license-rookie previously, the parental car. Also, the accompanied Driving at the age of 17, and a completion of a driving safety training values, Car insurance companies often as a gain for the driving experience and provide discounts. Car manufacturers advertise regularly in order to beginners, in the context of leasing, the insurance included is offered.

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