Bad Kissingen: The nodule woman's

It's not good certainly, each and some have made their Anger already on the Internet portals air. However, there are rules for all road users. To comply with t

Bad Kissingen: The nodule woman's

It's not good certainly, each and some have made their Anger already on the Internet portals air. However, there are rules for all road users. To comply with these in Nüdlingen and Haard, has the municipal Council on 9. October 2018 decided to set up a municipal traffic monitoring for transport to introduce. Now the decision has been taken. Since mid-may, Nancy steel performs six hours of weekly checks at different times.

Mainly, the traffic monitoring is carried out in the main street of Nüdlingen, where many motorists Park their vehicle on the sidewalk. "This is very expensive," says Nancy Stahl, in an interview with this newspaper on the statutory provisions, which have been exacerbated in this year. 28. April, the new schedule of fines was published. Since then, the following applies: Keep the Sidewalk (up to three minutes) costs 50 Euro, even Park for 55 Euro. Also who is longer than three minutes at the bus stop (which is in principle allowed, provided there is no additional sign of the Absolute prohibition of Holding is placed), paid 55 Euro.

Particularly like Parking car drivers in addition to the left, i.e. against the direction of travel, or to close in front of or behind an intersection or confluence (that is, you keep five meters distance). "A lot of people make even three things wrong," steel experience after the first week. Then, however, punished only the most expensive violation. And it is not yet taken into account, that as well as no motorist in front of Bank, butcher or pastry shop in the main street is stuck with a Parking disc behind the windshield, as it would be required. The signage in the village (B287) the County Council as a traffic authority is responsible, is most respects studiously miss.

Especially bad the Parking was, according to the steel in the Schenk street, although there is a designated Parking space. Some incorrectly Parker made her Anger already on Facebook air. There you got then prompt the title of "Parking ticket woman", but "I can live with that," says the trained as a retail clerk. Or even physically addressed, it has not been reviled yet. Exciting the excuses, invent caught illegal Parkers, however. "A woman said she had only opened the gate to their property and to demand, why the eight minutes it lasted she said she had to put on shoes," says the inspector. Thus, the driver sat before behind the wheel, remained unclear.

If the disability is due to the wrong of Parker to big, must, Nancy, the police began to inform. Then it has itself no authority to Act because there is then a point in Flensburg for the wrong Parker and the penalty fee is no longer wanders into the municipal coffers.

has expired If someone has two Tickets on the windshield, be TÜV approved. Because that, too, must warn the lady from the EDP. As well as violations of cyclists. And also the municipality of part of a lot of walking, will not be spared.

reminders for non-payers of the municipality of sent. There, Nancy steel is regularly the proof photos, you must make use of each violation. They have, however, had already after two days, the feeling that there has been less violations. And "many find it is also good that now is monitored," says Nancy Stahl. You'll even often asked whether one is allowed to Park there.

control is important

The mayor Harald Hofmann is not surprising. Finally, the Council 2018 have argued for the introduction of the EDP, because of traffic jams and wrong Parker meetings in many of the citizens to again and again were. "Again and again, citizens have complained that their Garage was blocked or similar," recalls Hofmann. In the municipal Council, it had come at the time agreed that it is of little use, if an arrangement is not monitored. Therefore, we have opted for those checks on the part of the municipality.

On the question of why the implementation of the decision say and write almost 20 months, has taken, explains the head of the community, the first had to be the prerequisites. First of all, you have clarified whether you could assign the task to foreign. However, the surrounding communities are as Bad Bocklet and Bad Neustadt would have canceled all because you are already busy. Then someone had to not accept the administrative act, "something about the night". And in addition, says Hofmann, had been busy, how in the last few months with the subject of bypass, referendum and local elections.

the staff Also had to be found and trained. "We were lucky that Nancy steel was able to make the training even before Corona; now there is just even no more courses," says Hofmann. How and what will be punished, learned the new 450 Euro force in a two-week full-time training course with exam in Nuremberg, Germany. And as a "Uniform" has put the municipality Nüdlingen a light blue jacket with coat of arms. None have delayed the EDP artificially, the power of the mayor to demand. "He should be introduced by the end of 2019 and now it has become in the middle of may, that's ok". The colleague who does the editing in the administration has even read.

the information came in a timely manner

The mayor himself has not yet gotten any criticism. You have indicated in the Nüdlinger news finally, everyone on the new traffic monitoring. The revenue included in the budget, as in the case of municipalities the usual. Harald Hofmann makes it clear: "The traffic monitoring service is never arranged because of the money, since it deals exclusively with security." It could not do that, strollers or walkers have to Dodge, for example, on the worm, Erich, or in the hair the-road on the road just because motorists believe, you should't block half the Sidewalk.

the head of The community is safe, "he who has once paid for, will conform to the traffic signs, then will reduce also the comments and people will behave in a rule-compliant." He believes that in the long term, road users will Park there, where it is allowed. The municipal traffic monitoring service, however, will remain even if Nancy Stahl finds no violation or "holds back no more to it".

This article was written by Kerstin Väth

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