Bamberg: Bamberg road in Coburg

to The A73 good 60 kilometers in the direction of the North, and after 40 minutes and it's done - the route between Bamberg and Coburg. Valentino Lott, the new

Bamberg: Bamberg road in Coburg

to The A73 good 60 kilometers in the direction of the North, and after 40 minutes and it's done - the route between Bamberg and Coburg. Valentino Lott, the new season the head coach of the Basketball third League BBC Coburg, take this route almost every day. The Basketball is on the highway almost always the topic.

On Wednesday afternoon, the 28-year-old native of Bamberg, son of a U.S. American and a German mother, the car ride took time to explain to us his idea of the game and goals for next season. Even more to the basketball Detail is, if the Bamberg BBC group to Lott, last year's head coach and new Athletic Director Ulf formwork backer, as well as the players Timo Dippold and Sven Lorber to form a carpool. The five-seater, complete Jessica Miller, the new Coburg assistant coach, living in Bamberg, Germany, may.

To the minibus is not much missing there - especially when the goal of cooperation between the nine-time German Champions Brose Bamberg and the BBC is tied up in the near future. Already since last summer is whispered about a closer cooperation of the two clubs, at the latest after the Baunacher retirement as Brose farm team seems to be movement in the case. "It is logical that we have as the main sponsor in Coburg and Bamberg, of course, interest between the two clubs, a coordinated work is taking place," said Michael Stoschek, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Brose Bamberg on Tuesday.

talks about a collaboration didn't come last due to the fact Stalled, the team traded last perk to be management personnel. Johan Roijakkers inherited Roel Moors as a coach, Philipp Galewski Arne Dirks as managing Director. "The issue is on the table and is very important," says the BBC-coach Lott. "After this personnel Change, however, it is clear that we still have to wait a bit. But I'm sure that in the next few weeks, hopefully in the next few days, something is going to happen."

the BBC wants to not only educate

are Willing to both parties, it's just the framework of the partnership. For a second, "Baunach", that is to say a pure Brose training team, do not want to be the Coburg. The had repeated the BBC executives in the past few months, almost like a mantra. Coburg sets with his actors on the seal of "hungry" and "Franconian", but with the medium-term objective of "promotion to the ProA" is not only educational achievements.

Coburg service providers are about how the native of Bamberg, Christopher Wolf (25), Constantin Ebert (24) and Daniel Urbano (24, both of Würzburg), although still capable of development, but already the Status of "Talent". About this the Ex-Baunacher as Elias Baggette (18), Moritz Plescher (19) or Kay Bruhnke (19) - three potential dual-licensing candidates for Bamberg and Coburg have no doubt. Concrete in-game name is Lott uncommented, but reveals its General idea. "It would be helpful for us to have two, three players under 20 years that are likely to be in the League want. This could be with us on the ProB Level, and a maximum funded to develop," says Lott.

last season, the Coburg cooperated with the Bundesliga club Medi Bayreuth. The talents of Nico Wenzl, Jevon persch, nick, and John pitcher, were equipped with a dual license and is trained alternately in two clubs. Bayreuth coach Raoul Korner had promised more, though, as he revealed in an Interview on the club's website: "The cooperation with the BBC Coburg has proved itself to be a logistical and sporting terms as not useful."

From Coburg view Lott accounted for something positive and speak from valuable experience. "There are many factors which you cannot influence. Both clubs had large bad luck with injuries and had only nine players in the Training led to problems," says the 28-Year-old. "And in four to five trips per week, the time of 1:15 hours was problematic. The guys were at the end of the day, longer on the street than in the hall."

In the Franconian basketball halls Lott, who grew up in Walsdorf (Landkreis Bamberg) had, already in young years the most. The 1.82-Meter-man by all the power teams in delivery as Active in the youth program of Brose Bamberg - the leap into the professional sector remained to him but was denied. "The best Definition I've heard all about me as a player, was, 'wild 2' ( editor's note. d. Red: 2 is the Position of the Shooting Guards)," says Lott, grinning. In the meantime, he has hung his Sneakers on the nail, and the whole of the trainer existence decried.

a breakthrough in Thuringia

Already at the age of 19 years, Lott gained his first coaching experience in the women's team of SC Kemmern. "I eventually realized that I can bring with my kind of players and what I say and do is successful," explains Bamberger its early entry into the coaching field.

After high school, it moved to Lott to Vienna, where he studied two years business administration. His former Hobby, he lost something out of sight. "When I was back in Bamberg, I supervised a youth-Bayern selection, but to work professionally as a Trainer, I had not really on the screen," he says. Momentum Lotts coaching career came then, finally, in 2016, than the Bamberg Wolfgang Heyder and Florian took Well to the ambitious program of Rockets Gotha/Erfurt.

In Thuringia, was Lott asked to be the Jack of all trades: he coached the U14, U16, and the second team in the 2. Regional League, worked as a video coach with the "First" in the ProA and BBL active and corded even, in the meantime, even his shoes in the Regionalliga. His dedication remained 120 kilometers to the South is not hidden. Assured beginning of the last season of the BBC Coburg the services of Lott. As a Co-coach, he succeeded, first, John wonders. His job profile: "assistant plus". Since schA backer is clamped as the managing Director of the event service versatile, got a Lott already a lot of freedom in the training control.

schA backer and Jasikevicius

the benefit of the doubt, the soon to be owner of a B-proof of license is used on. The development of the Coburg region, the head coach Lott referred to as a "very organic". "For outsiders it may not have been a Surprise for the player for sure."

For Lott is ashamed backer, the remains of the BBC as the Athletic Director and assistant coach get, a real role model: "He is a very emotional coach, the players don't give 100 percent, so pitch in and can motivate you to do it again."

A quality that has Lotts in the second model, Sarunas Jasikevicius, the new coach of the Euroleague clubs FC Barcelona. The BBC Coach admired the Lithuanians, the particular wire to its stakeholders, and how quickly he has managed the Transition from the former European top player's top-class coach.

Known Jasikevicius has always been famous for its looks, the "killing" can. Has Lott in his Repertoire? "If you go through the photos there are of me on the side line, I would say, no," he says and adds, laughing: "But I can also be different."

The preparation of the BBC Coburg on the ProB-season 2020/21

The BBC Coburg has included the preparation for the expected mid-October launch at the end of the ProB of playing time already in June. After a few units strict, Corona pad, the Coburg basketball players are allowed to train as of this week with contact. "The joy was great. The guys are fired up to train again properly, finally, Basketball is a contact sport," says coach Valentino Lott. In addition to the currently two Basketball units, in the hall of the four condition, or force units per week for the BBC player still on the program. Due to the exceptionally long preparation phase, Lott and his assistant, Jessica Miller, and Ulf formwork backer would like to dose the load well and the team until mid-October, also the one or other day off or a long weekend treat. Christopher Wolf, Constantin Ebert, Daniel Urbano, Sven Lorber and Timo Dippold are under contract. The quintet is supplemented in the Training currently of Coburg youth players, former BBC actors and other guest players. The further personnel planning on the German positions strongly depend on the possible cooperation with Brose Bamberg. Contact the BBC managers are to continue with last year's import players, Princeton Onwas and Tidjan Keita. The Coburg would not work together with both find, Lott expects but on the complexity of the game market in the Corona of the year with a timely decision.

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