A subscription trap mobile: The dirty Tricks of the third-party provider – so you get your money

As the O2 customer Beate Sandey on your account looked at, it must be fallen from the clouds. Overall, you should pay 982,07 Euro for third-party services. Incl

A subscription trap mobile: The dirty Tricks of the third-party provider – so you get your money

As the O2 customer Beate Sandey on your account looked at, it must be fallen from the clouds. Overall, you should pay 982,07 Euro for third-party services. Including well-known companies such as Dimoco, Docomo and Mocopay were in this context. In a single month Sandey is supposed to have 93 Times the subscription "Now we" cook concluded. Total price: 464,07 Euro. The O2 customer sat in the subscription trap. The reaction of O2: received First, the customer reminders and, later, the provider blocked the connection, according to the Stiftung Warentest. The 57 protested-Year-old: "I have nothing to subscribe to."

another fatal case, a reader of inside digital, whose daughter walked into a subscription trap describes. The wireless service provider clear your mobile asked you three times in a row 4,99 Euro. The family disagreed with the alleged subscription, since no services were used. From the subscription trap a legal dispute. In this case, it was alleged subscriptions from providers such as Pink Mobile, Liberty Mobile and Vascom, which have their seats in abroad. All providers are not blank sheets, but rather for their subscription known.

a subscription trap and rip-off of: mobile operators earn, with

these are just two of countless cases. So-and-So similar were cheated on in the past few years, hundreds of thousands of customers of third-party and rip you off. A study commissioned by the Federal Ministry of justice, showed, already in 2016, that one in every eight mobile phone users has already become victim of a dubious third-party. The Insidious thing about the rip-stitch: The mobile phone providers looked only and did mostly nothing.

The reason why Vodafone, O2, clear, mobile and co. most do nothing and only on the third-party references is as easy as questionable: The mobile service provider and earn in the shops of the third-party provider. How? You buy the third-party provider of these services and the subscription at a much higher price to their clients. Ultimately, the third earn provider and mobile network provider, usually in equal Parts to the mobile phone subscriptions.

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In the case of these mobile phone providers, there are most of the complaints

In the past year, the Foundation received test were good 2.350 complaints. The majority came from customers of Mobilcom-Debitel, clearly mobile, and Vodafone. But also customers from Telefónica and Deutsche Telekom have contacted the consumer protection organization.

provider of silence

third, The editorial staff has always asked providers such as cloud cover, the Net Mobile AG, Dimoco or to Docomo's third Digital to an opinion, without success. Questions regarding a subscription confirmation via Button or SMS, or why you rip off the third-party Status, taking advantage, and customers remained, all of them unanswered to this day. Also explanations of how the alleged customer unlawfully or erroneously fed money recovered, there was no.

Artem Sandler Inside phone How the System works subscription trap?

The offers of such third-party rich from music or film downloads, online games and horoscopes, and even animated Emojis for WhatsApp, you can't use in the end anyway. It is an accidental tap on an ad banner and you're in the subscription trap is often sufficient.

The procedure is usually always the Same: third-party provide the user with a completed subscription in the account and inform him via SMS. The same time you get a SMS from your mobile operator that confirms the mobile phone subscription once again. The message of the third-party usually contains a phone number or a Link to a page on the Internet. So, you can cancel the subscription directly to the phone relatively easily and quickly. That this is so easy, takes a lot of Sacrifice, the horrors. You pay a few euros teaching money and not pursue it further, since they are glad to be the subscription of los.

The current legal situation since February 2020

But since 1. February 2020, the following applies: the customer should have purchased via their mobile phone bill, only pay for what you Smartphone really. Thus, the time of the subscription trap is supposed to be on the phone in the past. Telekom, Telefónica, Vodafone and co. need to make mobile payments safer and above all more transparent. This has prescribed to you, the Federal network Agency.

In Detail, it looks like this: you Buy something at a third-party provider on the Internet, you must redirect your mobile provider, you on its own website. Only here you then completes the purchase by clicking on a Button with a unique inscription, such as "place order". Although this level of transparency requires the law (section 312j of the Civil code) already for a Long time. However, it is only since February, in the regulations of the Federal network Agency.

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mobile operators have to refund the money without hesitation

if you do get a subscription to a third-party involuntarily on your invoice, you must pay your provider after a claim, your money up to an amount of 50 euros, "non-bureaucratic" back. Justify you have to your claim for example, if a child has ordered your mobile phone something. And a minor child may enter without the consent or approval of the parents, any contract of sale.

a subscription trap mobile: The can Affected do

it Should happen in spite of the law, that you will find a subscription to a third party on your account, you should react immediately. Have you ordered anything, you should pay in any case. You should the subscription not to cancel, after all, you have nothing to be aware of. Rather, you should the third-party provider (here is one of Congstar-provided list of many companies) is to deny that a contract came and all of the money back. In addition, you should contact your mobile provider. He must care for complaints. A pattern for the objection to, a phone bill you can find, for example, on the website of the consumer protection or the Foundation goods test.

with The mobile provider, the phone will invoice up to eight weeks after the delivery of the Invoice object to. While you can also by E-Mail. However, we recommend that the complaint by registered letter to send with a return receipt. Without a return receipt, it may happen that the revocation by the mobile service provider will not be considered further and "forgotten" the device.

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third-party ads

Says the mobile provider of the credit within two weeks, you can the whole of the debited invoice amount from your Bank back. Transfer only the amount for the actual phone costs, less the money for the subscriptions of the third-party provider.

you're falling into a subscription trap, you should view the third party for fraud with the police and with the Federal network Agency. Thus, these companies will be put out of business - if you would like to call this the bad approach, because as a craft.

third-party set-up lock

you've fallen once already in the subscription trap and want to prevent this in the future, you can let third-party with a so-called third-party lock of your mobile provider to lock. This works by calling the respective customer service Hotline, or online at the respective Service side of your provider, and is free of charge.

This article was written by Blasius Kawalkowski

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