Fans will soon need four subscriptions? What you to Poker for Bundesliga rights need to know

the News Ticker for 1. and 2. League - Schalke-Boss-cutter is called a "hardship application" a "is equal to own-goal" On this Monday the most valuab

Fans will soon need four subscriptions? What you to Poker for Bundesliga rights need to know
  • News Ticker for 1. and 2. League - Schalke-Boss-cutter is called a "hardship application" a "is equal to own-goal"

On this Monday the most valuable weeks of the Bundesliga start. Due to the Corona-crisis in order to six weeks suspended the auction of the media rights launches and you want to rinse from 2021 to billions more in the coffers.

What will be sold?

The German football League (DFL) has launched a tender for the media rights for the seasons from 2021/2022 to 2024/2025. For sale seven audio-visual in the first place Live-right packages and seven time-shifted right packages. For the first time, the rights for Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Alto Adige are awarded.

The League for saving price with Sky Ticket (display)

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To INFORM how much money is it?

The last auction yielded 4.64 billion euros for four seasons. In the upcoming season will be distributed - due to an increase in each season of around 1.36 billion Euro. The League wants to hold this annual level over the next four years, the new contract is almost 20 percent more. DFL managing Director Christian Seifert said: "growth is possible." A further increase of more than 80 percent, as four years ago, holds Seifert, however, is "very unlikely". imago images/Sven Simon of The channel "Sky" currently holds the largest rights-package of the Bundesliga,

What are the most valuable rights?

most of The money earned by the League in the Payment area, which accounts for about 80 percent of the revenue. To include the four - instead of five - Live-packets of the new call for Pay-provider, three on Saturday: the conference (A) 15.30-clock-games (B) and the Top games at 18.30 (C). The fourth package includes the games on Friday and Sunday (D).

it May be that the Fans need soon several subscriptions?

In the extreme case, four subscriptions are necessary to be able to all of the games live, and the conference to see. "Theoretically, this is possible", said Holger Blask, the DFL's Director of audio-visual rights. Wished the is not, as a result of the cartel office, coordinated regulations, but a possibility. Seifert said: "We have it in Parts, even in the Hand, but not completely." Put simply, The company that provides for a package of the most, gets it. imago images/MIS Need Fans soon to be four subscriptions to watch the Bundesliga?

What are the effects of the Corona-crisis?

Pay companies like Sky and DAZN suffer from a lack of Live sports. Nevertheless, Mainz, Executive Board, Jan Lehmann in a Video said conference of the "next media.Hamburg": "I can't imagine that the big companies that are ultimately behind it, that make your decisions, whether you buy or what price you can buy the rights of this short-term developments, such as the Corona-crisis-dependent." The DFL has not moved according to its own statement, in consultation with the interested parties, the auction still further to the rear.

What is the Bundesliga?

most of The clubs are expecting more money, but more providers reject you. The revealed in January, a Reuters survey, in the League. "A possible further increase in revenue should not lead simultaneously to the loss of numerous football fans, because for example, you can track only with the completion of three subscriptions, all of the League games," said Oliver Mintzlaff, Chairman of the Board at RB Leipzig.

Who is particularly under pressure?

especially for the Sky, for years the most important Partner and financier of the League, starts on Monday, the hot Phase. After the loss of the TV rights to the Champions League, "are you naked", as put by Bayern Boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. "That puts you at dramatically under pressure." The Sportfive Manager Nikolaus von Doetinchem, said: "Without a Bundesliga Sky does not exist."

The Pay-was it at last: "the Sky is the number 1 for all sports fans – today and in the future. This is based on exclusive sports rights. As in the past, we are going to optimally imago images/Team-2 prepared in the upcoming tender." The DAZN-Team: Moderator Alex Schlüter and expert Ralph Gunesch (v. l.)

Who are the other interested parties?

especially DAZN, and Amazon, which are currently showing some games live, as Sky competitors. The Telekom bought the least expensive rights. It is also possible that RTL - bids as in the case of the Europa League - for its streaming offering TV Now or in the Springer Verlag, which pushes its offer "live". Recently, tenders of frequent Surprises.

What is there for the Fans without any additional payment?

From 2021 onwards, there are three additional Live matches in Free-TV for a total of nine. The two relegation matches between 1. and 2. League and the second League-kick-off are no longer exclusive to Pay-TV providers. Currently, three games are only League and Relegation between the 2. and 3. To see the League and the Supercup in the Free TV. imago images/area photo Amazon prime penetrates more and more in the sports rights market is a

There is also a new package (G) in the invitation to tender with 33 games of the 2. League on Saturday at 20.30. "It is not advertised explicitly for Free, but also," said DFL CEO Seifert. Here, Pay and Free - TV channels compete in the auction directly in competition.

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there Will be in the future, the "SportsCenter"?

A corresponding legal package in the tender. But that need not land again in the ARD. Also other broadcasters such as RTL will have the opportunity to buy the package I for the Höhpunkte summary on Saturday (18.30 PM).

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