Corona-crisis: Bavaria's universities are working on solutions for the tests - data guard has warning | Bavaria

This Semester is unusual for Bavaria's students: Due to the Corona-crisis, you will study mainly through the Internet. Also, the tests will be different than n

Corona-crisis: Bavaria's universities are working on solutions for the tests - data guard has warning | Bavaria

This Semester is unusual for Bavaria's students: Due to the Corona-crisis, you will study mainly through the Internet. Also, the tests will be different than normal run: Several variants are under discussion.

Not only schools are in Corona-the times of particular uncertainty - are to be held at Unis audits under the new requirements. Some universities want to hold their exams online. However, an intervention in the fundamental rights could be necessary. Here you will find the basic facts to the Coronavirus* and the Corona-News from Germany. We also offer them in a map, the current case numbers in Germany*. Currently there are the following recommendations to the Corona-protection measures*.
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Munich - It is a novelty for thousands of students: Because of the Corona-crisis* many tests will not take place at the end of the summer semester, as usual, in the lecture halls. Although that would be now with Hygiene and protection measures* is allowed again, many universities are looking for Alternatives.

"With great efforts on the part of the state Ministry and the universities" will work on solutions, says Andreas oven-Beck, spokesman of the Ministry of science: "Overall, it is important that practical rules will be found in the interests of the teachers and students, which is also the privacy and legal examination requirements be."

University exams in Corona-times: most of which is to be stored via alternate paths

the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München is working just . "We recommend that all faculties, wherever it is possible, no presence-tests to prevent," says Professor Oliver Jahraus, Vice-President of the LMU for the area of study and teaching. The state examinations have to take place. In the case of the other tests, however, he pleads for alternative solutions. A variant are digital test , which are stored at home.

"In the case of Online exams, it is very important to us that manipulation be restricted," says Jonas Federl of the students ' Council. According to Year there were different models. Help, for example, video recording during the test could . In addition, there is the so-called "Open-Book tests" : "In which it plays no role, what materials and tools used, because it's all about the transfer of power," says Jahraus.

University exams in Corona-hours: TU Munich relies on Online exams

the Technische Universität München Online exams place. "The vast majority of students are open to it," says spokesman Ulrich Marsch. To avoid fraud, are also a different design of the tasks and a control with camera recording in the conversation.

"in Principle, electronic checks can be a good way, as long as there is an Alternative," says Alexander Spears of the Student representation. A program that facial motion in the candidate and room recordings calls, however, he sees critical: "This is data privacy is a great intervention."

University exams in Corona-hours: University of Augsburg wants to offer classical exams

handled the Situation is Different in the University of Augsburg . "There is classical exams ," says spokesman Michael hall Mayer. "We will use all of the spaces, and possibly also rooms to rent." A sufficient distance should be ensured.

"There is a hygiene plan* for every room ," adds hall Mayer. Digital tests he considers to be not yet suitable for mass production: "it takes a good IT-equipment and the technology must work on all sides." In addition, the data protection issue was not resolved .

University exams in Corona-times: data protection officer refers to an intervention in fundamental rights

this is also the land Commissioner for data protection Thomas Petri's attention. "If with the camera, the room will be filmed, touches the inviolability of the apartment ," he explains. "For this intervention in the fundamental rights there is still no legal basis." University statutes will not be sufficient - it would need a government regulation .

Because, even if the student consent to the recordings, the data protection problems. "If there is no Alternative , it is the consent is not voluntary and is not effective." the students should have the choice. He would personally plead according to the current status for presence tests. "Currently, I don't see the need for remote testing," he says. In the case of digital tests, in turn, is important that the data will be treated confidential and there are unloading .

University exams in Corona-times: students should be able to submit services

universities want to search for one for all, fair and safe solution. "The students should have any disadvantages ," says Ulrich Marsch of the technical University. Anyone who can't demonstrate because of the lock downs, internships, against an Online test to decide or technical problems, must be able to the services submit .

"We want the students so far it's come," says Oliver Jahraus. "In many cases, set to offer the Option, tests to repeat ." He is optimistic to cope with the exams go well: "I am absolutely positively surprised by how well the switching to the Online mode in such a short period of time."

Like the schools, teaching during the pandemic planning in our News Ticker. Experts do not expect a second wave of Infection in Germany - a virologist Hendrik Streeck has even the hope of a partial immunity in the population. A study of the usefulness of the mask of duty comes to a clear result.

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Date Of Update: 09 June 2020, 20:33