Zverev makes always the same mistakes, rather than Polish its Image

By Jörg Allmeroth As Alexander Zverev almost a year ago, as a new client of the marketing Agency, Team8 was presented, would have been able to initiate the D

Zverev makes always the same mistakes, rather than Polish its Image

By Jörg Allmeroth

As Alexander Zverev almost a year ago, as a new client of the marketing Agency, Team8 was presented, would have been able to initiate the Deal is also a turning point. Zverev, the German professional tennis player with Champions League potential, fought for its steep climb in the world-class on a regular basis with image problems, and Controversies surrounding him and his adventures in a traveling circus, a lack of stock never. Liasion with Team8, the company, the Roger Federer and his Manager Tony Godsick had been formerly established, should also have a Zverevs and Act in the calmer waters bring, in the best possible way in and on the tracks of the relaxed Swiss Maestro. "Now I enter a new Phase of my career," said Zverev at the time. Where: The Back is only twelve months. Tip of the Sport-editorial office

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In August 2020, the balance sheet is, however, rather sobering. For Zverev, the controversial star player. But also for Team8 and top managers Godsick, one of the most influential heads in the Tennis-marketing business, the co-inventor of the Laver Cup. Last weekend was once again observed once, on what a different Due to the various main actors in this prominent partnership, especially in these challenging times are on the way. Federer, the part was commander-in-chief of Team8, and occasional Zverev-Protege, in a video clip of a sponsor - he surprised two Italian Teenage girls in her home country, which were reached during the lock downs to Internet celebrity, because they had plays on two roof balconies over the tennis balls on the course. It was one of the very rare appearances of the injured Federer in the last few months, well-timed, however, with the natural sympathy of the predicate provided.

Zverev remains a loser in the pandemic time

And Zverev? He would have been able to collect in these first August days also plus points. And, by providing on the edge of a show tournament in the South of France and to have his mistakes in the months of the Corona-crisis, known only in the sometimes unbridled Adriatic Tour of Novak Djokovic, then again as a crusher, a self-declared quarantine in his home in Monte Carlo. But Zverev did exactly the opposite. As the so-called "Ultimate Tennis Showdown" the question-and-answer-game was with a few members of the press on the misdeeds of the young German, ran away literally in front of the problems – and extended so that only the series of his irritating, immature performances. He remains a loser of the pandemic period. Reuters/Scott Barbour/AAP/dpa Alexander Zverev

With the apology on a small stage could have been Zverev, the former ATP champion of the world, a lot of Trouble, if he will shortly take up allegedly at the tournaments in the USA. There, at the US Open and the preparatory Masters competition, Zverev are in addition to Djokovic, even more in the center of accusatory questions. Much of what Zverev would much prefer to speak, not least his obligation to the former Topmannes David Ferrer (Spain) in his coaching staff, is more likely to get in the Background.

Horrendous million claim is more in the room

This should also be Familiar Godsick, the Agency Boss, and Federer, don't like. Because Zverevs discipline faux pas of his dubious role as a very free-floating Artist, fall back on the linear, energetic Americans. As always, you look Zverevs cooperation with reputable marketers also, it's not really pleasant for Team8: Either the group led by front man Godsick has no lasting influence on the 23-year-old Hamburger. Or Zverev is not adhering to the directives, or announcements of its management, with the he was, in fact, begun a year ago, in a bright future of breaking.

If Godsick and Zverev will be later this August for the first time in months back in the eye, provided that the tournaments in America actually go on the stage, it could go after the joy of reunion also to the prospects of the partnership. Not to forget: Godsick serves quasi as an estate administrator of the business relationship Zverev to Ex-Manager, Patricio Apey, it is authorized is, for example, a horrendous million claim in the previous action.

"A little more discipline would have done him good,"

Zverevs personnel castling the diligence of the workers, David Ferrer has a Surprise charm. Ferrer stands for virtues that they had not yet been brought to always and not necessarily with the German in connection with: Extreme discipline, unconditional will to win and passion in every second of a great Match, persistence in a rocky, but undeterred, pursued a career. "Wonderful," together, customize it with Ferrer, gave Zverev to Protocol, after they had recently completed a two-week test phase in Monte Carlo.

However, it had sounded similar, as Zverev had once committed a further Spanish grandmaster, Ex-world number one Juan Carlos Ferrero. But the togetherness was soon over, and later both parties beharkten then be persistent with your accusations. Zverev complained, Ferrero didn't want to make him a quiet, balanced player, "I can never be and will." And Ferrero brought his displeasure at a later stage to the point: "Zverev was three hours on the court, but he could afford a high-quality Training. There were protests, distractions, interruptions, and telephone calls. A bit more discipline would have done him good." Schalke Coach Wagner explains how he lead his team to the old success of PCP Schalke Coach Wagner wants to explains how he wants to lead his team to the old success


Date Of Update: 05 August 2020, 07:27

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