Without mom refugee Mohammad would be in the German bureaucracy jungle gone down

nightmares, images of violence, fear, mother and five brothers and sisters, mourning for the father - a lot of a burden and a burden on young, narrow shoulders.

Without mom refugee Mohammad would be in the German bureaucracy jungle gone down

nightmares, images of violence, fear, mother and five brothers and sisters, mourning for the father - a lot of a burden and a burden on young, narrow shoulders. The long agony of uncertainty whether Germany wants, whether he is allowed to stay. Five years ago, Mohammad fled as a minor refugee from the Terror of the Taliban from Kunduz. With many others he knew, some with tractors. "I was almost two months on the road, mostly on foot, it was very hard. I was broken, my shoes were broken. I was in pain," says Mohammad Nabizadeh. After Thousands of kilometers, and the great hardships he reached Bavaria, has no Luggage and more. He speaks not a word of German, a smattering of English.

5 years after Merkel's "We can do this": "Without mum I would not have done it"

Mohammad is 16, when his father tells him to escape quickly from Afghanistan, because the Taliban draw murdering, as the now young man told. "The Taliban took all the young, in order to go to war." His mother and siblings are looking for protection from Iran, living there until today, he cares for their safety. Mohammad comes via Iran, Turkey, in the boat across the Aegean to Greece. In the crowd, all of the backpacks are thrown overboard. Then Balkan Route, Southern Germany. In a Flüchtlingsbus it comes to North Rhine-Westphalia, the Bergisches Leichlingen near Cologne, Germany. The youth welfare office takes care of. The now 17-Year-old meets family Hariegel that supported him ever since.

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at the end of August 2015 Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) says the legendary phrase "We can do this". She means the inclusion and Integration of hundreds of thousands of refugees. Has Mohammad Packed it? After grueling years of hope and Fear, seems sure: Without the persistent help of Frauke Hariegel - a mother of two sons in Mohammad's age - he would be in the authorities jungle and Jurisdictional confusion probably lost. "I couldn't have done it without them," says Mohammad. He calls you "mom," "sir," you but. "In Afghanistan, we say "you" to the parents, out of respect." And Mohammad is a grown "Mama" feast to the heart.

asylum claim: Mohammad's life in Germany is in two files

a few days Ago, he became 22 years old, acts attentive, polite, approachable, speaks good English. "The first words he learned here, were Waiting, and patience," stresses Frauke Hariegel. What the asylum application is submitted at the beginning of 2016 until the court decided on the deportation ban in April 2020, and the recently-arrived last BAMF-notification has played, is for a legal layman, difficult to comprehend. That it took both a lot of strength, is obvious.

After the first hearing at the beginning of 2017, the Federal office for Migration and refugees (BAMF) took me a year to rejection, explains the 51-Year-old. For Mohammad, a heavy psychological burden. He wasted away. "After the rejection, I've been on the phone like a lunatic and a lawyer in Bonn entrusted," says the Bank clerk. The lawyer filed a case at the Cologne administrative court. It went ahead. Mohammad finds another lawyer, seeking ban because of his weak state of health, a national Deportation. The court draws, Mohammad takes back his complaint against the BAMF-rejection. He and Frauke Hariegel both have a thick file folder. "His whole life in Germany is inside."

refugees: More than 42,000 unaccompanied minors come 2015 to Germany

At the peak of the refugee influx, 2015, and 2016 were also very many young unaccompanied Adolescents in Germany. This particularly vulnerable group falls under the child and youth welfare. The youth welfare offices have to take you in custody, a guardian is appointed. 2015 year according to the German youth Institute and the Federal statistical office, around 42 310 unaccompanied minors, 2016, nearly 44 950 alone refugee children and adolescents in the custody of the youth welfare offices to be taken. Thereafter, the number decreased sharply to around 22 490 in the year of 2017 and a 12-210 (2018). Up to the age of majority, your tolerance is provided, they are protected from deportation.

Not all of them will immediately make an asylum application. In 2015 there were more than 22 000 and 2016, almost 36 000 requests of unaccompanied Minors, such as from a Report of the German youth Institute also relying on the BAMF show. Starting in 2017, the number decreased significantly. Many young refugees came from Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan, as Mohammad.

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He and his courageous supporter currently waiting for the municipal immigration authority, in order to get the one-year residence permit in black and white. It must, then, be extended to twelve months. "Then I can find finally a home of their own. With my tolerance of six months nobody will give me a lease," says the 22-Year-old. If he has to stay in the expensive Leichlingen - in the official wording: a "residency requirement" has - or off-campus residence is allowed, decisions of the district government in Arnsberg, has to be communicated to the Hariegels. The family intervened in between, because Mohammad should move to far away, and Bochum.

Mohammad's biggest dream is a home of their own

The nervous strain to him. "Every day the question comes today, the letter, today there is a new decision?" At night, terrible images in my head, the constant worry, the old mother in Iran do not see each other again. The father had come four years ago, a violent death. The exact circumstances he does not know, his mother is silent on the phone. It is a torment to him. Often he can't eat, the energy is lacking then. "Is it bad that I have not done some things, I must be better." The main graduation, he has not Packed, but a very important English exam.

several times he had to change the property, currently lives with two other men in a room. The rent and his living, he self-financed, has been working for a few months at a wells construction company, feels very comfortable there, and now hopes soon his big dream - to realize their own apartment. Mohammad is glad to be in Germany. "I have no fear, the people are polite to me, even the police. I don't have to hide." German friends, but he has not. "Some of the foreigners make it here, strange things. Maybe many Germans, therefore, do not want contact with me?"

"anybody add to this people is unworthy of it"

the terrible experiences and mental stress block sometimes, understand you, says "Mama". There are already a lot of friction and hooks between the two of you, Mentality and cultural differences add to that. You want to take, that he is self-employed, opportunities. An internship with a painter, he has completed. From employment in the warehouse and in the case of a tiler, no longer inserts have become. A clever head, but you do not know sometimes what the previous to it. "I want him to keep at it, this is important for his future."

And to the Chancellor, saith commented on her husband André: "The state has the right of refugees to dismiss. But he must do it to make a reasoned decision within a reasonable time. Someone to hold and to uproot, is unworthy of man." Temperatures up to 37 degrees! After continuous rain Sahara heat comes back PCP temperatures up to 37 degrees! After continuous rain Sahara comes-heat-back


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