Coronavirus : lépidémie pass the milestone of 700 000 deaths in the world - The Point

The pandemic of sars coronavirus continues to wreak havoc. She has passed the bar of the 700 000 deaths in the world. In total, 700 489 deaths on 18 547 833 rep

Coronavirus : lépidémie pass the milestone of 700 000 deaths in the world - The Point

The pandemic of sars coronavirus continues to wreak havoc. She has passed the bar of the 700 000 deaths in the world. In total, 700 489 deaths on 18 547 833 reported cases have been identified in the world since the discovery of the pandemic in China in December, according to a count by Agence France-Presse Wednesday morning. Europe remains the region most affected, with 211 365 dead. Several cities have decided to impose the wearing of the mask. As of Wednesday, the mask will be mandatory, even outside in the busiest areas of Toulouse, in the south-west of France. It will be very shortly in Paris and other cities, authorities said. A similar measure comes into force Wednesday, in the famous Red light district of Amsterdam and in the districts of Rotterdam.

The number of deaths due to the Covid-19 has doubled since the 26 of may and 100 000 additional deaths were detected for a little less than three weeks. The nervousness seems to win, the French government so that the instance of scientist who the guide deems " highly likely that a second epidemic wave is observed in the fall or winter ". "The virus circulates more actively, with a loss accentuated measures of distance and measures barriers : the balance is fragile and we can switch at any time in a scenario, less controlled, as in Spain ", has warned the scientific council Tuesday. The irish government, for its part, decided to postpone the last phase of his déconfinement, which includes the reopening of all the pubs as well as bars and hotels. Ireland has also decided to make compulsory the wearing of masks in the stores and shopping centers from the 10th of August.

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"relentless Efforts"

in The United States, the president, Donald Trump has once again wanted to be resolutely optimistic, saying that " some indicators show that (their) relentless efforts to contain the virus are working very well in fact." The country has however recorded 1 302 new-related deaths Covid-19 in the past 24 hours, according to the last count of the Johns Hopkins university. The total now stands at over 156, 000 deaths.

Brazil, the second country most affected in the world, now has nearly 96 000 deaths. Argentina, for its part, announced record figures of 168 deaths and 6 792 infections in the past 24 hours, according to the ministry of Health. In the Philippines, more than 27 million people in Manila and four neighboring provinces, or about one-quarter of the population of the archipelago, have been reconfinées Tuesday with barely 24 hours notice.

The economy upset

The virus also continues to upset the global economy and cause chaos in the balance sheet and the projects of the companies. The airline Virgin Australia, a victim like many others of the collapse of the travel industry, announced Wednesday that it was closing one of its subsidiaries, and to remove 3,000 positions. The platform accommodation booking online announced on Tuesday that it would reduce up to a quarter of its global workforce, which currently amount to 17 500 people. The groups british Pizza Express and French Accor also announced 1,000 or more jobs each to survive the pandemic.

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As for the american giant Disney, whose activities in the amusement parks, cruises, events have plunged 85 % in the second quarter, it has decided to focus on the direct streaming of content to consumers. This will especially be the case of his much-anticipated blockbuster Mulan. In the United States, republicans and democrats continued on Tuesday their discussions to find an agreement on a new aid for the millions of unemployed Americans because of the Covid-19, but also for firms in difficulty and the local authorities.

The quest for a vaccine continues

efforts to find a vaccine is ongoing in parallel to the four corners of the world. The society of u.s. biotechnology Novavax, which has received $ 1.6 billion from Washington to develop a vaccine against the new coronavirus, announced Tuesday that its experimental vaccine had produced high levels of antibodies in a few dozens of volunteers. The world health Organization insisted on Tuesday on the need to respect the protocols and regulations in force in the development of a future vaccine, while Russia has promised "millions" of vaccines as early as 2021. "Any vaccine and any drug for this purpose must of course be subject to all of the various tests and trials before being approved for deployment," stressed the spokesman of the WHO's Christian Lindmeier, when asked about the ad Russian during a press conference in line.

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The nursing staff continues to pay a heavy toll to the disease. In South Africa, some 24 000 members of the health-care personnel have been infected by the new coronavirus since the start of the pandemic, and 181 are dead, announced Wednesday the minister of Health Zweli Mkwize. With more than 520 000 confirmed cases, including more than 8, 000 deaths, South Africa is the most affected country of the african continent.

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