We want to make Possible is possible: let's play!

the Start of the Playoffs in hockey, it was: moved. Football games in both the Super League and the Challenge League: also moved. And in the floorball , the s

We want to make Possible is possible: let's play!

the Start of the Playoffs in hockey, it was: moved. Football games in both the Super League and the Challenge League: also moved. And in the floorball , the second largest team sport in the country? The Playoff began last weekend in the national leagues, the men and women in spite of the outbreak of the Coronavirus and the prohibition of the Federal Council of major events, however, partly under the restrictions.

In the Canton of Elite and Junior matches of clubs, Alligator Malans Chur Unihockey and Piranha Chur were held in the Grisons, to the exclusion of the Public. In the Canton of Bern, all the spectators had to be recorded with name and address, and demonstrate that they not travelled in the last 14 days from an affected Covid-19-Region. How to go on but, once in Switzerland the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases is rising rapidly?

"The sense we question not

make" "We want to make Possible is possible: let's play!", had announced, the Central President of Swiss Unihockey, Daniel Bareiss, at an extraordinary national League meeting – those present followed his request, and the task force and decided that the game in all leagues continues. This task force, consisting of representatives of the Central Board, the Secretariat, the assessed Regional and national League and of the technical Commission, since the 28. February the Situation on an ongoing basis. She worked on several assumptions and scenarios. This go for the time being, until 15. March, because, as the Bareiss made it clear: "We Orient ourselves to the Confederation and the cantons, and the provisions issued. The sense we don't ask this question."

Specifically, this means that in a first Phase, only up to the date of reassessment of the situation by the Federal government is planned, since agility is standing in the first place. The Taskforce also published the basic attitude that the Sport come before Commerce. In the previous analysis, the authorities have recognised that there is a large inequality in the Clubs with respect to budget revenue from ticket sales and catering operation, especially during the Playoffs. This inequality could be cemented also by the differentiated Canton regulations.

Association thinks of financial support

Therefore, it was decided on Wednesday that the clubs are looking for solutions to commercial loss reduction play revenue from any Spirit to cover by means of solidarity projects in part. Whether this means in the concrete case, the formation of a solidarity Fund, was not communicated finally. However, the Bareiss has also signalled the willingness of the Association to provide financial support, as long as the clubs developed concepts.

Swiss floorball is treading a different path than the Swiss soccer or ice hockey Federation have to do. In addition to the decision to establish solidarity projects was also noted that the task force in individual cases is the responsibility of the Decision-making authority on the game implementation. A Team should not be allowed to play due to government regulations, makes the task force a proposal, whether and how the Situation can be athletic to be solved. This is also a reduction of the Playoff series to Best-of-5, Best-of-3 or Best-of-1 surrounds.

More games on TV?

On the weekend of the third Playoff round of the quarter-final series will initially be available, again with a TV game on Saturday at 17 o'clock on SRF2. "We need to understand the TV games as an opportunity for our sports. The SRF in its current location that the games are to be maintained," said Bareiss. The 52-Year-old language in addition to the members of the national League clubs and even the possibility of more games in the system of public broadcasting broadcast. The extent to which the Sport can sell Games without spectators and, accordingly, without sentiment and emotions in the hall on television, remains to be seen.

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Updated Date: 04 March 2020, 22:04

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