Ah bon, who's still alive?

Paris in the autumn, a Villa in the Park. "Re-warm", grumbles the film diva. What is meant is the tea, your personal assistant in the room has served. A servi

Ah bon, who's still alive?

Paris in the autumn, a Villa in the Park. "Re-warm", grumbles the film diva. What is meant is the tea, your personal assistant in the room has served. A servile journalists, the actress Ohhh, meanwhile, tells that the support of their newly released autobiography, 100'000 piece amounts to:"!!" In truth, there are 50'000. But then the daughter traveling with family from the USA and claimed: "All a lie!" Not a word of truth in these memoirs.

"La vérité", the title of the first French-speaking film the award-winning Japanese Hirozaku Kore-eda, sounds like a bad joke. But soon, the Director juggles clever between the sensitivities of a torn family. Juliette Binoche is snapped daughter, Catherine Deneuve the duration of the smoke at the end of pert the mother. And it is clear to whom the Show belongs to: Deneuve plays the noble beast is so good that you wonder secretly whether it is really so.

For the first Time together in front of the camera: Catherine Deneuve and Juliette Binoche in "La vérité". Photo: Cineworx

Venice in the autumn, a Hotel on the beach. Catherine Deneuve, icon of French cinema, wearing a thick bangle, smokes in the room naturally thin cigarettes ("my one extravagance") and drinks tea. "I love green tea with ginger. I need it during the day." No action, on the contrary: The actress looks relaxed, quick-witted, sometimes with some strange views. Whether you have a personal assistant like in the movie? "No, just a woman who takes care of my clothes, my hair and things like that."

memories of the dead sister

The special feature of "La vérité" is that of Deneuve embodied Fabienne is always reminded of her deceased sister, who was also an actress,. The learned Director Kore-eda from reality. Deneuve's sister, Françoise Dorleac, in the sixties, also in the film business. Both played main roles in films of Roman Polanski (international film festival in 1965 in "Repulsion", Dorleac, 1966, in "Cul-de-Sac"), both of which had Truffaut Affairs with François. But Dorleac died in 1967 after a car accident. Deneuve suffered for years including.

it Was difficult, after all the years of this to endure again? Deneuve pulls on her cigarette. "The Director never asked me for it, but I had already inserted my Veto, if he'd gone too far. In General, I do not look back, however reluctantly, the past is mine." Some of it is Autobiographical but seems to be stuck in this movie character? "Mais non. This Fabienne thinks and speaks always at the same time, she has absolutely no Filter. So, I'm not."

"Ten hours per day for the Film, that's enough."Catherine Deneuve

In "La vérité" it is not only a reminder, but also a question of how much a performer from a real life iPad, what you can be in your game flow. Deneuve lights up a more cigarette. "Film is a part of my life, but it is not my life. Also ...", she smiles, "ten hours per day for the Film – that's enough. You will not find?" In fact Catherine Deneuve has embodied since their debut in 1957 against 140 roles, with "Belle de Jour" by Luis Buñuel, you rose to icon. Also it is plays in "La vérité" of momentum, (with minor adjustments), for example, if a framed poster with the inscription "The Belle of Paris" is to be seen.

Would be a Film such as "Belle de Jour" still possible today? "No, because images would be published, leaked, and everywhere, you could not control," says Deneuve. In addition, it is in these social networks nowadays is quite difficult, even icons, to bring forth. Good point: In "La vérité" is once claimed, that in case of good Actresses of the pre - and surname with the same letter start. Claudia Cardinale, Anouk Aimée ... to the name of Brigitte Bardot, Fabienne wrinkling his nose at the other competitors, she says merely: "Ah bon, who's still alive?"

Pretty dry, too Deneuve replica is Bardot: "you said some pretty bad things about me. Maybe I should return the favor to me and to say something about your political views?" However, one should not forget: In the sixties, it was a question, indeed, a faith, whether you go to a movie with Brigitte Bardot or Deneuve. Today, the Diva openly admits: "Yes, I was jealous when other actors got better roles."

"of course I have attitude sometimes. But you must try always the cliché of "fire and ice"?"Catherine Deneuve

It is a Moment where the actress with their movie cover appears to be a figure almost equal, although Deneuve obviously tried to correct her self-image: "people think Oh, Yes, I was cold and distant. I'm very open. Sure, I have attitude sometimes. But you must try always the cliché of "fire and ice"?" The actress twisted the eyes.

to not write If it would be then time, itself an autobiography? "Mais non!" But you have already pre-spurt with a book ... – "you mean the Band "In my shadow"? The only diary entries I have made to some of the films. As I wrote at night, sometimes." But what speaks against your own memoirs? "I have no Desire. When writing an autobiography, you can't write only about your own films. People have incredible expectations of what relates to the privacy. I have decided, however, to talk about it."

Catherine Deneuve, and the #MeToo-vortex

That doesn't sound comprehensible, even if it is probably the whole truth. As the #MeToo debate two years ago, turned up in France, said Deneuve together with other women in a Petition in "Le Monde". Since then: "Persistent or awkward Flirting is not a crime, and a gallantry no chauvinist Aggression." And further: "men will be forced to terminate the contract, whose only crime it is, a knee touching or a kiss caught." The Signatories warned of the "climate of a totalitarian society".

That brought the #MeToo-Activists into a Rage; Deneuve was in the line of fire, to which she apologized in an open letter in the "Libération" for the Victims of sexual violence. A quiet nod to the fact can also be in "La vérité" to discover, when Fabienne tells the journalists once harsh rebuke: "This is a question I had answered but in the course of the "Liberation". You need to read only."

And what Deneuve says today? "I would not have thought that this would give a whirl. With some things in the Petition for "Le Monde" was I even disagree, but that was then completely ripped out of context. That is why I have written this open letter. And that's it. I've decided to censor myself in future, which relates to #MeToo."

Is this serious? Or a kind of coquetry in its own case? One would like to have asked for a libertäres French self-understanding with self-censorship fits together. But since the interview time is up already, press agents scouring the small group of Journalists from the room. A question on the Go: "you could've been a Stand-up comedienne, is it?" Catherine Deneuve smiles. "Bien sûr. Material, and I have, Yes." A woman SIPS from her tea as probably the only guest in the Hotel, a further cigarette light stays on.

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