So far there has been no Leak

Mr Lüthi, you are sure that the tests are still secret? In any case. Since January, the finished tasks are on a Canton of the protected Server. Be printed for

So far there has been no Leak

Mr Lüthi, you are sure that the tests are still secret?
In any case. Since January, the finished tasks are on a Canton of the protected Server. Be printed for years from the same two people in a kind of high-security wing. The safety standard must be high, because if something transpires, it would be a disaster. So far there has been no Leak. We have the matter well in hand.

the Gymiprüfung Is more difficult this time than it was last year?
We believe honestly that it is equally difficult. The same people have written the exams.

What people?
Per examination subject is that a Commission consisting of a President, or a President and six to eight, a school and public school teachers. You start already in the summer. Subsequently, two to three teachers evaluate the finished test and give feedback. Then is still improved.

The Central entrance examination (ZAP) is there for around ten years, before any Kanti wrote their own Tests. The ZAP is intended to be fairer – is that you?
Absolutely. According to the education order, we need to find the students who can study best of all and later made a contribution to society. The test must therefore be for all the children in the Canton of the same. It is not that any school can receive in its sole discretion and children, respectively, on the grading scale arbitrarily adjusting to classes to increase.

Speaking of justice: it is said that mathematics tasks are formulated so complicated, that the children of migrants, you understand.
Our Commission is very aware of. You therefore since many years a great deal of value to the fact that the Sätzlirechnungen a) consist only of main clauses and b) exclusively German, and c) contain no dialektal colored words.

needs to achieve a cut Which touch a child to make the transition?
For long-time high school the preliminary marks in math and English, the must together with the examination marks in both subjects, a cut of 4.5 to count.

The vulnerabilities in the System, the preliminary marks and the essay are. The preliminary marks awarded to the primary school teacher.
A child who comes with two fives in maths and English – at the Langgymi – examination, has a Chance of well below 20 percent to make a a-levels. Two fives are not enough in the normal case, with better grades, chances are steadily increasing that shows our statistics. This means that the notes of the Zurich primary school teachers are teachers and not-so-bad indicators. My confidence in you is an absolute given.

but There are teachers in the city that can't take the pressure of parents and all test specimens six give. At the same time you will forego discussions with parents.
Me, no school is known, which makes the so. The sexy stories are always individual cases. If that were the case, then it is a scandal. It is a Hiking of the system – from fatigue. However, If a child has to get two sixes, but his achievements are two fives in value, it will not create the a-levels. It is on the road to fail. And that again is a different discussion, about how cool it is, to fall with 17 out of the Gymnasium.

"It is difficult to accept that a lawyer thinks of an essay
better rate than two language teachers."

there To talk about the essay. Know the Correct the name of the child who has written the Text?
Yes. Now will be discussed in the principals conference, whether to anonymize, if the ZAP Software is renewed in two years. The an want to anonymize, so that migrant children have the same opportunities. But the shot could the rear go out. Because many Gymilehrer are benevolent people and appreciate it when the attachment is not linguistically perfect, but excellent, especially if the Name sounds foreign. This does not happen in the case of anonymous exams.

Can be assessed in essays at all lens?
There are many valuation rules. The essay is a great tool that helps to show who belongs at a Gymi. It is the children that lose in a two-sided story completely. If, for example, from the cat from the beginning of the story at the end is a bird, because it has forgotten the child. We language teachers claim that we are in agreement, whether an attachment is sufficient or not.

How to run the corrections?
as soon As the checks are finished, evaluate Gymilehrpersonen in a Proofreading a selection and adjust the rating scale of the commissions may, if it appears that a task was more difficult than expected. In the afternoon, the correct language and math teacher rod then with the final mass transverse, i.e., each Person rated the same task. The papers read by the English teacher of about 30 texts per Person – and put a first Note. Then the volunteers of the primary school teachers have a second Note. Maybe 3 out of 30, the two must discuss and agree upon.

the primary school teachers Know the first grade?
Yes. This is also a point that can be discussed.

in The essay, there are always problems: parents place appeal. Recently, a father has rights.
I nage, to be honest, still. Lawyers have evaluated is ultimately an essay in terms of content. It is difficult to accept that a lawyer thinks it is possible to an essay better rate than two of the language teachers.

How many appeals were there in 2019?
89, 4 of which were adopted in whole or in part.

This is twice as many as in the previous year.
But if 85 will not be accepted by 89, that means we are working correctly.

is it true that the requirements of the education and training Directorate to determine how many children – 20 percent of all students in the Canton to make a Matura, and that the note is tuned to the key of that?
no, that's not true. I would like to turn it around: Because we design the audit from year to year, similar to difficult, the recording rate is similarly high. If you look at the individual schools, there are big differences.

The highest recording rate for the Langgymi had managed to 2018, the Literary grammar school Rämibühl, with 61 per cent, while it is in Bülach, close to 50 percent of the test specimens.
This is explained with the socio-economic catchment area of the schools. The high density of academics, parents in the city has a higher percentage of high-school students to follow.

At the Rämibühl there is a huge rush. Has a child that is why there are lower chances to?
no, the children must bring the same performance. For example, a child must get at the Rämibühl and in Bülach for a foursome 32 points.

But it is corrected in the city's more strict. Teachers complain of pressure to grade children bad, is enormous.
I'm firmly convinced that it is true, and I know no teachers who say that. If that were the case, we would have to capitulate. Then the ZAP is no longer Central.

Foreign language only at secondary school-specific Support. The matura ratio would be too high, if more such children would be the test?
There are also Vorgymi-level support: the program Chagall for Sekschüler at the Gymi under the rhinestone, and a Chance to Wiedikon for sixth graders. But what child comes into a program? With a dedicated teacher or the ambitious parent? An absolutely fair System, we are not able to do. I believe that we are on the right track with a Langgymi, a ZAP, and with the sample time.

Nevertheless, the question is: Will drop the ZAP?
This will always be discussed again. The abolition of the ZAP would increase the pressure on the primary teachers but again. In addition, the Figures show that the ZAP detects relative exactly who can create a Gymi.

you have Been bribed already?
no, in this respect, the people are really clean.

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