TuS Holzkirchen - Torsten Splitter: the Cup is interesting, until it ceases to be | Landkreis Miesbach

launched Just a game of TuS wooden churches in the land League Torsten Splitter in front of the Corona break. Now he deals with the squad planning. wooden chu

TuS Holzkirchen - Torsten Splitter: the Cup is interesting, until it ceases to be | Landkreis Miesbach

launched Just a game of TuS wooden churches in the land League Torsten Splitter in front of the Corona break. Now he deals with the squad planning.

wooden churches In twelve different countries, Torsten Spittler has worked as a coach. Since a few months, the native of Augsburg directs the fortunes of the side line of the TuS Holzkirchen without but more than a game completed. After Spittlers opening victory, the first Corona-wave slowed down his Team in the project to keep the national League directly. In an interview with our newspaper Spittler tells how he finds the newly agreed League Cup, how fit his team is already and in what ways the Corona-crisis affected the squad planning.

Mr splinter, the presented concept of the BFV provides brief, a League Cup, where they would have the theoretical Chance to be in Bayern's League to ascend or to keep in the descent case, the class. How attractive you find this idea?

Basically, I have to take two things at the outset: I am one of those people who would have found it better to declare the current season ended, without anyone - or descends. For the Second, I have not set myself down to the last Detail with the Cup apart. My opinion is that it makes a lot of sense for the failure at the end of next season to create a kind of replacement.

Entirely satisfied with this solution, you do not work, is it?

Well. We had reached the end of the season, we would be back in the normal cycle, and also the difficulty with the Transfers would not be given now. It also was a reason for continuing, that there would be problems with the Teams, which would be ascended. Now Teams can rise to the top but then on the Cup – this is somewhere a contradiction, and since you have to ask yourself, what happens if a club holds the Cup to the class and at the same time another Association arises? But as I said: I have spent too little time with it.

TuS-Keeper Zeisel: "nonsense, the games of the season to end to"

Splitter: It is the salt in the soup

missing in Spite of all the it would be for their players but an attractive thing, is it?

A trophy is always attractive for so long to get out (laughs). This mode sounds good at the first Moment, but you have to consider what to do with the teams that are eliminated early. These are all the possible disadvantages that could occur.

we Come to the current Events: Since a few weeks, you are allowed to train again on the pitch. As far as the Team is?

We train for a good three weeks, two Times per week. Also with the Corona-rules and distance rules we have arranged for us, so that we want to us slowly in a certain Form. You realize that not everyone at home has completed the programme – but we still have a lot of time, and the boys have fun.

not every player is fit as a fiddle from this extraordinary interruption will come out, was probably to be expected.

In a certain way. We are moving, so to speak, on medium-high Amateur level. As a result, you have to expect in the national League is that some players leave in such a phase, maybe a little grinding. Since self-responsibility is required, and each type is different. In addition, the salt in the soup, missing the workout, Yes still – we can train technique, tactics and much more, but no two fights.

Splitter: Zebec TuS Holzkirchen

by the Way, you need to plan, in cooperation with the Athletic Director, Michael Wagner, the squad for the future.How much the Corona-crisis is there?

It is sometimes difficult to. We now have, for example, with Luka Zebec, a master player who goes to study due to the back in his Croatian home – for us, that is a bitter loss. Since we don't have many options at this Position. Now the rules of the winter transfers for which the transferor club has the right of Veto – that is, for us, players, with which we agreed, can't possibly come.

Probably we are about to land then the question of money.

Exactly. Of course, for all clubs, but if the selling club can push the release due to the current rule to the top, we need to think of ourselves as TuS Holzkirchen, as far as we can go. You have certain fixed costs in the Team and also the sponsors of uncertainty was prevailing. Perhaps these are not able to pay just as you would want. It depends, therefore, on the whole, very in the air.

Before you contact certain players in a negotiation, you have to find them first. The criteria by which the TuS seeks reinforcements?

At the game selection, the Overview is missing to me because of my abroad past, I must admit. Michael Wagner does. The can the and makes the well.

Splitter: Are a training club

But you agree Yes?

of Course (laughs). So basically, we like to look first of all to the players, who were perhaps already at the TuS, and you could recruit any. Our focus is clearly on the players from the Region. This has two advantages: firstly, these guys have a short journey, what can be with other players is often a critical point, and, secondly, other affinity for the area and the people here by nature.

Now talents with the land League Format not to fall in the Region of the trees.

Exactly that is the sticking point. We must ask ourselves the question, whether this player has the quality and the physicality to us at some point in this League to help. Here I come in: I would like to refer to develop these guys more of what I – and I may say determines – as is my specialty. We extend the sensor according to this kind of player who see us as a training club and want to be the stepping stone for young footballers.

you say that you are hanging currently in all areas in the air. As they were enjoying the game on the first point?

This is going to be a long journey (laughs). First of all, I am looking forward, when we shall again hold a real workout. The next step in the friendship games were – and then we'll see.

Date Of Update: 26 June 2020, 07:34

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