Adios, Andean Bomber! All the love Pizarro, in his home he is spurned

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Adios, Andean Bomber! All the love Pizarro, in his home he is spurned

Saturday: The big season finale, starting at 15:30 on Sky (display)

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In August 1999, the then 22-year-old Claudio Miguel Pizarro Bosio of Alianza Lima to Werder Bremen. On the river Weser, his extraordinary career will find 21 years later, at the end of - the descent Thriller on the last Bundesliga round against the 1. FC Köln.

Apart from a season at Chelsea FC (2007/08) played the Peruvians consistently in Germany's highest football League for Werder Bremen, FC Bayern and Cologne. Pizarro has achieved in this time, absolute legend Status and has become the stakes for a foreign professional with the most Bundesliga (489). On the list of scorers of all the foreign professionals he occupied behind Robert Lewandowski (235 hits) second place (197).

imago images/Contrast The Bremen Fans, and Claudio Pizarro met in the autumn of 1999

know That Pizarro lands in the late summer of 1999, on the Weser, thanks to the Bremen a fence-hole in Peruvian capital Lima. Werder's Ex-Chairman Jürgen L. Born, lingered prior to his appointment at to the people of Bremen still in Peru, because he had been commissioned by the German development society in use.

Pizarro: A fence hole will bring the Peruvians to Werder

locally Born remembered Pizarro from a match of the national team and attended the Training of Alianza Lima. The club trained every day, however, to the exclusion of the Public, which is why the Werder Boss forced through a fence hole, in order to pursue the Training.

"for a Long time I didn't need to watch but, because of this smooth flow of movement, the quickness and the callousness in front of goal were immediately recognizable. I was sure: This is a for Werder," recalls Born.

"Pizarro met from all layers"

Pizarro and the Bundesliga - the works from the beginning. "I remember Claudio's first Training. Nobody knew him, but he met from all positions, phenomenal!", Ex-team-mate Frank Rost, the goalkeeper reported.

And also his first Bundesliga coach, Thomas Schaaf, was able to inspire the Peruvians quickly quickly: "as soon as he came in 1999, from Peru to the us, he was an incredibly complete player. With great technique, ready to attack in any Situation of the game. And its Integration went from him, and not only on the court. In addition, Claudio is a total team player and a people catcher in the positive sense – if only by his Smile and his optimistic Occur." imago/Sven Simon Claudio Pizarro (l.) and Arjen Robben in their time together at FC Bayern (2012 - 2015)

His Smile and his optimistic Occur. Two components that make up the now 41-Year-old is unmistakable. One thinks of Pizarro, as one sees him in front of the inner eye, most likely smiling.

Ex Werder coach Schaaf: "He is a complete player,"

However, the "Bomber of the Andes", as his nickname was at home, and did not always likeable, but also a damn good kicking. "His shot, his head to the ball game, his moves, his outstanding technique. He is a complete player," says Ex-coach Schaaf. Bavaria's former Coach Pep Guardiola, under the Pizarro for two years as a mid-thirties played, defines him as one of the final most powerful striker he has ever seen.

Pizarro's unmistakable quality, leads him to titles, six most and six the Cup. He is the only Bundesliga player who scored for two different clubs, more than 80 hit (109 Bremen, 87 for Bayern).

In his home country, Pizarro has a difficult Stand

Only in his home country of Pizarro is anything other than a Star. South American football professionals, who are active in Europe, carry a heavy burden. Because at home, everyone is followed step, by the whole Nation. Reuters/Mario Ruiz Claudio Pizarro for a goal, Peru

the benefits Are achieved in the national team is not so great as in the club, out of admiration quickly dislike - and a hero is a mercenary. This is precisely the fate of Pizarro's in respect of its national team history.

Pizarro to the national team can't lead

The striker is not the leader of the national team. He fails it, his selection let alone lead to a world Cup because to achieve an acceptable result in the Copa America. This fact they throw the "Bomber of the Andes" today.

Paulo Guerreiro, also in the League, on the other hand is a Hero in Peru. Although the Ex-HSV player is likely to have been in its best days only a shadow of Pizarro's, however, he led his national team to the 2018 world Cup to Russia.

"Pizarro is the most important player in the club's history"

no longer was of this world Cup of most transmission most foreign League brought professional as an Almost-40-Year-old, however, what is described Pizarro as the "greatest disappointment" of his career.

In Bremen can you smile about such a judgment merely. "There are in the 120-year history of Werder Bremen is no more important player than Claudio Pizarro," says Jürgen Born and speaks to Thousands of Werder Fans from the heart.

Adios, Andean Bomber!

imago/Noah Wedel At Werder Bremen long since become a legend: Claudio Pizarro

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